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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec 30th 2010 Confidence, Belief, Competing....and Tattoo's

Wasn't going to post on here today. But now I want to. I want to talk about my new tattoo, confidence, belief in myself, and competing. They all tie in.

Lets go back in time. Let's go back about nine or ten months ago. No, lets go back years ago. Years ago I hated myself. I considered myself to be a rather pathetic person. A person with nothing to offer the world and nothing to live for. I thought that way every day. Sometimes I put on a fake smile and made it look like all was well. But inside, it was never well.

About a year ago I decided to change that. I decided I was going to try and like myself a little. Part one was getting in shape. And hell, why not get on a bodybuilding stage. As many of you know, I had my haters and doubters, and sometimes I let myself get down and believed them. I had help from people along the way who did believe in me. At that point it was mostly help from Ann Titone, Victoria Larvie, and Sarah Kinney. I am grateful for their help. But there was one person who really seemed to believe in me. A woman named Danyell Johnson, better known as Danny-J. I realized, she is who I need. I need her to do my diet and my training. Along the way, I still doubted myself at times, still didn't believe I could get on stage and reach my goals. But Danny did believe. She didn't ever let me stop believing in myself. I am sure I am not the easiest person at times to train and believe in. I know I can be complicated and a pain in the ass. But she never quit on me, even when I quit on myself. 106lbs later, here we are.

Now, I totally believe I can compete. As you have heard me say about 1,348 times, I am not doing it to win. I could give a crap about some trophy, sword, or whatever else they want to give out. When I a on stage, my trophy is going to be sitting in the crowd. My trophy is Danny saying "I am proud". But you can bet your sweet ass I will be on that stage.

So why the tattoo? First and foremost, I wanted to show my appreciation for Danny. I thought this was a good way. When I am on stage, every time I pose that tattoo will be seen, and everyone will know why I got on stage, how I got on stage. Yes, I did the work, but she showed me how, and believed I could, even when I didn't believe. That is important to me. Also, let's be honest, you see it, I have days still when I get down on myself. Now, yes I always get back up, but I get knocked down. I am kind of emotional, I know this. But time after time Danny is what helps me get back up. SO this is kind of my own WWJD bracelet. When I have those down days or don't feel I can do something, I can look at that and be reminded that I can do it. I believe tattoo's should have meaning to the person. Well Danny and NO EXCUSES has a great deal of meaning to me.

Obvious question is "What happens if she is ever no longer your trainer?" Easy answer. Doesn't matter. If that ever happens, I will still owe her so much and still want that tattoo. It is very realistic to think that ten years from now, I might not have been here if not for her, and that is going to be my daily reminder of how it happened that I am here. I have adopted her NO EXCUSES as my life motto. I will be Danny-J made, and therefor the tattoo will still have great meaning.

I have said over and over, Danny is my trainer, leader, counselor, therapist, smack in the head when I need it, and most of all my HERO. That isn't kissing ass, that is an actual fact.

So really, I feel no need to explain the tattoo. I don't at all, but I did, and hope this explains it, and if it doesn't explain it, and you think it's stupid, you can basically kiss my ass.

Happy New Year everyone. I have made some amazing friends this year, and it has been the best year of my life. Thank you!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dec. 19th 2010 Your Negative Is My Positive

Been away from this for awhile. Just been really busy with a lot of things.

As some know, I had my little breakdown recently. Took my progress pics for Danny and really they upset me. There is the extra skin on my stomach that we have to get rid of, and that bothers me. I know it will take time, but I am not patient. Then there were some negative comments. First, yes, my chest is my weakness, I know this. But I got comments on that and others knocking my progress. That upset me. People sometimes forget I have been doing this for less than a year, so I am far from being Jay Cutler. In the end, I am happy with my progress though. As of today I am 106lbs down. That's pretty damn good. I have so many incredible people who support and believe in me and they won't let me stop. I have a long way to go before I am on stage, but I will be on stage. So thank you to those who made negative comments, you are making me work even harder.

Training is good. Danny has cut my cardio because she doesn't want me to drop too much too fast. She is the boss so she says and I do. I am noticing definite improvements. Especially my back I think. It is more defined. And guess what?....... I am getting glutes lol.

Been having cravings lately. It was tomato soup, but now I really want Neapolitan ice cream. I watched Home Alone the other day, and for two seconds there is a clip of him eating it, now I dream about having it lol.

Well, that's the quick update. Will try and write more often.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dec 3rd 2010

Been a good few days for me. I was honored to be nominated for four Fitgems awards. Don't expect to win, but such an honor to be nominated in the same catagories as people like Jason Lannigan from Siouxcountry and Dave Palumbo from RXMuscle. I mentioned it to Zoa Linsey and she told me about her own nominations "it is nice to be recognized for doing what you love". So very very true.

Sarah ahs been here (except today while she is in Michigan doing a photo shoot). Her opponents have twice backed out so we hope she can get a fight on the 11th. Be a shame if she came all this way and didn't get a fight. We have an offer for January 8th but she might not be able to get back down for that. I ahve enjoyed having her here and hope she has enjoyed being here. I have been catching her up on all the horror movies she missed and hitting the gym with her twice a day.

Training and things are going good. Weight seems to have hit a point where it doesn't want to drop, but bodyfat percentage keeps going down. Really right now the only thing that will keep me from teh stage is if we can't get this extra skin on my stmach to go away. Don't tell me "there are surgeries for that". I know there are, but I don't want that, even if I could afford it. When this whole thing started the point was to prove I can do it, I don't want surgical help because it means I didn't do it on my own. Dann'y has added an extra five minutes to my cardio a day, so I guess that means she feels I need to do a little more to get the weight dropping again. I am sure it will happen. Right now chest is my weakness. It is improving and lifting ehavier, but everyone has that weaker part and for me it is chest.

I have started doing more visualization type stuff. Some people ahve said it helps. So when alone I visualize myself on stage. I visualize Danny sitting in the crowd being proud, my parents watching me being proud, things like that. Does it help? I don't know, but hopefully. I think in one instance I do know it helps. I know it helps when between sets I visualize it, it gets me more pumped for teh next set.

People will do one of two things. THey will hate on you or they will support you. If people support you it makes you believe you are doing something right, if they hate on you, it means you ARE doing something right.

Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22nd 2010 Me and Sarah plus Only One Way This Can Be A Victory

Been forever, I know. But things have taken precedent. First let's get the ME out of the way. Took some progress pics for Danny. Need to add more muscle to my chest, but I have been improving that. Really what it comes down to is that I have a good deal of extra skin on my stomach. Can I get rid of it? Maybe yes and maybe no. The maybe no has me saying competing is not definite. I will not get on stage just to say I did it, so it will come down to whether we can get that taken care of. This practice prep has actually been quite easy, and honestly, it is easier than what I had been doing. Danny actually has added in a higher carb day because I may be dropping too fast. But anything less than competing, will not be considered a victory to me. So the main focus and hope is to get rid of that extra skin

I don't want this about me tonight. This is about my friend Sarah McLeod. Sarah has competed in Bikini, and is an MMA fighter. She is from Vancouver, but with a fight here on December 11th she is staying with me and I am working her corner. Me and Sarah have gone to the gym twice a day together and been watching a lot of horror movies. We have an interesting story of how we met. Someone introduced us, then that person and another tried to break us apart. We firmly believe things happen for a reason and we were brought together. We do for each other. I have helped her by giving her a place to stay and things, and she has helped me by giving me something to be excited about. I have been extra happy the last few days with her. Sarah has been used and screwed in her life, and I hope she knows my support is one hundred percent unconditional. I am excited to have her here for the holidays and for her fight and honored she wants me to corner her.

Things are looking up and except for this possible competing setback, I feel good about things. Now lets just hope we can get this extra skin off. The goal from day one was to compete, and if I can't do it, regardless of any weight loss success and transformation, this will not be a victory for me unless I compete

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nov.4th 2010

Your Lower Expectations Are My Greater Motivations

OK, going to talk about me for a minute, then I am going to vent and vent big. If it offends you, get over it. LOL.

Yesterday started my nineteen week practice prep. Doing the whole thing as if it is a real prep. Get me ready for the real thing and help Danny learn what changes I will need for the real thing. I am excited about this and even sucking it up and eating things I hate like fish and cottage cheese.

Training has been great. Especially noticing big chest improvements. Danny has me doing chest twice a week since chest is my weakness. I have said it before, but there is no bigger thrill or bigger form of motivation than seeing improvements. I am going to keep getting better. Get to drive to Kentucky to train with Genie Sammons Sunday and Monday. Really looking forward to that.

Very weird to get a message the other day from someone calling themself one of my fans. Wow does that seem weird. I still am not totally comfortable with the whole inspiration thing. But fan? No, I am no one deserving of a fan. I do this for myself and to show people it can be done, but that is not deserving of fans, but it is flattering.

