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Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27th 2010

OK, now that I am back on track, workouts ahve been kicking ass. Yesterday was great and today was better. My goal was to hit 730lbs on leg press. Well today I did 12 reps of 745lbs. It isn't a ton, but less than three weeks ago I was at 480lbs. So today was quads and chest, as well as one of my two cardios. Still have anotehr cardio to get to tonight.
Several people ahve said not to do each body part twice a week. Well it works for me and I enjoy it. So I am going to keep doing it, so really it is pointless to tell me not to.
Today after the workout a guys walked up and said "Dude, you sweat a lot. Why? You sweat a lot more than me." My response was simply "I work harder than you." I ahve always been a heavy sweater, but now I am pissed if I am not dripping sweat.
OK, when I started my weight was around 290lbs...... A lot. Well actually, I dont know what it was when I started, but in the alst two motnhs it started around 290lbs. Now I am under 270lbs. My goal is 263lbs by the Arnold. So that is about 7lbs by then. I can and will do it.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25th 2010

Not going to post about workouts today. Going to post about an issue. I bust my ass six days a week twice a day. I had more than one competitor tell me that my workout is harder than theirs. I am sure that is not true, but I do bust my ass. I learn more each day that there are some engative people who for no reason want to try and stop you. I have heard it before and will hear it again. Yesterday it had me on the verge of giving up my competing goals. But I got several comments from several amazing people who lifted me back up, and to each of you, I thank you.
I will not say who this person was, so do not ask. But the one that hurt most, was actually sent to me by an IFBB Pro. Female is all I will say. She said "Please stop posting about your workouts. No one believes you, and all you are doing is insulting those of us who work hard to look like we do." It hurt especially since the women are the ones I try so hard to promote and give attention to.
It got to me, but no more. I will not let it happen again. I am better than that and I ahve no one to prove a thing to.
So here is it plain and simple. If you want to support me, thank you, and I lvoe it. If you don't and just want to be negative, then all that does is fire me up more and prove your own insecturities. YOU WILL NOT STOP ME.


Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22nd 2010

Did bi's and calves this morning. Really killed bi's. Decided to split bi's and tri's to see how it works for me. Then went back tonight and did a great back workout. Of course an hour of cardio with each session. Man am I feeling it right now.LOL Really settling into a routine. I get there, know what I want to do, and get it done.
Instead of posting much about training, I want to use this time to thank two awesome women. I ahve so much help from people and they know who they are. Tonight I want to single out these two:

Belinda Ann Hope. Belinda has been tehre for me from day one. Anytime I ahve a question she has an answer. Always encouraging. Never ends a message to me without saying she is proud. That means so much to me. Belinda is someone I respect so much and her constant encouragement is something I am very grateful for. It is women like Belinda that make me happy I have my other blog with the interviews to promote women in fitness.

Lizzy Ostro. I have not know Lizzy as long as Belinda. But I know Lizzy enough to know she is special. Lizzy has offered any help I need, and I will take her up on it when needed. Lizzy competes in Bikini, and has an obvious love for fitness. She said something things the other night that touched me. One was that she called me inspiring and said I inspire her. Do you ahve any idea how that feels for someone so new to training to hear that from a great competitor? Lizzy is awesome and like Belinda, makes me happy I ahve the other blog.

Two amazing and beautiful women who I am so honored and happy to know. Makes me work harder and I am so thankful for them.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20th 2010

Well let's see. Today I did arms. Man did I do arms. I was in a zone and simply couldn't stop. Probably did 5 exercises for both biceps and triceps and lifted as heavy as possible. It was great. Except for the idiot who tried to talk to me as I was in the middle of doing skull crushers. After I was done, I went to the bathroom. As I was wiping the sweat off my head I could feel a real pump in my bicep. That is to me the greatest feeling in the world. I really feel my arms grow at a much faster rate then the rest of me. I don't train them any more than any other bodypart, contrary to what some people believe.
Since Sunday is my off day, I took some time on my drive home to just refelct on my week. This was without a doubt the best week of training I have ever had. Never worked harder, and never enjoyed it more. I really feel I ahve found something I am good at. Just wish I had started it earlier in life. I am not foolish. I know I ahve a good deal of weight to lose, and am years from competing. But I know for sure I will do it one day.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18th 2010

