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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28th 2012: I'm Back

Well its been about forever since I updated this thing right? I had stopped because I have had so many things going on in my life and just didn't have the time. But now that I know I am close to my goal I figured why not start again?

Before I update everyone, I want to make one thing clear I pay Danny for my training, she is a professional. I will not get to much into my diet and specific workouts, because its unfair to her. Unfair to give out info that she makes a living by giving out. I will talk generally but that's about it.

So where am I in my progress? Well the before and afters should show you. I have made great strides in my physique. Strides to where I feel I can compete now if it wasn't for the loose skin. My arms are clearly my strong point (genetics rule). My chest was always my lagging point, but I have improved that of late. I still have some loose skin on the inner part of my right leg, but that will fill in as I add muscle. The problem is with my legs being different lengths on a lot of leg exercises I hit the right leg more than the left, so now we are doing most leg exercises one leg at a time.

I was at the Arnold's recently. Felt so nice to share my progress with people. Although felt weird when people ask me to flex in pictures. I am still shy, but need to get over that if I am going to be on stage. But I feel I am getting over it. I did flex in some pics and when I posed with Zoa Linsey lots of people took pics of it since she is ZOA LINSEY. Also for my progress pics I bought posing trunks, so getting better. I did my practice contest prep and now am ready to do it for real.

As some of you know, I am open about my training. I don't hold anything back. On good days I tell you it was a good day. On bad days I tell you I had a bad day. So let's go over where things are. I need a job. I need one to get surgery and remove the loose skin and also to get certified to make money training. I have found my love with bodybuilding and want to make a living in it. Also I need it because I have decided to move to the next phase of improving my physique (interpret that as you will). I want to be on stage so bad. People say to be proud of what I have done, and I partly am, but wont be totally proud till I am on stage. I can do it, I will do it, and I will do it many times. This is my passion and ow believe in myself.

So everyone who has supported me along the way, thank you, and please keep supporting me. I promise not to disappoint you and to make you all proud.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7th

I really got to get better at updating this more often. How often do I say that? Pretty much each time I write lol. Where do I begin?

I guess lets start with my new workout and things. Danny has me in more of a building phase. Some will call it bulking. I hate the word bulking. Why? I don't want to be one of those people who just get hugely over their contest weight. Now, obviously I don't have a contest weight cause I haven't competed...... but I will. It works for some people, but I am, and Danny agrees, one of those people who would rather stay close. But she has upped my calories to add some size. Also she gave me a new workout. Did legs today. Holy butt crack batman, it was brutal, especially the lunge circuit. It didn't look like enough to me when I saw it, but one rule I will live by, is never doubt Danny. It was a puker, and great. Really happy with the whole plan, as it in effect has me doing both parts twice a week.

I weighed 188 the other day, and was upset at first. I mean I was as low as 175 at the Arnold's. But I realized, I am growing at a good speed. I am adding good muscle, people, especially Danny say that. I won't see 180 again. The days of trying to "loose weight" are over. Now, obviously, like with competing their will be dropping weight and leaning out. But I mean trying to no longer be fat is over. I am not fat, and will never be fat again. Now it's about adding size and getting as big as I possibly can.

Still getting frustrated though. I know I can compete and make Danny and myself and my supporters proud. But it's this damn loose skin, mostly my stomach and a little by my pecs. I need it gone to get on stage. Someone once said it's my responsibility to compete with the loose skin to show others it can be done. No way!! I enjoy that people call me inspiring and things. It's an honor. But it's not my responsibility to look less than I can, just so others think they can. There is too much skin. I would look like I don't belong. I have enough skin that I in some ways do look fat. So hopefully, we can find a way, or people keep donating, or something.

I have posted a photo of my leg today after my first day of Danny's workout.

Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25th 2011 Danny's Girls Rocked It...... Hope I can

Well where do we begin. I am going to throw a word out. The word is......Jealousy. It can have a negative meaning for different reasons. But not always is something overly negative. Why am I using that word? Because I am dealing with it. Danny's girls competed at the Jay Cutler this weekend and looked amazing. Very happy for them. One thing I noticed was how proud Danny was of them. Posting pictures and saying nice things. That's awesome. That's what a trainer should be. Seeing them, I guess sort of my No Excuses teammates, even though Korie is the only one I know, look so great, made me proud to be a Danny-J client. But there is also a negative. It's that word.....jealous.

See, the problem is, seeing them do so good and seeing Danny so proud made me jealous. I want to be on stage, I want to do good, and most of all, I want Danny to be proud of me. I want to see her proud of my work. I know she is proud of what I have done, but I want to see her proud I reached my goal. I want her to be able to brag about me like she can brag about her girls. And that can't happen till I compete. What if I can't compete? What if I never get the money for the surgery to remove the loose skin?

Is it a contradiction to both be proud of them and jealous of them? Absolutely not. Not at all. Because I am proud of and happy for them, but also jealous. I bust my ass every day, I lost 120 pounds or so in about a year. I want my time. My chance to be on stage and feel both the pride they felt and the pride Danny had in them. I want her to write on her facebook page one day that she is proud of me like she did for Korie and her girls.

I will keep plugging away and keep hoping, but everyday lately I just feel farther away than the day before.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17th 2011 My Time With Rachel

So I have been absent for a little bit. But there is a reason. It is known I am studying to get certified to become a trainer. It is known I report on MMA shows, mainly the NAAFS. One girl who fights for them is Rachel "The Rage" Dovidio. Rachel had a fight yesterday and had a lot of weight to drop. I offered my help. I like Rachel and wanted to help her. So I worked on a diet for her and things. Rachel was my main focus. So my blog had to suffer.

The plan was for me to finally work in person with her starting Wednesday when she arrived in Canton. Well airlines suck and she arrived late. So I drove up Thursday. We started by going to Evolve MMA to get her some training time and to use their steam room. Big thanks to the folks at Evolve for allowing her to work there. It was honestly my first time in a steam room. Even used my sauna suit. It was rough lol. I wanted to do this with her. She had thirteen pounds to cut by Saturday and didn't want her to do it alone. Nichole Long also came to help. Nichole is the NAAFS matchmaker and a very special person. That night we went to the gym for a little cardio and more sauna time. I admit, Rachel was better than me. I needed breaks. Rachel got me a hotel room so I could be there the whole time.

Friday was more of the same. Sauna sauna sauna. Again, Nichole came to help. At this point Rachel was getting a little grumpy. But really, I am surprised she didn't get more grumpy. You have to understand, and this point she was totally water depleting, and very very little food. We were about five pounds out before the night sauna. We felt it would be close.

Saturday, weigh ins were at noon. So we got up at 8am and figured when to go sauna. Had to sweat off those last few pounds. We got to the gym and sauna and did what we could. She was so dried out that there was nothing left. She just couldn't sweat. We got to weigh ins and she made weight. Huge relief for me and more so for her. Her mood quickly took a huge turn for the better. So we got some food and liquid in her. She went to get her hair braided. I got to spend a little time with her mom and grandmother. Both nice ladies.

We arrived very early for the fight. I was nervous. I always get nervous when friends fight, but this time I had a vested interest in it since I was helping her get ready. Rachel was fight number seven. She had John Hawk and Lalani malley working her corner. I was real happy John was in her corner, John is a great fighter, great guy, and having seen him corner fighters he is really good at it. Chandra Engel came out first, followed by Rachel.

Rachel clearly won the first round. She got the better of the stand up, and almost stopped her in round one, beating her up on the ground. Round two was close. Could have gone to either fighter, but the judges gave it to Engel. I figured it was even with one round for each fighter. So round three was crucial. Rachel dominated the round. I was still nervous cause you never know how a judge will score it, but it seemed clear Rachel won. They read the decision and Rachel got the decision. I was relieved. When she came out I gave her a big hug.