OK vent time. I am so sick of reading "People can't understand my lifestyle", "people cant do what I do", "This lifestyle is to hard for most". Get over yourself. When I started I was scared to death because I felt I didn't belong in the gym. I realized there was no reason to be scared. But I didn't have people telling me I couldn't do it...... that came later. The same people saying this crap are the same people complaining about how overweight and out of shape we as a society have become. Part of that is people are afraid of the gym. Telling them that crap scares them away, makes them afraid and no one should have to be afraid to go to the gym, train, get in shape, get healthy, or even compete one day. The real reason some people say this is because it makes them feel better about themselves or feel special. Don't say most can't do it, cause fact is EVERYONE can do it. Just most choose not to, and part of the reason is they are scared. I get lots of emails and messages from people asking for help because people won't help them. Fine, your choice, but don't spread fear. If I can do what I am doing, then ANYONE can do it. How about if instead we take time and encourage people, show them how to live the "lifestyle". I still remember the woman who told me "Jason, this sport is hard and I don't know that you can do it, maybe you should just be a backstage helper". WHAT? Kiss my ass lady. I deserve the chance to try just like you do, just like everyone else does. What kind of encouragement is that? Do you think you are special? Everyone is special for their own reasons, but you are not special because you can try and crush a person's dream. They may not stick with it, but everyone should be able to feel confident, walk into a gym, and see what they can accomplish. So saying most cant do it, does nothing but make them not want to take opportunity to go in and feel confident. Something amde each of us want to get in the gym, want to train. Well others have their reasons to, and deserve to be able to do it, reach whatever goal they have, and none of us has the right to scare them from that.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Oct. 25th 2010..... Got My Coach Back!!!

So if you will remember last time I said I was probably going through some stress not having Danny around. Funny thing happened. She returned and suddenly I am back to being confident and believing in myself. Some would say maybe I am to reliant on her. Well that may be the case. However if I am going to be reliant on someone, there is no better person to be reliant on. I am excited she is back and now it is full steam ahead (I hate that phrase, and yet here I am using it).

Speaking of that. The plan was to do a practice contest prep diet. Well, I see no reason to only do the diet. I say, let's do the whole process. Let's really act as if I am in contest prep. So Danny is putting the diet together and I am going to do this. She thinks with what I have done so far that the prep process might even be easier for me than what I have already done. Hell, I even agreed to suck it up and eat fish........ewwwwww.

I have been doing the workout she designed for me. You may remember me saying I don't like to have anyone design my workouts. But I decided to have her do it, and I like them. Only thing is I added a bicep exercise or two. Not because hers weren't enough, that's just because it is my favorite part to train. Chest has been my weakness, but using her workout, I am seeing big improvements there. Seeing improvements is such an incredible feeling. It makes you proud but it also makes you more energized to keep going.

I have been getting more and more questions and asking for advice. Understand, if it is advice I can give, I am more than happy to help out. I really enjoy helping others and I know how hard it is to learn things, I was lost myself till I got with Danny. But I am not a pro or anything. I can't always offer the advice, it would be irresponsible of me. Some things I am not qualified for. Actually, most things I am not qualified for. My advice is hire a trainer. A good trainer, not some schmuck who thinks he or she knows and will charge you and not help you.. Hire a good one, like Danny.

So I hope you all keep believing in me, because things are only getting better and within a year and a half I will be on a stage and I will look like I belong there, because I am being Danny-J made.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Octboer 13th 2010 I Miss Danny...but I got Genie and Eryn

OK, where do I begin? Been two weeks since I posted. Partly because I have been busy, and partly because quite honestly I have not been happy.

Let's just get right into the not happy. Yes, for the nine millionth time I know how far I have come, and I am very proud of it. No, for the nine millionth time I will not be posting full body progress pictures any time soon. See, I am frustrated because while the rest of my body has been doing great, my stomach remains a bit big, as well as my inner legs. Now since Danny got me doing more sumo's the legs are getting better. I know, I am a guy, and the stomach is always last to go. But it does not lessen the frustration. I know it will happen though. But who wants to write a blog or post pictures when they consider themselves fat? Not me! But I will keep plugging away and I will get that look I want. I have people tell me or ask me things. About what I want my weight to be and things. I don't have that answer. I am not looking for or trying for a specific weight. It is the look that I am working for. Also frustrated that the scales seems to be staying right around the 198-200lbs mark. But again, I know I look and feel better. I found out I am an inch and a half shorter than I thought so actually my bodyfat is a little higher than I thought.

Also I think there is some stress involved. Stress over Danny-J being on her much deserved vacation. I miss having her to call. The day before she left, I about had a nervous breakdown. See, some of you might think I am just kissing her ass when I say all these things about her. But I am not kissing anyones ass. I don't do that. She really is everything to me. I can't wait for her to return. But it got me to thinking today as I was KILLING my legs. I thought about just how reliant I am on her. I thought about just how big a part of this whole journey she has been. Everyone tells me I do the work, so I need to take more credit for myself. But really, maybe I do the work, and maybe I could do this without her. But it would take a whole lot longer. See, she teaches me how to do the work and eat right. I want to do this as much for her, as for myself. TO show the world how good she is at what she does. I am proud to have her as my teacher, coach, trainer, and leader. As my shirt says "I am a Danny-J Fitness No Excuses Athlete" and I am proud of that.

But missing her has been made a little easier. I have several great friends I have met in the industry, but two, Genie Sammons, and Eryn Strickland, have pretty much been there for me everyday advising me when needed, and listening to me rant when needed. Genie and Eryn I owe you both a huge thanks. You have helped me more than you know. Eryn you have taught me to be bullet proof. And Genie, we are going to do that mixed pairs and we are going to kick ass.

So what about the training? I don't want to bore you with Today was legs, I did this, that, and that, and this. I have had Danny design my workouts. I like what she put together for me. For legs today, it was brutal, but I did it, and loved it. I think having her take control of my workouts will help me even more. I had her give me two chest days a week, because chest is my weakness and already I am doing better and lifting heavier.

So all in all, things are good. I am more determined than ever. I am going to be on stage, I am going to do good, and no one will stop that.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30th 2010

OK, been some time. Been crazy busy. Well lets get right to the good news. Weight today was 199.6lbs. When was the last time my weight began with the number one? Probably ten years. I feel really good about where I am at. Weight is not dropping like it used to, but that's because obviously at this lower weight, it doesn't come off so fast. But bodyfat is dropping and that's what counts. Still having trouble with the front of my stomach and the inner part of my legs. But sumo squats have been helping with the leg part.

I had planned to address and issue, an issue I talked with Danny about today. But I decided I will leave it as is. No need to bring it up and throw anyone under the bus. So instead let's talk about other good news. My awesome good friend Colleen Tanner is now being dieted by Danny J. SO Colleen welcome to team No Excuses LOL. Colleen is amazing and I really am excited for her because I think she can do amazing things with Danny. In November I will be driving a long way to spend some time with Colleen. Really excited about it as long as she doesn't make me look to bad in the gym.

Tomorrow is my last day of this training Danny has me on, and it's my off day, so really that makes it today I guess. Then back to the splits I love so much. I notice I am not only lifting heavier but lifting heavier for more reps, so that's great. And people have commented on my bicep peak, back, shoulders and delts which makes anyone feel good. Some progress photos are included in this post.

Monday Danny leaves for her three week vacation. Really excited for her, but really sad for me. I will miss not having her to text, call, and talk to. But if anyone deserves a vacation it is her.

She told me the other day I make her proud every day, and that is really what it is all about for me. All the guys who tried to tell me I should not be trained by a female, especially one who doesn't compete in bodybuilding and instead has done Figure and Bikini. Give me two years, and this non bodybuilding female trained person is going to get on stage with you, and hell, I just may beat you.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16th 2010 My Good Bye to My Best Friend

Just sitting here bored, so figured I would make a quick post. Very ad today. Yesterday my cat Mickey had to be put down. He had cancer, and it was clearly time. Mickey was originally more or less my sisters cat. However, when she got married he stayed when she moved out. I was very close with him. He followed me pretty much anywhere. Seeing him get so skinny was hard but besides his weight loss there were no noticeable signs of him being in pain. Once those signs came, it was time. It is always a hard decision. Even harder to sit and hold the animal, in this case, cat, as the euthanize him. He went limp immediately of course and took a few seconds but he did pass. Laying there on the table waiting forever for the vet to come in, he just layed their peacefully. Reminded me of when you hear elderly people when they are at piece with themselves and know it is time for them. He layed there and did his thing where he rubs the side of his face against my index finger. I know my face was the last thing he ever saw.

Everyone says their pets are part of the family or their pets are their best friend. And, I believe that when they say it. It's how I was raised, to count a pet as family. I love animals. I even get mad when someone kills a spider. I have always been a "dog person". SO it is stranger that my best friend was a cat. As noted before, I don't have many real friends, mostly cause I don't want them. Don't have friends, don't get screwed over by friends. Here is is 12:30am, 31 hours afterwards and I find tears running down my face. Probably isn't the last time. I walk by the coffee table, and see the spot he used to lay on, and it is so strange not to see him there. When I walked down stairs the last two nights when it was only me and him awake, it is weird he isn't there. In fact last night I still said "good night Mick" as I always said when I went upstairs for the last time.

Mickey, as I said before, you were not a cat, or a pet, you were my best friend. I am so sad without you but it was the best thing for you to let you go. I don't know who I will share my chicken with now, who will sit on my bed with me all night when I cant sleep and just watch tv? I will miss you, but never ever will I forget you. I will remember the times you scratched at the door to my bedroom to get in. Came in and within two minutes scratched to be let out. I will remember you almost taking my finger off just for a piece of my chicken. I will remember you following me up and down the stairs over and over. Most of all, I will remember YOU. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. Love you buddy.

Good Night Mick

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept. 11th 2010

First, it being 9-11, I hope everyone is keeping the those who lost loved ones or their own lives in their prayers and thoughts.