OK, this one will not be very long because I am exhausted. I killed legs today. I had J.T. today and he says my legs are my strongest bodypart right now, so he wanted to test them. He tested them. My goal was to add 2 plates on my leg press and get it to 16 total plates. BUt my gout is back in my foot, and I just couldnt do it. Next week for sure. Got my cheat meal tonight, which was so much appreciated.

Tomorrow is shoulders and I cant wait. Ready to switch my shoulder routine up a bit. Most parts I change it up a lot, but shoulders I found a routien I really like and have stuck with it. So I will change it up tomorrow.

One last thing before I go. Guys, please, when a woman is inthe gym training, not matter how attractive she may be, please let her train, dont hit on her or interupt her. There are women who are there to be seen and flirt, stick to them. When the ones who are lifting, or working hard are there, LET THEM TRAIN.


"pain is temporary,
But pride is forever"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17th 2010

Has it been that long since I posted? Wow!!! Things have been busy, but I will try not to let it go so long again.

First as far as training. Been good. As I have mentioned I am doing two one hour cardio sessions just till the Arnold so I don't look to out of shape. Today I did chest and KILLED it. Never did so much for chest in one day. It is definitely my weak point and have to fix that. I am falling in love with the pec deck. Tomorrow will be legs with J.T.. Legs are what I hated at first, now I love them. I am starting to see many veins popping up which is so cool. Always wanted that. However doubt is creeping in. I want to compete, but can I? I see people who have trained years and are in no way have the physique to compete. Can I do it? I am not as sure as I was. I wont give up though.

With the Phoenix Pro coming up I want to be sure to wish a good luck to three people who have been very good to me. In bodybuilding Jeannie Paparone and Colette Nelson. Both women have been good to me. Jeannie with tips and advice and Colette in sending me some stuff and allowing me the honor of promoting some things she has in the works. Both are sweet women who if you don't know bodybuilding it doesn't matter, you will like them anyway. Jeannie has never gotten the credit she deserves. She has one of the best physiques in the sport and deserves to get more respect. Colette is one of the most popular women in the sport. Get to know her and you will like her even more. Also in Figure Ann Titone. Ann has gone above and beyond to help me and I owe her. She is one of the best at what she does and I am honored to get help from her. This is not to discredit the others competing, just got to root for those who ahve helped me. Many others have helped, but these are the three doing the Phoenix Pro. Can not wait for the Arnold. Decided to go for one or two days. Got my new camera and am going to take lots of pictures. Again so many people who ahve helped me along teh way that I cant wait to meet. There are lots of them, and tehre are a couple who have extra special meaning to em for things that have done. Above all is Danny J Johnson. Danny does so much and I am so excited to fianlly meet her. Also Ann and Jeannie, Soumaya Wilmore, Mascha Tieken, Allison Moyer, Ali Dies, Kortney "KO" Olson, Trish Houston, and many more. Please forgive me if I didnt mentioned you, it isnt to slight you, just those are the names of some who have really encouraged me to go to the Arnold. Because believe me, there are several more of you I cant wait to finally meet.