I was proud for many reasons. It showed maybe I do have what it takes to help people. It's what I want to do with my life. Even more so, I was proud of Rachel. She showed that if you want something and work at it, you can achieve it. Rachel's whole life has been an example of what a fighter is. Not an MMA fighter, but a fighter in life. Rachel Dovidio is a role model. Someone people can look up to and admire.

Rachel, I am proud of you. Not for winning the fight, but for what you did leading up to the fight. I am so honored I was able to play a small part in it and will always be here if you need it. Most people will never know or understand what you had to do just to get in the cage. I hope you are holding your head extra high today.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6th 2011

One of those days where I am not sure what to write. So what have I been up to? Let's start with training. Yesterday was an amazing workout. Went out of order just cause I like to do arms on photo day and yesterday was take pictures for Danny day. Attached a couple of those pics here. As you can see, for some reason my veins just freaking exploded. The one on my bicep you could almost see it throbbing. Loved that lol. Today was hammies, glutes and back. Really happy with my back. Seem to be adding some really good width to it.

I posted some of my new pics on facebook. Getting the usual compliments on my biceps and quads, as those are clearly my strong points. Genetics are a beautiful thing lol. I am asked sometimes for front pictures. Sorry folks, but till this loose skin is gone, it's not happening. Those are for Danny only. Just not comfortable showing it cause it looks bad. I have abs under there but you can't tell.

Blown away by the people who have been donating. From 5 dollars to 50 to a hundred. Still need a job or two. Want to save as quickly as possible and get on stage. Danny has some girls prepping for the Jay Cutler show and is saying how proud she is of them. I want that. I know she is, but I still want to be on stage and have that pride. Would love a job working at a front desk at a gym or something. So here's hoping for that.

That's all I got for now. Thanks for the support.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29th 2011: I Am Back

Well first things first. You will notice I haven't updated this blog in months. But I am back. First, lets talk about why I was gone. Really simple. Too many people trying to give advice and things on what I am doing. I don't like that. I have a very simple formula that has worked for me. That formula goes like this: Listen to Danny-J. That's it. Too many people try and give advice and it often differs from what she says. Now I know often that advice is given with good intentions, but why spoil what works? So I decided to end the blog. But now things are happening, and I feel a responsibility to keep this updated. Whats happening? Patience, I will get to it, but first.....

I expect to have knew readers, so let's explain me and my goals. I weighed 292lbs. Not healthy and out of shape badly. Decided I had a goal. That goal was to compete on a bodybuilding stage. I said from day 1 that anything less would be failure. I decide what is failure to me. Tried some things with moderate success. Until I hired Danny-J to do the diet. When she took over the diet it clicked. I am not talking about the training part, as I had help there as well. Strictly diet here. Danny took over my diet and here I am a year later weighing around 180. It has been less and more, kind fluctuating right now. Danny has been so amazing I gave her control of my workouts as well. She designs and I do. I owe my success to her.

Now sometimes I know Danny gets frustrated with me. Because I look at the glass as half empty. I dont foten enough take pride in what I ahve done and get down about what I havent done. See, I have a problem. Lost so much weight I have a pretty bad loose skin issue. To get on stage, it needs to be removed, surgically. Remember what I said? To me anything less than the stage is a failure. I know its just sixty seconds, and she wishes I looked at the bigger picture. I get down, but it isnt being depressed, tis being disapointed, because I want to just once reach my goal. To stand on that stage and say "I did this" to look in a crowd and see her proud of me. It isnt about a trophy. I think sometimes people get way to caught up in getting on stage and winning, and forget to have fun. A trophy is just something to put on the fire place. I am fine if I finish last, just want her to be proud. But being dissapointed doesn't mean I am not proud. People have said, compete with the loose skin. Not an option. Way to much. It is great if it inspires someone and I take pride in that. But I never set out to be an inspiration. Thats one of teh nice things that came along the way. Just like deciding I want to become a trainer myself.