I have not psoted in over a week. Quite frankly, I have been busy. Poor excuse, but it is the truth. Let's start with the basics...... the training. It is going good. Started this new 4 week workout Danny J has me on. As I said I was resistant to it, because it isn't the normal bodybuilding split. And on a couple exercises it requires me to lift lighter. But having said that, I don't mind it. Do I love it? NO. Do I have a problem with it? Again, NO. Danny knows best and what she says I will do. Although I ahve to be honest, these burpees and plank stuff are really hard for me. I am practicing at home, so hopefully that will improve. One thing I notice is my shoulders, especially traps seem to be getting much better. My main problem is the front of teh stomach. It is being stubborn. Consdiering my weight is down under 206lbs, it should be smaller, but it will happen. Speaking of weight, had a lull there. What some may call a "plateau", however I agree with Danny, there is no such thing. But sometimes it just needs to be cahnged. Danny added an extra carb day and the last few days it has been dropping again.

So why have I been busy? First, I am trying to make my interviews blog into a website, just need a designer. Also I want to get this radio show going. And I have been blessed to be hired as the manager to Carreen Berry and Sheena Hunter. My goal is to help them with photo shoots, booth work, sponsors, whatever else I can do. I am honored they trust me, and hope I can repay that trust by doing good things for them. Having two special women as "clients" makes it easier because they are capable of huge things. So please say a little prayer, for them, that I am good at this.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sept. 2nd 2010 Why Not Win?

Wow, what a crazy few days. Lost some friends and regained some. However those lost are not going to make me upset because they didn't deserve to be in my life. I have learned that there are some mean people out there who are very good at making you feel they are there for you, but really are there for you as long as it benefits them. I feel throwing out names is unnecessary so I will leave it at that. Just know that you can bend me but you wont break me.

Training is going good. I know my weaknesses and am working on them. Mainly chest is my weak point. So working extra hard with JT the last couple times with him to correct that, or I guess fix it is a better term. But it will get done. I asked Danny to take a bigger role in designing my training. I have always resisted anyone designing my training. I have always been of the thought process that I can and will do what I want how I want. Kind of an I know whats best for me attitude. But you know what? Danny knows whats best for me also. So she is putting together a training routine for four weeks, as she called it, kind of an athlete training not a bodybuilder one. Then in four weeks back to normal bodybuilding training. I am not overly excited about these four weeks. I know they will be good for me, but I just like doing it with bodypart splits. But In the long run, her idea will be best for me because to borrow from the old TV show, Danny Knows Best. (OK that was weak LOL).

So Danny also a couple days ago told me to try the stepmill. I admit, it scared me. Only because I worried about my hip holding up. She said try ten minutes. Well I figured what the hell and did sixty minutes. People seemed impressed for my first time. Then a trainer at my gym said he would be impressed if I could do it the next day. Well I figured I can do better. I will do it again that night. I only did 45 minutes because I had to puke and by the time I was done, the gym was closing. But you bet your ass I was back the next day and did sixty, and again today. I am addicted to the thing.

So you remember the competing goal? Emerald Cup 2012 being the main goal. Well plans have changed. Don't misunderstand!! I am still doing it. But my goal was to just compete and hear Danny say " I am proud of you". Screw that!!!!! I mean still the main goal is making her proud. But also the goal is to show the world how amazing she is. So how can I do that? How can I make her proud and show the world she is the best? I think it would be pretty amazing if some nobody comes from nowhere to a big show like that and wins the damn thing. So I am no longer training to compete at the 2012 Emerald Cup. I am training to WIN the 2012 Emerald Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29th 2010 Danny Is Taking It All Over

OK, I am going to address something and then I am done with it, not addressing it. You have seen some posts from me on Facebook. Do not assume to know that you know who they are about. They are about my personal business. Two people who intentionally or unintentionally almost squashed the confidence and belief in myself it took ten years to build. Not because of what they did and didn't do, but because of what they said or didn't say. What hurts the most is the lack of apology. You do not know who it is, and I am not saying. We have many many mutual friends, and no reason to force them to pick sides. I harbor no ill will and wish them the best. They were people I cared for very deeply. Now this subject WILL NOT be talked about again.

I have talked with Danny and on my non-JT days I am going to have her design my workouts now. I have long resisted having anyone design my workouts. I like to do what I want, how I want, when I want. But since setting this goal of what show I want to do, I believe I need to step it up and so I asked her to do that. I know she will do what is best for me and so there is no worries. Like with the diet where she says and I do, it will be that way with training. Since I am moving to Vegas to have her control my training, I feel it is also good because she can get a jump start on what she wants me to do or to do with me. I am very excited about this.

Weight was up a little today but I am of the belief the stress from the earlier mentioned situation caused this. Also of course there is the adding of muscle that can affect it. Sucks it comes the day after I get to more of the "you are an inspiration" messages as well as my favorite Pro bodybuilder Zoa Linsey tell me she thinks I am an inspiration. But Danny has taught me not to let this affect me, so I wont.

Also I am working on getting an Internet radio show started to help further promote women in the fitness and MMA industries. Real excited about that.

Finally congrats to Nicole Gray for winning her IFPA Figure Pro card and Vanessa Prebyl for winning her IFBB Bikini Pro card. I am honored to have them as friends.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 26th 2010 Is That Really Why You Started?

And so it begins. People say don't do Emerald Cup. Saying do a small show. Most are doing it as an attempt to try and help me be successful, some doing it cause...... they don't get it. I am getting the "It's to big a show", "You cant win a show like that this soon", "You are in over your head". So let us address these three statements.

1. It's to big a show: Ya damn skippy it is. BUt as previosuly stated, I would rather be dead last at a bi show than win Bob's BBQ and Bodybuilding Championships.

2. You cant win a show like that this soon: Duuuhhhh. I have no false pretences about how I will do. As I said, I don't expect to win a trophy. I win if I walk off that stage and Danny says " I am proud of you". See thats what this is about for me. I am not someone looking to be some superstar and win trophy's. To me Danny's pride is worth more than any trophy, any Pro card, and any monatary value I could win/earn. So while many consider a trophy and some celebrity from the industry standing next to you rasining your hand at the center of teh stage as winning, my winning is those five words from Danny I AM PROUD OF YOU. She says that, and I win more than whoever gets that trophy.

3. YOu are in over your head: Not really. I would be in over my head if I expected to win or place or whatever. I am not expecting that, so I am not in over my head. I have been told I cant do things all my life, and this is no different, and really I don't care what anyone things. I only care if Danny J Johnson, JT Wood, and Sara Schumann, the people I trust with my training think I can do it.

Let me ask each one of you something. That first day each of you stepped into that gym, did you say I am going to get on stage and win a trophy and become a pro? I doubt it. You went for your varius reasons. Be it to get in shape, to lose weight, to be healthy, to find an outlet, etc. Along the way you found you loved it. Then you realized you are good at it and got on stage. YOu found you loved competing and wanted to go even farther and win your Pro card. But don't forget that initial reason you stepped into the gym. I did it to lose weight. Remember I started at 292lbs (209 today). Like you, I found my passion. And who knows, once I get a taste of the stage I may end up taking the I want to do better approach, but I doubt it. I am willing to bet some of you were told you couldnt be good enough at some point, and how did you feel. So why the hell do you want to try and squash my dreams? Well you wont squash them.

Now don't get me wrong, most people support and encourage me. And I lvoe each one of you. Most of you encourage me. See, through this I ahve found my real best friends. People I want to be in my lfie forever. Really there are no better people than people in the fitness industry. Never met such supportive people. Someone messes with me I sick Megan Melone on them. I do something good, I cant wait to tell Sarah Kinney, Shirley Madera, or Belinda Hope. I am down, I can count on Eryn Strickland, Tonia Goodman, or a ton of other people. I want confirmation I belong, I send a message to Colleen Tanner, Zoa Linsey or Shannon Fredrick, and the list goes on and on. See I type this and I think "Man I am missing someone important." And thats what I am talking about. There are so many people to list, which means I ahve amde so many friends. I had to earn that, and I did. Hell, how many people yet to compete get encouragement from Jaime Eason? And I earned that friendship with these people because I have proven what I can do so far. All these friends far outnumber the few who have to be haters. Well I leanred something. If you act like a hater towards me, its really because you hate yourself.

Last thing. Something has been boiling inside me. People not qualified to give advice tryingto give it. I listed my three trainers, and they are the best. I don't need any more unless I ask for it. Often it is with the attempt to help. However, I ahve trainers, thats their job, and I must follow their advice, and often it is from unqualified people. Just like people asking me to do their diet now. I am not qualified to do that and it would be iresponsible to give such help. I can offer tips, but thats all. I was very unhappy when one person said about a recent stretch where I lost 5 pounds in 4 days "Thats not healthy, you should not be losing that kind of weight that fast, you are doing it wrong". Really? First you must not know what Danny has done with my metabolism. I have dropped like 23lbs in 4 and a half weeks. I am dropping quick. Often a spurt like 5lbs in 4 days is water weight, so it isnt even as big a deal. I eat my egiht meals a day and train twice a day, I work my ass off, and I am dropping it the right way. Now I am sure it wasn't said as an insult, and was said with concern, however it upset me because none of my trainers would elt me do anything unhealthy......EVER.