"If it was easy
Then everyone could do it.
But if it was impossible,
Then no one could do it"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13th 2010

O.K, it has been a few days, so let me apologize for that. So let's catch up, shall we?
Let's start with Thursday. As mentioned I have a friend who wants a little help with training. Her name is Cat. As we all know, I am no trainer, but I learn from the best, and as one person said, "you have learned and gained wisdom, and it is good that you want to pass it on". So Thursday was legs. Did my normal leg routine, and even got my leg press up to 630lbs. Again, not a huge amount, but not bad for someone ho made out at 480 two weeks ago. You know I was killing it when my legs are still sore today. Cat did all my leg workout, and held up VERY well. I did get a laugh out of her telling me the next day how sore her legs were. We have all been through and experienced that. But I told her, it means she worked them and should be proud.
Friday was an interesting one. The goal was to train chest with J.T., then go pick Cat up and have her do shoulders with me. Did my chest with J.T. and at some point hurt my back. So I got Cat but only did part of my shoulder routine because my back couldn't handle it. Same with cardio, but it was still fun to work with her as she did the whole routine. I did manage to do calves with her, and you can tell she has dancer legs, because she lifted some real good weight on the seated and standing calf raise machines.
Today was going to just be cardio. Then I decided to take the day off because my back was hurting bad. But then I thought about some things. I have goals, and NOTHING will stop them. So since Saturday is normally just cardio, I decided to hit my shoulders to make up for yesterday. Back was and is sore, but my pain tolerance is very high due to living my whole life in pain in my hip.
Now for my thoughts on something. It becomes more and more clear to me how much some people want to sound smart and more educated then others. I see some women on Facebook with amazing physiques, great figures, and incredible bodies. Work their ass off and know what they are doing. So why do a lot of guys have to try and seem cool and without it being asked for, try and impart their wisdom, saying how to train, more of this, less of this. Listen people, nothing works the same for two people. I am new, and I know this, so why dont others who ahve been doing this way longer. Dont get me wrong, I am glad guys do it, because then it gives me and the person they say it to something to laugh about and make fun of. The other day, I saw a guy who was clerly fairly new to training actually leave a comment on a Facebook post by an IFBB Figure Pro. She was talking about her sore legs. He commented telling her "if your legs are sore, maybe you shouldnt work your legs so much". FIrst, sore legs are the best. Second, ummm, so she should train them less and not look her best. And third, dude, she is a Pro, with years and years of experience, there is nothing you can teach her, so shut up, and let her enjoy her sore legs. But this is not the only way it happens. There are also guys with years of experience who try and preach their knowledge onto women who are newer. Hey, advice is great and appreciated. But see if it is asked for first. I was about ready to quite a month ago because of how many people were giving me advice and telling me how to do things. All you are doing is confusing the person. Now look at me. I have narrowed my advice down to J.T., and three others, and now not only will I never quit, but I am making amazing strides. So advice is fine,but carefull how and who you are giving it to.


"If you aren't the lead wolf in the pack
Then your view never changes"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10th 2010

Oh boy what a day. Only did the one cardio session today. Just could not wake up for the first one. Not happy about it, but cant dwell. Killed my shoulders today though, that's for sure. Got to train with J.T., my trainer today. I love when I am with him because he pushes me, and totally believes in me. He knows what I am capable of. When I say I can't lift a certain weight for one more rep, he says "yes you can", and he is always right. I totally credit him for the personal records I seem to set almost daily. I think it helps because he was what I am. Five years ago he was overweight, decided to get in the gym to get in shape. Five years alter he competes and is a certified trainer. So he knows exactly what I am going through, and what my goals are. That is why I paid for the extra sessions with him. Going to need to start taking donations so when they are up, I can afford more.
I am very excited about something I found out I get to do tonight. I have a friend moving to another country soon. She is looking to lose some weight and things. So I contacted a friend I trust totally to help em out a little and with that help I am putting together a diet for her, and using all me free guest passes and will be taking her to the gym during my first session of the day and helping her with a training routine and working with her. Obviously I am no trainer, but I have been taught by the best and know enough to put something together. It will be good for me to. After hearing from more than one person that I should start studying and look into one day being a trainer, this will be a good chance to see if it is something I enjoy and can do. So this is something I am VERY excited about. Plus anytime I don't know something I know who I can fall back on for help. Obviously better to do it with my first session because that's not the one I kill it on, so it means I can focus on her more. I know sometimes you worry the person wont stick to it, but I have known her long enough to know she is a fighter, and will be good at it. Like several women who get into training she has been heavily involved in dance, so I think that gives her a little advantage over a beginner.
Several people have said they are happy I will be at the Arnold for at least the one day. So excited to meet some of my favorites and people I look up to there. Need to get me a camera though because I plan to get pictures with each one of them.LOL