So how do we take care of this skin? As I said, surgery. Need to find a way to pay for it. So need to find some jobs. I will do whatever it takes. Along those lines, a speical woman named Tameka has taken it upon herself to help. She has started a website that allows people to donate. I don't ask for money, but as a wise woman told me "to refuse a gift is to refuse someone the blessing they recieve for their kindness". So if you want to help at all, here is the link http://helpjasonadams.bbnow.org/index.php.

I will continue to work my ass off every day in the gym, to reach my goal and to show people anything can be done if they try. Thanks to all who have helped, inspired and supported me. Its going to get fun now. I will do this, I promise.

Here is a picture of me with Danny a year ago and one recently, see the chagnes she made in me.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec 30th 2010 Confidence, Belief, Competing....and Tattoo's

Wasn't going to post on here today. But now I want to. I want to talk about my new tattoo, confidence, belief in myself, and competing. They all tie in.

Lets go back in time. Let's go back about nine or ten months ago. No, lets go back years ago. Years ago I hated myself. I considered myself to be a rather pathetic person. A person with nothing to offer the world and nothing to live for. I thought that way every day. Sometimes I put on a fake smile and made it look like all was well. But inside, it was never well.

About a year ago I decided to change that. I decided I was going to try and like myself a little. Part one was getting in shape. And hell, why not get on a bodybuilding stage. As many of you know, I had my haters and doubters, and sometimes I let myself get down and believed them. I had help from people along the way who did believe in me. At that point it was mostly help from Ann Titone, Victoria Larvie, and Sarah Kinney. I am grateful for their help. But there was one person who really seemed to believe in me. A woman named Danyell Johnson, better known as Danny-J. I realized, she is who I need. I need her to do my diet and my training. Along the way, I still doubted myself at times, still didn't believe I could get on stage and reach my goals. But Danny did believe. She didn't ever let me stop believing in myself. I am sure I am not the easiest person at times to train and believe in. I know I can be complicated and a pain in the ass. But she never quit on me, even when I quit on myself. 106lbs later, here we are.

Now, I totally believe I can compete. As you have heard me say about 1,348 times, I am not doing it to win. I could give a crap about some trophy, sword, or whatever else they want to give out. When I a on stage, my trophy is going to be sitting in the crowd. My trophy is Danny saying "I am proud". But you can bet your sweet ass I will be on that stage.

So why the tattoo? First and foremost, I wanted to show my appreciation for Danny. I thought this was a good way. When I am on stage, every time I pose that tattoo will be seen, and everyone will know why I got on stage, how I got on stage. Yes, I did the work, but she showed me how, and believed I could, even when I didn't believe. That is important to me. Also, let's be honest, you see it, I have days still when I get down on myself. Now, yes I always get back up, but I get knocked down. I am kind of emotional, I know this. But time after time Danny is what helps me get back up. SO this is kind of my own WWJD bracelet. When I have those down days or don't feel I can do something, I can look at that and be reminded that I can do it. I believe tattoo's should have meaning to the person. Well Danny and NO EXCUSES has a great deal of meaning to me.

Obvious question is "What happens if she is ever no longer your trainer?" Easy answer. Doesn't matter. If that ever happens, I will still owe her so much and still want that tattoo. It is very realistic to think that ten years from now, I might not have been here if not for her, and that is going to be my daily reminder of how it happened that I am here. I have adopted her NO EXCUSES as my life motto. I will be Danny-J made, and therefor the tattoo will still have great meaning.

I have said over and over, Danny is my trainer, leader, counselor, therapist, smack in the head when I need it, and most of all my HERO. That isn't kissing ass, that is an actual fact.

So really, I feel no need to explain the tattoo. I don't at all, but I did, and hope this explains it, and if it doesn't explain it, and you think it's stupid, you can basically kiss my ass.

Happy New Year everyone. I have made some amazing friends this year, and it has been the best year of my life. Thank you!!!!!!!