This post probably seems to some as if I am upset.....again. Really it isn't. This was about me speaking my mind and showing I am happy with who I am now, and nothing anyone says will stop that. This is my time to do something and I am going to do it. Instead of getting upset when I read a message or email from a hater, I am going to feel sorry for you, because for you to hate on someone else is a sign you hate yourself.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24th 2010 Change In Plans

So last time I mentioned I was doing a show. Well I still am, but a new one. The plan is now the 2012 Emerald Cup. Several things amde me decide this. Such as it being such a great run show. Bu mainly, Danny J and Vanessa Prebyl ahve both done the E Cup, and it is kind of my tribute and important to me to do a show they both did. The E Cup is a big show, and already one person said I cant do a show that big for my first one. Thats fine. Doubt me, I dont care. I can do it and Danny says I can do it and thats what counts. So today started my 18 month prep for my moment. Danny says we will do something when I get to Vegas. Almost a fake prep. Do the whole prep process, all the way down to the day of the show tanning. Lets me get the experience and also can show her where I am at.

Weight is around 210lbs so about 82lbs down now. I feel great except for this back. My back doesnt hurt as much as it did so thats good. But still hurts. Tonight during second cardio on the bike it started hurting alot so I cut it about 15 minutes short.

I am ready. I can do this. I am ready to devote everything to this and get on that stage. You have two options. Support me or try and hate on me. The supporters make me think I can do it, the haters guarantee I can do it.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Agust 22nd 2010 Now I Have My Goal

I haven't posted in awhile, mostly because I have been in a lot of pain. My back has been hurting. It was weird because it didn't hurt so much when I lifted or anything, but I would make a sudden move and feel a burning pinching type sensation then it would hurt. I avoided the doctor because..... well, I am stubborn. Well I went on Thursday night and after a painfully boring 6 hour emergency room visit I found it is strained. So no weights for a week. It hurts and feels like a setback but I will overcome and get back to lifting soon and hit those weights harder then ever. Why? Because I have set my goal. My goal of when to compete.

Often I get asked when I am going to get on stage and the answer was always something like " I don't know. I will when the time is right, but sometime around June 2012." Well last night I was asked by Mystra Tillotson when I was going to compete, and I gave her that around June 2012 date. She said she would pencil me in for a certain show in 2012. I said to early to set a goal like that, but to myself I said " No way, I will not be at that level by then". But I thought about it, and after moving to Vegas, that show will give me one full year with Danny J. Andy why the hell can't I be at that level by then. I think I can, I know I can. So yeah, thanks to Mystra putting that show in my head, I can and will do it, and I will do good. All ready so many competitors have said they will be at my first show, so I hope they really will, because it would mean the world to me. Doing a show scares me. I am very shy and the thought of being on stage is scary. But I will do it. I will get back to those weights in five days, and I will train harder than ever, I will devote everything to it, and I will get on that stage. This show is extra exciting because I have several friends who have done it.

So please I ask you all, hold me accountable. Don't let me screw up, yell at me if you have to. I am going to put this out there because now there is no turning back, I have to do this. So get ready for a fun ride, because I am going to do this I am going to get on that stage. And that stage is the 2012 Los Angeles Bodybuilding Figure and Bikini Championships.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11th 2010 There is Eryn Strickland and Then There is Everyone Else

Check it out!!! Posting within two days of my last one. Has to be a record. Before I get to what this post is really about, a little about me. Weight today was 216.2lbs, so I am eligible for my cheat meal tomorrow. Can't wait. For those keeping track, 76lbs down, and 56lbs in three months with Danny J.

I want to talk about inspirations. You can get them from anywhere. From people or from goals, really anything. For some reason people look to me as one. But that was discussed last time I posted. One of my major sources of inspiration is Eryn Strickland.

Everyone knows my fondness for Allison Moyer. Through Allison I was made aware of Eryn. First thought is obvious for anyone who sees her. She is gorgeous. Plus throw in the fact that she has an incredible physique. Within minutes I became an Eryn Strickland fan. Super excited when she agreed to an interview on my other blog Promoting Women. Every once in a blue moon we talked on facebook with the occasional message, but that's about it.

Fast forward a little while. And suddenly through a terrific woman named Therese Janc I learned she is close with Eryn. Part of being Danny J trained has included my having a little more confidence and belief in myself. SO basically I professed my "Love" for Eryn to Therese, and hell, I really sucked it up and told Eryn. In the last week or so, I have become better friends with Eryn and we have talked and text.

But who is Eryn Strickland? I can not profess to know her a great deal, but I can profess to know her enough. Eryn is a Figure competitor, but one that "gets it". In a sport where I have both gained and lost respect for people, Eryn has gained a ton of mine. And I don't think I am alone in that. I have had so many competitors bad mouth other competitors to me, but never has anyone said a bad thing to me about Eryn. Why? As I said, she "gets it". She doesn't make competing her life, she makes it something she is good at and something she can do. But I believe she has bigger goals. She has the "I do it for me" attitude that some seem to be lacking. Eryn will go as far in the fitness industry and life as Eryn wants to go.

Why do I freely admit I love Eryn Strickland? HELLLOOOOOOOO!!!!! How can you not. Yes, she is beautiful, to me, the most beautiful woman on earth. BUt no matter how physically attractive you are, you cant be considered that beautiful if there wasn't more to you than that physical appearance. Take away the incredible body, take away the beautiful face, take away the as she calls it "ass-terpiece" she is working on (which by the way, working on? That's saying the Mona Lisa needs a touch up. Eryn, it has been created). Take all those away and Eryn is still going to be beautiful. Move past that outer beauty and you will see the outer beauty pales in comparison to her inner beauty. Eryn is a kind, sweet, caring woman. She knows my back hurts, and showed concern, she knows the progress I have made and always has something nice to say about it. She said when I compete, wherever it is, she will be there cheering me on. She encourages, supports, and motivates, and sometimes in this industry, that isn't always the case with people. Simply put, Eryn is amazing.

These are the things that make Eryn such an inspiration to me. Sure, the way she looks on stage, on a stage full of stars, Eryn shines brightest. Her hard work to get the body she brings to the stage, her dedication, all these things are inspiring. But to me, Eryn Strickland the woman is inspiring. The person she is, not the Figure competitor she is.

Eryn is moving to Vegas. Hmmmmm, me to. Hope that means we get to hang out. I have joked on Facebook, that I am marrying Eryn. Yes it was a joke, but it is also a standing offer. When I posted that, some people took it serious and sent me congrats. One guy said "Don't take this personal, but how the hell did you land Eryn Strickland". Well it was insulting, but really kind of true. Had I landed Eryn, you would be forced to wonder how it happened. Cause yeah, she is out of my league LOL. So Eryn, the marriage offer is always there. I will drive to Maryland right now. Eryn is not what every Figure competitor should be. Eryn is what every person should be. So thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being Eryn Strickland, because that is the biggest compliment I can pay.

Beautiful woman,
come out and play,
reveal your inner treasures.

The sparkle in your eyes,
the natural swing in your walk,
you radiate excitement and enthusiasm.

You need no latest fashion,
No expensive hair cuts,
No blinding big accessories.

You glow in your passions,
passionate in your pursuits,
you know what you are made of.

You are not easily bothered,
by the mindless opinions of others,
you know very well where you want to go.

you are a joy to watch,
an inspiration to others,
your pure soul an endless marvel.

Beautiful woman,
let your brilliance shine through,
your eyes speak of true inner beauty.

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9th 2010 Learning to Accept It For What It Is

How many times have I said I suck at this? A lot, and I continue to. Just so busy and I neglect it. Oh well!!!!!

So how are things? GREAT!!!! Weight this morning was 217.6lbs. That is 75lbs down and 55lbs in three months with Danny J. I continue to have great workouts. I feel more and more like I belong in the gym, and that really is such an important factor. It is like a new job. When you start out you are not sure what you are doing and almost like you don't want to be there. But as the days go by you find your way, find where you fit in, and grow more and more in your comfort level. The gym is the same. At first you are feeling out of place, but the more you work the more you get accepted the more comfortable you feel. Keep in mind, those who are new, go into that gym, bust your ass, work hard, and as awkward as you may feel, you truly will be accepted. Sure some may not accept you, but really, those people do not matter. You are there for you and no one else. My personal favorite part on me now is my arms, but seems it should be my legs. I suppose being so overweight helped in the aspect of walking around with all that weight helped build muscle on my legs. But lifting heavier and heavier, and still learning, but learning makes it fun.

Want to talk about the "I" word. What is the "I" word? INSPIRATION. I get so many emails and messages from people saying I inspire them. I am uncomfortable with that. This was never about anyone but me. Then it became about proving Danny J is the best as well. I am proving that every day. But always about me. Being called an inspiration makes me feel I have to do this for everyone now. I have to make sure I am worthy of such praise. If I mess up I feel I am letting people down. That person who emails that seeing what I have done has inspired them to get in the gym and lose weight or whatever their goal. I have to worry that if they see me mess up then maybe it makes them mess up. I don't know why people latch on to me. Why do I appeal to people? There are so many better choices than me to be the inspiration of those people. But Danny said something that makes sense. She said it is because I am not afraid to put myself out there. To admit when I mess up, admit I had a bad day. It makes them feel it is ok to have a bad day as well. We all have them. But you see a lot of people only put the good stuff out there. That's not me. I do not and will not hide who I am. If someone doesn't like what I say on the bad days, that is not my problem. If you can accept me at my best, accept me at my worst, or don't accept me at all. So as the title says, I will accept it for what it is. If people want to latch on to me, use me as inspiration to get in shape, I will accept that. It is an honor really. It is something I do not take likely, I take it as a responsibility. I think having someone to look to as inspiration is a good thing. For me it is the Danny J Johnson's, Sara Schumann's, Macey Leigh's,Jill Crean's, Lisa Zisa's, Eryn Strickland's, Allison Moyer's, Victoria Larvie's, LeslieRae Newton's, etc. of the world who inspire me, so if I am someones inspiration, I am honored. I do not necessarily believe I deserve it, but I accept it. I saw one girl post on Facebook, won't say her name, but she is well known. She actually said "I am such an inspiration". Really? Said who? Yes, you may inspire people, but you do not decide you are an inspiration, other people decide you are one. Inspiration is a privilege not a luxury. You are not entitled to it, you earn it. So if for some reason I inspire you, THANK YOU. I am honored, and flattered, and please know, I will continue to bust my ass trying to be worthy of that.