"you've bent me, you've broke me
you've beat me, you've dogged me
you've doubted me, you've ctritisized me
you've laughed at me, you've hurt me
you've even made me cry
but through it all one thing has stayed the same
............. I AM STILL RIGHT HERE"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9th 2010

OK, sorry it has been a few days. Really had nothing to report Sunday as it was my off day, and yesterday was kind of crazy. Monday was arms.
Today was back, and I killed it. I made a decision. After enough people saying I needed to, I will be attending the Arnold, at least one day of it. However, it is crucial for me to not look like I don't belong. So I am upping my cardio BIG TIME. One hour in the morning on an empty stomach, and then another hour after weights at night. Please don't tell me it is too much. The people that matter support it. Just like a competitor getting ready for a show. After the Arnold, I will go back to normal. Yes it will probably cause some muscle loss, but it is just for about a month. I will not be talked out of this, so don't bother trying.
I want to thank someone. I do not want to say her name, in case she doesn't want me to. In the past she stood by me when some lies were spread. The last two days she has talked with me on the phone. SHe encouraged me that the cardio plan is o.k., and encouraged me in other areas. SHe helped me take some pride in myself. She is a sepcial person and I am honored to know her. She has also given me advice before. Quite honestly, the world needs more people like her. So is a competitor and a personal trainer, and I am very happy to ahve her in my corner. And she ahs encouraged me to maybe start studying and one day be a trainer myself. SHe has helped me realize I know more than I and others think I do.
My training is going good. Weigh in was last night. Only lost 1.2lbs for the week, but I am confident. Setting a goal of 5lbs for this coming week. I know I will do it


Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6th 2010

Saturday equals light day. Just did glutes, calves and cardio. Really happy with my calve work. Got my standing calf raise personal best even higher. Just did the bike for cardio today. After I was done and getting ready to leave, one of the gym employee's said "man, you sweat". LOL. Yes, I do, but I like it. Means I am working hard.
Sarah, yelled at me for doing cardio on leg day Thursday. Not yelled, just told me not to. She is right. For those who do not know who Sarah is, she is my leader. Her name is Sarah Kinney. A beautiful new figure competitor in California. No one in this world makes me feel as good about myself as her. When I achieve a new personal best or have a great workout, she always gets a text, and always sends one back with a congratulation or word of encouragement. I have learned so much from her. I am a male and she is a female, and I am a few years older than her, yet I ahve no problem taking workout advice from her and looking up to her. If there is something I dont understand or dont know, I know I can always go to her. Dont get me wrong, I ahve so many wonderful pople behind me, including a couple who I tell all the time how much there help means. But Sarah has done so much. She calls when I need it, texts when I need it, emails, whatever. I previosuly stated WHEN I compete on stage I want to do it and make my grandfather proud. Well, just as important is to make Sarah proud. I told her, I will fly her in and pay for everything just because I will want her in the crowd. Even more, the day or two before I know I will need her with me every second. I dont care, as previosuly stated, what palce I would be in. Last is fine for me. As long as after it is over she can say " I am proud of you", that will make it all worth it.
Sarah, not in a creppy way, but I love you. Love you for waht you ahve done for me, the way you boost me up, the way you make me feel I can do this..... I should say, feel I WILL do this. I only hope someday, I can find a way to repay you.


"Tell me what its like to be half a man
It must break your heart to see where I am
But thats the breaks kid
Thats the breaks little man"

Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5th 2010

Best day ever today. OK, not really, but it rocked. Last week I leg pressed 480, to day, 600. Last week squat machine was 460 today, 600. Not a ton, but an obvious improvement. Really a sense of accomplishment. So blasted legs today, and leg day usually means no cardio, but I was so happy I did my cardio to. I know it isn't all about the weight, but the form. Better to do a few good ones than a lot of bad ones. But really my form is where it needs to be.
I had to laugh today. There is this one woman who trains at the gym. She does not compete, but could compete in bodybuilding, and I think she could do well. Very big. She is also very beautiful. She always wears the show off the arms shirts, which is fine, you got it, show it. But these two guys today were all over her. Me and one of the trainers at the gym were watching and it was funny. They kept following her, and she kept loving the attention. We were trying to decide what was more funny. Them kissing her ass, or her loving the attention. She was flexing and what not, and they were drooling. Just funny to watch.


"the candle on the cake is yours so take it
Make another wish, its sure to come true
Isn't that the way you do it
Tell me I can do it to"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4th 2010

Well today was fun. Wasn't feeling well, so waited and waited to go to the gym. Finally about 8pm I went. It was empty. I loved it. No waiting for equipment. Going to go that late more often. Did back. Probably more than I should have, but it was so empty and so easy to use stuff, I couldn't help it. Then did some glutes and calves. I really am enjoying calves, and think it is becoming obvious. They are becoming my best part so far. At one point someone even asked me about proper form. Not bad for being so new.LOL. Then came the big test. As previously stated, due to my hip, the exercise bike has been best for me. I was feeling good and decided to see how my hip would hold up against the stepmill. It held up. As Sarah (my leader) said, gives me more options.
This week more than any other, is the week where I really feel I can do this. I set a goal last night. My grandfather is 88. If my sister ever reads this she might take offense or not like it, but it is the way I feel. I think of his four grandchildren, I am his favorite. Just my opinion. Because of some things he has said to me. However of the four, I have for sure, done the least with my life. It is my goal to be on stage, even just once, while he is still here. So he can sit there and watch and be proud, and I can say "I did that, I accomplished that". Sure, there are others I want to be proud. Family, Sarah, and so many others who have helped and guided and inspired me. I cant name names because there are so so many. That's why I always say, I have the best support system a person can have. And of course J.T., my trainer here. He is great and I can tell he really is pushing for me.
So that is my goal. It is a challenge, but I accept the challenege, and I will win.


"I am stronger than they think
They can push me to the brink again
But now I know I'll win
Win in the end
I'm gonna win in the end"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3rd 2010

Well, despite my shoulder hurting I went to town on bi's and tri's today. Today was a day I had J.T. (my trainer) so he made sure I didn't over do it and risk further hurting my shoulder. I started with tri's doing tricep extensions, then doing them with the rope, followed by skull crushers. Then did bi's doing reverse curls, followed by barbell curls, then alternate dumbbell curls. I prefer usually to do 4 exercises and 3 sets, but for today the ones I was doing were not hurting my shoulder so I did 4 sets of three exercises. Then I did a half hour of cardio. Due to my hip problem the only cardio I am comfortable with is the exercise bike, but I push it like crazy. I for sure notice my arms are going to be my strength.
As I was coming home I did my normal Facebook post, and someone I really admire commented that I inspire them. I don't know that I inspire anyone, but when competitors tell me that, and a couple have, I cant tell you how that makes me feel. When the people that inspire you tell you that you inspire them, there is no greater feeling.
I do not expect many people to ever read this, as evident by having two followers and no comments at this point. But really, I don't care. Because in a few years when I do compete, I want to look back at these posts, and see where I cam from. There are so many times I still feel I don't belong. Kind of like your first day at a new job. You want to fit in and want people to like you, but are afraid to be the one to make first contact. People do talk to me at the gym, but I still cant make that first contact. So many of them have obviously been at it a long time. Some of them have that "I am better than you" look to them. They forget they had to start out one day to. Then I read posts on Facebook and things about how hard someone trained that day, and I am thinking "that's what I want to do", then I realize....... That is what I do.
Finally, I read a comment on someones Facebook photo last night. The photo was of the woman doing some leg work. One of the comments was from a woman saying "Don't you love when guys get on after you and have to take weight off, cause they cant do as much as you. Then they get to feel stupid." That is the wrong attitude. You can out lift a guy, great, that is awesome. I commend that. But don't forget, you have been at it a long time. This goes for guys to. You have been doing it longer. Those kinds of negative comments are what makes people afraid to go to the gym. Don't look down on someone just because you can lift heavier then them. They are there trying, and that's what counts. You were new once, and everyone was out lifting you then. All this talk about the gym being a brother/sisterhood, and it is. But comments like that, are not something you say to a brother or sister. How would you feel if you were doing, say leg press, doing a whole bunch of plates, and so happy when you were done, then someone else, regardless of gender got on and added 4 more and bragged to you about it? That is their moment of pride, don't ruin it by saying you are better. I feel I have been welcomed into the community, and am honored by that. But just because of my blog doing the interviews, or who my friends are, doesn't mean I deserve it anymore than anyone else. Everyone who tries deserves respect, and when you make snide comments about someones lifts or size or shape, that isn't showing respect. Just something to think about.