Last thing here. Diet. I get lots of people asking for help with their diets. Again, very flattering, but I am simply not qualified for that. Danny J does my diet. I do not eat a thing without her permission. It would be irresponsible to take your health into my hands. I will NEVER turn you away. I will give you small tips, I will always be here to help anyone I can. But to go so far in depth as to design your diet is something I am not qualified for. There are great trainers I recommend for that. People like Danny J, Sara Schumann, Jennifer Winright-Main, Eryn Strickland, Allison Moyer, and others. They worked and studied to be qualified to do that. So if I can help, I will, I will not turn anyone away, but there is a limit as to how much I can do before I am doing too much. What I mean by that is, if I do too much, I am taking responsibility for you and your health, and that is not fair to you. There is no one I suggest more than Danny J because she is my trainer along with Sara and JT, but Danny is my diet. Go to www.dannyjfitness.com and find here. Hire her, she will get you to your goals.

In the meantime, if I can do anything or you want any advice that I am qualified for or even just want to share your story, I am an email away at elway78@netzero.com.

To all my supporters, thank you, you make me think I can get on stage. To all my haters, thank you, you GUARANTEE I will get on stage.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28th 2010 No More Fear

Been awhile hasn't it? Sorry. Got to have priorities. So what has been up with me? Well got to go to Master's Nationals in Pittsburgh. Thanks to Sheila and Doug Benditz for the hotel room and the ticket. Decent show. Got to meet some amazing people like Melanie Gall, Melissa Hulett Stevens, Dave Palumbo, Kristin Fonseca, Gina Davis, Michelle Geist, Kate Cooper, Michelle Brent, and many more. Especially excited to have met Sue Scheppele. One of my favorite bodybuilders ever. She invited me to come train with her one day in Pittsburgh. Can't wait to have that honor. I went to the Arnold's but mostly took in the convention, so to many people's surprise, this was my first show. I believe Michelle Brent was really screwed out of her Pro card, but what can you do.

How is training? Amazing. JT often compliments me, and that feels great. One thing I lvoe is I know at first my triceps sucked ass, but they are really starting to come in. Getting some cool veins too.LOL. Sorry I am a vein freak. I even got one on my quad sweep. But training has been great. Kind of changed my routine. It is now six days on and one day off, that day is always Sunday. This is how it works
Day 1: Back, Biceps, Abs, cardio x2
Day 2: Chest, Glutes, Cardio x2
Day 3: Legs, Calves, Cardio x1
Day 4: Shoulders, Triceps, Cardio x2
Day 5: start over with day 1

So let's get back to Master's. Friday, I cheated. Drank some beers and things. I talked with Danny, and believe she is right when she says I sabotage myself. I think it is fear. Fear of failing, so I tend allow myself to fail instead of waiting for it. I don't want to get close and then fail. I texted her and called Sara and was flat out crying. I cried because I know better. But also I believe it is good it bothered me so much. Why? Because it tells me how badly I want it. Then I watched the show Saturday and realized, I can do this. I can compete, I can do well, I can be a bodybuilder..... No...... I AM A BODYBUILDER. I am ready to sacrifice and give it my all. I am not gonna be some elite level bodybuilder, but I can do this and do it well. It has become my passion, my great love. I now feel I belong in the gym, I feel accepted, I feel it is home. I can't be afraid to fail, because if I do this while being afraid, I am simply setting myself up to fail, and I can not allow that. I will be positive. Melanie Gall came up to me at the show and said how much weight she can see I lost since the Arnold's. She is right obviously, as I have. I even showed her my arms veins LOL, but she also seemed to be impressed at the muscle I ahve added in ym arms. Made me feel good, and really helped me refocus.

So about that weight loss. Weighed in for Danny today. It was 225.4lbs. So overall we are down 68lbs and 48lbs in 11 weeks with Danny. I am satisfied with that. Very satisfied!!! Still have a long way to go, but I will get there, I know that.

I laughed the other day. I did a Facebook post that I was going back to my Species Fat Burners. I am not loyal to any one company. I use Species, Gaspari, and Optimum, but the burners I am using now are quite honestly, making the bathroom my second home. So need to go back to Species. Someone posted a comment saying to try whatever the hell it was he suggested and said it is what the Pro's really use and then gave me a number to call. Probably his company. But I responded by informing him how many Pro's I am friends with, as opposed to him likely not knowing any. Apparently he saw me as naive and didn't know who I know.

As you know if you looked, I renamed this blog. It says Danny J taught, Danny J trained, and on My way to being Danny J made. Yes Danny does my det, and can't really train me in person till I am in Vegas. But I ahve JT and Sara to work with. But Danny does help me with trainign stuff, and will always be my main trainer. Not a knock on Sara and JT because they are AWESOME. But Danny J is the world to me. So that covers the training part. The Danny J taught part, is not really about training. It is about the person she teaches me that I want to be. She ahs taught me more than she knows about life and about myself. The Danny J amde part, is just what it says. When the mission is complete and I am on stage, it will be because she amde me ready.

Before I go, I know several doing USA's this coming weekend and wish all of them luck. But special shout out to my friend Vanessa Prebyl. Vanessa writes a weekly column for my Promoting Women blog and has done a couple interviews. Vanessa is a special woman and I am hopeful this weekend she gets the Pro card she really deserves.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17th 2010

This time the distance between posts was more than intentional. Mainly because I don't know what I am thinking these days, and didn't want to write anything that I might regret. How can a person feel so good and so bad at the same time? It is a case of I know I am doing good. Weight is at 231.4lb, body fat at 24%, waist at around 44 inches. Now when is tarted with Danny 10 or 11 weeks ago I was 272lbs, and waist was 50.5, so yes, I am doing good. Yet I still have days when I feel really far away to. I do not feel there is anything wrong with this either. I think it is natural.

Workouts have been really good. Learning negatives and how much I love doing them. Started a new split that has me doing each body part twice a week, training six days a week and taking Sunday's off. I know things are working because I am getting so many compliments, and that means so much and really pushes me.

As you know Danny J is my main trainer. She is the world to me. She has a client named Korie in a body transformation contest. I would really appreciate your votes for her. The link is http://www.maxmuscle.com/MF201015.

I will wrap it up by saying, today I made some decisions. Some decisions I am not ready to talk about, but I will make them known soon enough. Most will not like these decisions, so I am not ready to announce them yet

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 8th 2010 My Day With Sara Schumann

OK, I admit it. I suck. I say every time I am gonna get more active on this, and I do not do it. So again, I am going to try to.

Well Saturday was my cheat meal, and I cheated. Gained three stinking pounds from it. That is fine, I expected. Some think I am not bright and don't realize how it works, but I do. As of the other day I was around 236lbs, which means still 1 pound had yet to come off. Again, people seemed to think I was mad because I added the weight. Not at all. I was mad because I am used to dropping 4lbs a week at least, and it didn't happen so fast. Saturday is a new weigh in day, and it will come off.

On that subject, I want to address something. I get so many comments from people, many just trying to be helpful, but really it at times is insulting. On purpose? Usually not. But they try and tell em the importance of this or that, and really it is stuff I don't know. I have had the two best trainers in the world, and now, as you will read shortly, have the three best trainers in the world. If there is something I don't know I can go to them. I am told things as if it is my first day in the gym. I don't mean for this to sound mean, but I guess it could. It at times comes off as demeaning and like I am being talked to like a five year old. I love the encouragement I get from everyone, but sometimes the "you need to cheat sometimes" for this or that or "and make sure you drink enough water" or "you should see what it is like for us" comes across demeaning. Sixty pounds people. I have lost. Why? Danny J and JT!!!!! I couldn't lose that if I was unaware of things. Really I know how to drink water, I know an occasional cheat may be needed, and the "what it is like for us" thing really bothers me. Just because I am yet to compete doesn't mean I am not a bodybuilder. Know why? Cause Zoa Linsey said I am one. She is my favorite Pro, and if she says it then I am. I train my ass off every day. I am one, I am just a work in progress. So please keep encouraging me, and the people, who know who they are, who are my good friends, you know I listen to your advice. Sometimes I am getting "tips" from people who I know more than.

Now this trainer thing. I spent Wednesday training with a beautiful woman named Sara Schumann. I drove four hours to train with her. We trained shoulders and did cardio. She even taught me can openers. Then we went with her awesome son Samuel to the aquarium. Some think four hours is crazy just to train with someone. Well you are wrong. Sara is not just "someone". She is an amazing woman and a great friend, who I am blessed to have in my life. Look at the picture, she looks amazing. Like the Arnold's I left that day more inspired and more determined. Sara had a huge impact on me. She also brought me the charm in the picture. It says Bodybuilder. I cherish it. Sara said, and I agree, although just becoming friends, I feel I have known her forever. How impressed am I with Sara? I asked her to become one of my trainers. To let me drive there every three weeks or so and have her train me, and she said yes, and at a great price. Let me make this clear. This is not some replacement for Danny J Johnson. Danny is, and will ALWAYS be my trainer. My main person. I am still moving to Vegas next year, and letting Danny take over everything. Danny is the light at the end of the dark tunnel that is my life. Danny is everything to me, and I want to make her proud. But now I have extra help, and I hope to make Sara proud. I am adding Sara because she is good at what she does, and she believes in me. I know I can learn from her. I do not address JT Wood quite as much, and maybe I should. I don't because most of you are people I have met through Facebook, and he isn't there so I just don't address him cause you don't know him. What he does is push me and teach me. I wouldn't have added the muscle and strength I have added without him. So basically I feel I have the three best trainers in the world, and that my friends is why I WILL BE ON STAGE ONE DAY AND I WILL SHOCK A LOT OF PEOPLE. so Danny J is and always will be my leader, but I felt it was good to add Sara and add her help because you can never learn to much. Sara just accepted me no questions asked. So has shown faith in belief in me that means so much. Sara if you read this, you are going to be in my life forever. You are like Danny and JT so important to me, and I feel honored to be able to have you in my life. And after the photo shoot, lunch is on me.

Danny said the other day I seem more confident, and I am, and that is because of her. That being said, I will ahve a down day here or there, so when I have them, bare with me, I will be back. I am confident, I know I can do this, I will be on stage, and win or lose, if Danny is proud thats all I care about.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27th 2010 Something To Look Forward To

OK, every time I say I will start doing this more often and then it seems to take even longer between posts. Just been so busy of late.

Where do I start? Well how about with myself LOL. Training has been great. Been noticing some real improvements, especially in my legs. I am taking an off day tomorrow. First one in almost three weeks. And please no one tell me I need to rest. I will scream. I know rest days are important. BUt been lifting heaveir and heavier. Wegiht is dissapointing. Last Monday I was 239lbs. Friday I was 241lbs. Now I am eating right and training right. So I know it is water or something but I am just a take everything negative type person. I did weight today and I will not share the results because tomorrow is a weigh in day for Danny J, and I dont want to say anything till then.

Also from June20th untill July 1st Danny has me cycling off most of my supplements. One thing I notice is a lack of energy when not having my Superpump. But I know the importance of cycling off so it is not a problem.

I just tonight found out that next Wednesday I get to go train with Sara Schumann. Real excited about that. It is in Cincinatti so a five hour drive, but well worth it. Sara is incredible. This is an honor for me. Outside of JT I ahve never trained with anyone excpet one occassion with Erika Shingary, which was also an honor. So I am very anxious for that.

I want to talk to the people who think they are giving me advice. Too many people try to. Some are trying to be nice I realize, but listening to too many people is harmful. Also it is at times condescending. I say that because it is advice you give to someone on their first day. I know more than some may think I do. Remember, I ahve two awesome trainers. Now tehre are some I listen to but for teh first part my main advice has to be Danny and JT. So while most of it is an attempt to help, it really doesn't. I do appreciate the help, but really it has a negative affect. Remember I once almost quit because too many people were telling me different things and it messed with my mind.

Will ahve weigh in results tomorrow.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16th 2010 The Macey Leigh post

OK OK, I suck at this. I want to update it more often but I am just so damn busy. This post will not be much about training, but in a sense, it is about training. I will explain shortly.

First I had some nice things said today. JT said he was amazed at how much stronger I have gotten. That means a lot. I did shoulders with him today and I am soooooorrrrreeee. But as we know, sore is good. Also IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Zoa Linsey commented on a Facebook post I made. She said "Welcome to being a bodybuilder, you can do it". So if the woman I think is the next Ms Olympia says welcome to being a bodybuilder, does that mean I officially am a Bodybuilder? I like to think so. Danny J said it was a huge compliment, and I kind of agree.

Cardio!!!!! People have told me my two 60 minute sessions are two much. Well guess what? Doing two ninety minute sessions now. Why? Again, I will explain shortly.

Now, you know my trainers, you know my supporters, I don't think I have to name them again. I have someone new and very special in my life. Macey Leigh. Macey and me are soon starting a business. A big big thing, that I cant say yet, but believe me it is big, and believe me, we are taking over, along with some for now two unnamed people. But Macey used to be just a girl on Facebook I talked to. Recently we have become very good friends. We text all day and talk often. Macey has helped me learn to ignore my haters. To believe in myself and to realize I can do this. Others have helped me with this as well. So earlier I said it isn't about training, but it is about training. See, Macey, in just a short time has helped me believe more in myself, and it has helped my workouts. I am more confident. Macey will be competing on November 20th. That allowed me to set a goal. I am down to 242lbs as of last weigh in. Down 50lbs. I do weigh in tomorrow so we will see. Anyway, my goal is to be at the show and weigh 190lbs. So that's 52lbs, and if reached it will be 102lbs in eleven months. I am going to reach that goal, because I have the best trainers, the best supporters, and now Macey. We are meeting in mid July to talk business and she said she would train with me. I hope so, it would be an honor. This is why two ninety minute sessions. Just for a little while. May sacrifice some muscle, but muscle does no good under fat. Lose the weight then focus entirely on adding as much muscle as I possibly can.

Who is Macey Leigh? One of the most beautiful women you will ever see, but even more beautiful on the inside. She is smart, she is funny, she is confident, she is encouraging,g and she is supportive. I felt comfortable even last night to when having a bad moment, I cried talking to her. But she cheered me up. Macey has been talking to me about some things in her life lately to. Macey, I want you to know, like I said, you are better. People can be jealous, hurtful, spiteful, insulting, and other things. But you will always come out on top. YOu talekd about fairytales not always having happy endings. Excuse my language, but bull shit. YOu are not a fairy tale. YOu are a living breathing person. You make your ending whatever you want it to be. To some this is insulting for me to say. And if people in the fitness industry read this, I may gain some new haters, but I really dont care. I have met a lot of awesome people in the industry, but I also ahve met or talekd to some of the most stuck up, egotistical, arrogant people I ever met, in the fitness industry. I can tell you things some competitors have told me about other competitors that meant one of two things. Either the one they talked about is an ass, or the one telling me the story is lying and therfor they are an ass. Luckily there are far more good than bad. BUt there are some who are simply amazing. Macey, you my dear, are amazing. So you write your own book, and it isnt a fairy tale. It is a biography. And the final chapter is going to be about Macey Leigh being on top of the world.


Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11th 2010

Well birthday came and gone. Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes on facebook. Maybe it is the diet, maybe it is the haters, but I really was about to quit. I wonder if at 34 I am too old to be good. Because dont forget I am a couple years at least from the stage. At first I just wanted to make Danny J proud, and I still do, but now I think I actually want to do good at this. So many talekd to me and set me straight, and I will forget someone so instead I say thanks to all of you. I talked with Danny J and she told me I can do this. If I am about to compete and dont like right, we just push it back.

See, I am used to failing at things, for once I want to not fail, I want to be good. What it all comes down to, is what I ahve said before, I am working hard for this moment, I deserve this moment, I am demanding that moment. I know I wont win, and hell even if I looked good enough, the politics wouldnt let me. But one thing is for sure, I can do good, and I will have the biggest damn cherring section ever.LOL

So please stay with me, because I am giving this my all. I am going full steam ahead ( I hate that saying and I went and used it anyway). THis is going to be my life, and I will do it.

No training today. Took a needed day off. Havent had one in awhile. BUt did weigh in and it was 245.0lbs. Which is down 47.8lbs overall and 27.2lbs in five or six weeks with Danny.


Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7th 2010 Big Things Happening

OK, so it has been awhile. Sorry. Big things happening. I mean huge. As in a career doing what I love doing. Macey Leigh and me have a business plan and will be partnering with two other amazing women. I am so excited but for now details must wait. BUt trust me, it is huge and with the four of us, I believe we can be the best at it.

As far as me. Weighed in today and am at 248.0lbs. For those counting, that is down 44.8 overall and 24 since DAnny J took over 5 weeks ago. Training has been good. Started doing Hany Rambod's FST-& at the suggestion of Vanessa Prebyl and am loving that. Great pump at the end of the workout. Changed my routien around a little and am now doing five days on and one day off instead of four and one. Works better for me. Lifting heaveir than ever and the other day set three records. 1,100lb leg press, 600lb hack squat, and 300lb leg extensions. My legs are my definite strong part Noticing, finally, some definition in my shoulders as well, which is great.

Been getting lots of requests for help with diet lately. Sorry, but if I knew enough I wouldnt have Danny J doing it for me. My suggestion is find someone you trust to work with, but really it isnt me. It is flattering to be asked, but I do not have that knowledge and am not qualified.

I set high goals and standards for myself. I do that because the higher they are set the harder to achieve. I do not want to reach some easy goal and be satisfied. That breeds content, and I never want to be content. SO if I sem upset a goal wasnt reached it does not mean I am unhappy, as people seem to think.

It was said by Danny J that when I compete I am going to have a huge cheering section. Yeah, I probably will. That isnt cocky, it is just fact. Because I have so many people supporting me. I want each person to know I am humbled by that support. It means everything to me, and make me work that much harder. When I get on stage, it will be just as much for all of you as it is for me. I feel I owe it to you all to do this and do it right. So thank you all, and I hope you all will be there. I can't do this without you


Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28th 2010 Is This What Pride Feels Like?

Well imagine that!! I am proud of myself.LOL Weighed in today for Danny J and am at 251.9lbs. Disappointed because I wanted the 240's. But I am very proud of myself. I bust my ass, and it is paying off. I have gotten so many supporters and it amazes me. Me, a nobody, has all these supporters pushing and encouraging me. People always say that when they get told they are an inspiration and things that it pushed them to work harder. I always said to myself "they are jsut saying that to be nice". Well I was wrong. Yesterday alone three people told me I inspire them, and I have heard it before, and it really does make you work harder. Makes you feel you ahve to live up to that. Because to be told that is such an honor and you need to make sure you are worthy of it. Now don't missunderstand me, I do not feel I am inspiring or anything special, but to be told that, really does make you work harder.

SO here is my promise to you all. I will not stop. I will not give up. I will be on stage. I will do this. Wasn't sure I could, but when you literally have hundreds of people telling you you can, you start to belive it. I thank each and every person who has supported me and helped me.

Today is my off day, but yesterday did shoulders. JT, basically killed me, but I loved it. I was in so much pain afterwards, and it was the best feeling ever. Sometimes people who don't udnerstand say to me "if you are hurting you should slow down" or "if it hurts, you should try something different". THey do not undestand that that pain is such a good thing. Means you killed it. If I leave the gym and am not sore, I am pissed off.

I am going to leave you with this. Recently I had the HONOR of training with Erika Shingary. Erika is an amazing woman who I truly admire and look up to. SHe writes a column for my Promoting Women blog. Well this week she wrote mostly about me and our day together. It literally made me cry. Thank you Erika. Here is the clolumn she wrote.

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit another gym with jason. I know that Jason touched on this subject in his blog, but I wanted to take the time to write about it as well. While we were talking the track duscussing out workouts, I noticed a man on the floor doing sits ups. I pointed him out to jason because this man is usually at my gym and constantly stares at me while I'm training. Well, it was hard for Jason to miss because he was doing the exact same thing as me this time. Now, I'm not jsut talking about someone glancing at you or maybe even looking a second too long. I'm talking about someone who completely stops what they are doing and stares so intensely that it feels like they are examining the insides of your soul!!

I agree with Jason and I understand that if you see an attractive person, you may give them a second look. But do you really ahve to stare in a way that makes them uncomfortable? Yes, we are proud of our bodies. That's why we are at the gym. BUt, this is a time that we are trying to get our training done. So please be considerate!!

Moving on, I want to tell you how it came about that I emt Jason. Sometime back I offered to workout with him. At that time he told me that he wanted to wait a little bit until he was in better shape. Then about 3 weeks later, he asked if I still wanted to. Of course I did! So through many messages back and forth we set up a day. jason kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to do it and he would understand if I would be embarrassed to be seen with an overweight guy. That amde me want to do it more. Why would I ever be embarrassed of someone who is working so hard and has such amazing goals set for themselves?

Jason is such a great person! He is probably one of the kindest people I have ever met. He is always talking about all the people that are an inspiration to him. Well, I want him and all of you to know what an inspiration he is to me! I think it is so awesome that despite a lot of negative commetns and even losing some friends because of his new goals, he keeps working hard and never gives up.

What a loss it would ahve been for me if I wouldn't have gone that day. Jason kept telling me what an honor it was for him to ahve me there. Well jason, what an honor it was for me!!!!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May25th 2010 Lost 20 pounds in 30 Days

Yeah, you read the title right. 20lbs lost in one month. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not resting on that. Still have a long way to go. Still around 250lbs. But remember where I started from? 292lbs. But Sunday when I weighed in and some my weight I was ecstatic. Monday, I talked with Danny J and she said "you are doing awesome", then the same day JT said he was "amazed at how much stronger you are getting". Doesn't get better than that. In the same day, the two people I am trusting to get me to the stage one day both paid me huge compliments. At the end I will explain more how Danny got me down so fast.

How has the training been going? Really good actually. I am lifting heavier than ever, obviously a good thing. I think the diet plays a huge role in that. Eating so much cleaner and having more energy. Also, I used to get embarrassed when I was lifting lighter than some people. I am not embarrassed anymore, because while I might be lifting less, my form is better, and my less is helping me more than they are helping themselves. I know my limitations, I accept them, and I know I can and will improve them.

Part of my problem, is I can be very impatient. I want it all and I want it now. As you see in the picture above, I am getting veins finally in my arms..... well I want more. I want them in other places. I know it is something that will come when the time is right, but I just want it now.

I am going to address my last post, and then am done talking about it. Understand, it never will make em think I can't do it because I can do it. FACT!!!!! Just bothersome that someone would take the time to do that. Now, if you want to hate, then hate, I will no longer even waste my breath talking about it.

Now, back to the 20lbs in thirty days. How did it happen. Well, first I know that the more weight you have to lose the easier it comes off. I don't expect months like this to be common. However I will continue to have success. I am learning and have learned just how important the diet is. So much more important then the gym. I say it like this. You might have the fastest car in the world, but how fast can it go with no gas. It happened because Danny J takes the time to check in with me and see where my weight is, and quickly makes any adjustments needed. She leads, I follow. It will stay that way till I compete. Yeah, I have cravings, I want to cheat, but I know what my goals are, and they will NEVER be accomplished by cheating. You might not have my goals, but if you are on a diet, and thinking about cheating, as bad as that craving is, understand, after you eat that pizza or hot dog, you will feel bad about yourself, and that feeling is worse than any craving. I am no expert. I know very little. So I got someone to help. That's what you need to do. Don't starve yourself, I will tell you that. Eat, eat a lot, but eat clean. Danny J has put together a diet that suits ME. There are all these so called great diets out there for you, but just because it works for one person, doesn't mean it will work for you. Our bodies are different. She sees if something isn't working for me, and changes it. Don't get some person who is jsut looking to pay their rent. Get someone who wants you to achieve your goals. Danny wants me to achieve her goals. YOu can go to www.dannyjfitness.com to find more about her, or try someone else. There are other great people out there. Danny works for me, and I would trust her with my life. People, I am going to go from 292lbs to competing in bodybuilding. If my broken down body can, then you can.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22nd 2010. My Email of "Encouragement"

Thought I would use this opprtunity to share a very "Encouraging" email I recieved just today.

I have to do this by email because you do in fact know me, and actualyl well enough, that I know that one last thing you are trying to learn that no one will teach you. You know what I am talking about. I know if I share my name with you, you will unleash the hounds and I will be attacked for my thoughts. However I do have thoughts that you need to hear.
I commend you wanting to get in shape. However you have lofty dreams of competing in bodybuilding. All signs point to it not happening. First off, if you could do it, you would never have gotten so fat to begin with would you have? It shows your lack of will power and desire. This is a sport that takes will power and desire, clearly you lack that. That is not meant to be insulting, just stating fact. What we do is not a hobby nor is it a game. It is a lifestyle, a lifestyle you are not equipped to handle. You do this I believe to have something in common with your friends, but I believe they all see through it and humor you, for their own benefit. To compete in this sport you haev to give it everything you ahve, and most people can not do it, so if they cant do it, how can you? Also there is this Danny girl. Seriously? What can a female who does not compete in bodybuilding do to get a male on a bodybuilding stage. I am a woman, and would never allow a woman who has not done my sport to help me prepare for it. That shows me that serious competitors do not have faith in you or you would not go to someone else.
I am aware this may seem hurtful, and really there is nothing I can do about that. I just want you to know, based on your progress photos (in which you are afraid to show anything but arms), your attitude, your past history, and your lack of respect you get from real competitors, there is no logical reason to believe you can succeed. I suggest sticking to what you are good at. Interviewing women and talking about teh sport. That is what you can do, and leave the real work to us.

OK. Very nice isnt it. First, I ahve a male trainer named JT Wood. I also ahve Danny J. I have no shame in having a female who does not do bodybuilding helping me. There is no human being I trust more than her. I call her my Hero for a reason. I do not care if people think I cant do it. Sure it hurt before, but now I laugh it off. What bothers me, is that there are people who are willing to take the time to stop me and say hurtful things. I do not know what people think of me. I think most take me serious, and most do encourage me. I get plenty of things sent to me like this. But this one bothers me, because it is someone who does know the one last thing I want to learn and no one will teach me. Because very few people know what that is.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19th 2010 Allison Moyer, Victoria Larvie, Laura Kline, LeslieRae Newton and Jill Crean (Role Models)

Since today was my off day, really I have nothing to talk about as far as the gym. So instead I thought I would use this time to mention some people who are important parts of my journey. Yes there are names I mention a lot, Danny J, JT, Belinda, Ann, Sarah, etc. But I wanted to mention some others who I don't give enough credit to.

1. Allison Moyer.
Allison Moyer is among the most beautiful women I have ever seen, so like a lot of guys, that's how I initially became a fan. We were friends on Facebook, but that was early in me being on Facebook and while I had friends on there in the fitness industry, I never commented on their posts or anything. Didn't know them, and quite honestly, was scared I would be laughed at. These beautiful women with amazing physiques, and me just learning about how to train before I thought my dream could come true. Allison made a post and I commented. Somehow it turned into us sharing messages that night with her trying to cheer me up because I was having some depression issues. See, I consider myself very unattractive and destined to be single forever. Allison, takes her time to cheer up this nobody she doesn't even know. Became an even bigger fan. Finally got to meet her at the Arnold's, and became an even BIGGER fan. Allison at a time I was low cheered me up, and made me feel good about myself. She has expressed belief in me, and I am forever grateful. I still see her as a beautiful woman, but I am not the fan who is a fan because of that. I don't look at her as "the hot fitness girl", I look at her as someone I respect and admire, and WHEN she earns her Pro card, I will be the first one standing and applauding.

2. Victoria Larvie
Victoria is an IFBB Fitness Pro. Until recently, the youngest one ever. That on its own demands respect. Victoria is the first person I ever asked for advice, and she gave it to me. I thanked her and she said she "likes helping people with fitness tips". She not only answered, but answered more. TO some it may be strange for a 33 year old male to ask a girl not yet 20 for advice on working out, but I believe to learn something right, learn from the best, and Victoria is among the best. Again, I don't care about the age or male and female thing. Victoria is one of my role models. Victoria is an amazing woman and I owe her so much. Because if she didn't answer my questions, I may have been too scared to ever ask again and my progress would be minimal. So thank you Victoria. You have played a bigger part in my journey than you even know.

3. Laura Kline
Laura is someone I truly admire. I call her the advanced me. Sh did what I am trying to do. I read her story about how she was upset due to the shape she was in and some other things in her life. Then I saw how she looked and my jaw dropped. The work she had put in to go from where she was to where she is was incredible. I really admired her and that work and it was the first thing that truly inspired me and really made me want this. I said to myself "If she can do this, then I can do this". Well I was right and I was wrong. I was right that I can do it, but if you have seen how amazing Laura looks now, I can't do that. I can't look that good. That isn't a knock on myself, it is a compliment to her. Laura is prepping for her first show, and Laura, you have family and you have friends, but believe me, no one is cheering for you as much as I am. I have trainers, I have friends, I have people who help and encourage me, and I have people who inspire me. But Laura, you will always be the first person to ever truly inspire me to better myself. Thank you.

4. LeslieRae Newton
Like Victoria, LeslieRae is an IFBB Fitness Pro. Right there it tells you she is good at what she does. LeslieRae is someone I really look up to. She too has helped and encouraged me. She also helps with my blogs fan page. That is the biggest thrill for me. Someone of her calibre helping little ol' me. I always respected LeslieRae the competitor, but now I even more respect LeslieRae the person. Yes she is insanely beautiful. Yes she has an amazing physique, yes to so many other things, but most of all, LeslieRae is an amazing person. I wish I had known her sooner because I truly believe I would have been doing what I am doing sooner. She just being herself is such an inspiration. She suffered a pretty serious injury while competing and is now rehabbing and getting back in shape. Her determination to do that has really inspired me in ways she doesn't know. Many of you know my hip problem. It is a degenerative condition and pretty much my whole life has been pain. When I train legs or do cardio, it hurts bad. But the determination and work ethic she is displaying has motivated me to push through the pain. LeslieRae, I hope we are always in contact.

5. Jill Crean
What can I say about Jill. Two time cancer survivor in itself says "fighter". But Jill has become a friend and another huge source of inspiration. Jill encourages me more than just about anybody. Always quick with a "You can do it" or "I believe in you", and never a negative word. When I am down, I go to Jill, because I know I will instantly feel more positive. At first Jill was just an interview, but somehow we started talking and I call her a friend now. It is probably her friendliness that allowed us to talk more. Jill had competed before and looked great. She recently was on stage again. I don't mind saying I almost had tears coming down when I saw how she looked. I was soooo proud of her. She looked incredible. The best way I can think of to tell Jill what I think of her is, if and when I grow up, I want to be like Jill Crean.

There are so many others too, but these five are of great importance to me, and I don't say it enough.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17th 2010 Guys Quit Staring At Women and My Workout With Erika

Going to go in reverse today. Going to disucss today and then discuss yesterday.

Today was back day. I always start my back with Lat Pulldowns. So today I decided to end my back workout with lat pulldowns, and guess what? Nothing. But just figured I would change it up. Used to do back and bi's on same day, but thats when I was going 4 days on and 1 off. Now since bi's are my favortie, I give them their own day. Did 6 exercises all at 4 sets of 12,10,10,8. Then my cardio. Went back tonight for more cardio.
Today was also a talk with Danny J. Not happy with my last weigh in and wanted to talk with her. She amde a few small changes to the diet, and I am positive I will be back to dropping pounds.

Sunday as mentioend was a workout with Erika Shingary. Big honor for me, and can you believe it was my first workout with a partner. I am a big loser.LOL. Honestly it was very short. Just a couple elg exercises and some cardio. It was her off day. Hope she wil do a full workout with me. I hope so. She was very sweet and more beautiful in person.

Which brgns me to this. There was a guy there who apparently he has done this to her at her gym. On the tack, everytime we walked by, he stopped what he was doig and just stared. Almost stared right through her. I almost felt dirty. THis applies to all women who train, but in this case, let's talk about Erika. Yes, she is very beautiful. However women, in this case, Erika are there to train. Yes, it is human nature to look at a beautiful woman. BUt is it human nature to stare so obsessivley each time around the track. ALl you are doing is making the woman uncomfortable. She is at the gym for the same reason as you, so respect her as she respects you. There is an invisable little private space I believe while training. Dont invade that space. Let them be comfortable while training and not ahve to worry about who is checking them out each time they bend or twist.

Just my opinions.

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14th 2010 Can't Wait For Sunday

How can someone without a job be so busy? Feel like I never have any free time to just relax. Oh, and I really want a job.LOL. Between the blog and the gym twice a day, and now the clothing thing, www.cafepress.com/fitwomen, I feel I have no time.

I am going to skip whats been going on with my training, and talk about two things. The first, actually is about training but training to come, not in the past. Sunday I have the honor of training legs with Erika Shingary. Erika is someone I truly admire and respect and since she lives close, she is going to come to my gym and do legs. I just hope I can hang with her.LOL. I take it as a chance to learn from someone better than me. So wish me luck that I can hang with her.

Now for the clothing thing. OK, lets be honest, these are not going to be super quality shirts. But they are going to be godo quality. I am not going to profit from these. See, let's say Cafe Press charges $15. I mark it up to $17 and that is a $2 profit. All the profits go into my goal of eventually sponsoring some female competitors in this expensive sport. My way of giving back. Yes my trainer here is male. But everyone else who has hlped meis female. I don't want to name everyone for fear of forgetting someone. But so many women who compete have helped, advised, guided, inspired, and encouraged me, and this is my way to try and give back. SO I hope it works.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11th 2010 I Want My One Moment

Well I have haters. Don't know what I ever did to anyone, but I have them. They bother me at times, but now I love them. I want them. I need them. It is just going to make me work that much harder. Let me share my new one. Received an email, and sorry do not remember it word for word. But it went on to tell me how I should be embarrassed by my progress photos. That in the time I ahve been training my arms should be bigger. That she (I assume she because of soem words she used) and others do it because they love it, and I only do it to fit in because all teh women I try and promote are more muscular than me and I should be ashamed of that. I tried to reply to teh email but it said it could not be sent. Hmmm. Well fact is I do this for no one but me. I am doing this to prove if I can do it, than anyone can do it. I am doing it to prove the overweight guy whose hip is so bad walking often hurts, can get on stage. All I want is my one moment. That one moment to get on stage and say "I did this". I am busting my ass for that moment, and I think I deserve that moment. That moment were I can be proud of myself, feel that for once I accomplished something.

So where does that lead me. It leads me to a decision I made. As you know I have hired Danny J Johnson to do my diet, and it is working. I feel I need to be with her. I need to have her support as much as I can. I trust her more than anyone in my life. So here is teh goal. I plan to save every penny for one year, and then Vegas is my new home. I will move to Las Vegas, and ahve her take control of everything. I have all the faith in the world, Danny will get me on stage, and as shameful as this is, to quote Whitney Houston, I will have my "one moment in time, when I'm more than I thought I could be".


Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9th 2010 Do I Really Belong?

I don't get it. How can I be so proud and confident one day, and so negative the next? I think it is a case of having so many great friends who have competed recently, or are prepping. I am so proud of each one of them and wish them all luck. But then it makes me realize how far away I am. I want to be the one people are wishing luck, or the one they are proud of. That is years away. Don't get me wrong. I am not quitting, and I am enjoying this journey. I just wonder if I belong. So many great friends who whether Pro or Amateur, are great competitors, and I wonder if I belong. I want to. I love the role I have of encouraging so many people, but will I ever be the one who is two weeks out and needs that encouragement?

Today was meant to be an off day, an off day I NEEDED, but with the way I am feeling, I couldn't sit at home, so I went and did some bicep work. Mostly decided to try and just run the rack on dumbells curls, from 55lbs down. Not sure why I did it but I did. Probably over did it. Was doing two sets of ten at each weight, till I got down to the 15lbs and just couldn't lift even once more.

Did a weight in for Danny today, and I believe 257.6lbs. So that's down almost 4lbs since Thursday. I hope she is proud, as that is my biggest goal.

Took some photos. Here are two. One is an arm photo, so you can see I am far away, the other is just to show I got veins coming. YAY.LOL