"I'll never long for what might have been,
Regret wont waste my life again
I wont look back
I'll fight to remain"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2nd 2010

OK, enough asked for it, so here it is. This will be my blog that I will try and update daily about my journey. A little background. Most of you will know me from my www.promotingwomen.blogspot.com blog which features my interviews with women in Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, and MMA. Most of you will also know me from Facebook. But here you can follow me and learn more.

Some of you know my story. I was born with a disease called leg perthies. In short, is is a degenerative hip condition. Pretty much my hip hurts 24/7. When I was very young I had to wear a brace on my legs that kept them very far apart. Quite honestly, my hip should be replaced at this point in my life. Most of you know what I am doing. I am overweight. Have been a long time. I am going to prove I can not only lose the weight, but I am gonna prove someone with my disability can defy odds and compete in a bodybuilding competition. I say 4-5 years, others said I can do it in 3, and some, including my trainer, say I can do it in 2. Listen, I don't know how long it will take, but it will happen. I guarantee it. I have the best support system that anyone can have. Trough Facebook and my interviews I have meet some amazing people who inspire me and educate me and teach me. I don't want to name names because I will forget one and then worry I hurt someones feelings. But you all know who you are. I will do it because I want to do it. I want it and nothing is going to stop me.

Let me tell you why bodybuilding. Ever since I was young I though muscular people were...... I guess cool. I thought the guys with huge arms were the coolest looking people. When I was very very young I used to unravel rolls of toilet paper and shove them in the sleeves of my shirt and pretend I was all jacked up. Then I got older and saw Cory Everson and her bodyshapping show on ESPN and realized how beautiful muscular women are. My fascination grew. But two things kept me from ever training. One, my hip, and two, I just felt embarrassed. It felt weird to me. It felt weird to say I want to bodybuild and want to be as muscular as I can. So instead I went from being a super active child to an out of shape lazy person. I hate how I look. Well, no more. I have been losing body fat, and adding good quality muscle. I love the compliments I get. I know I am doing good. I have a great trainer once a week and he helps me learn the things i need to learn. Then I have so many others who help me with what I need. I am not a patient person. I am not a study type person. I hate to sit and read and learn. But I know I must. I don't want to read and things, I just want to do things. It is going to be a long journey, but a journey I accept and am ready for. People are bigger, stronger, and faster, than me, but will not outwork me.

I am not only doing this for me. I am doing this to prove that anyone can do this. If I can, then you can. I am doing this for each person who has giving me even one piece of advice. I am doing it to make them proud. When I do step on stage, I want each of those people to say "I am proud of you". Most people compete to try and win. For me, the win will be the day I am on stage. I don't care what place I finish. Winning will be competing. Some things really touch me. Several people from other states have said they will come watch me when that day happens. That is so cool to me. Also, I have been told by many people I inspire them. Do you know what that means? Now I tell people they inspire me, but they are mostly competitors, and a competitor should inspire someone looking to compete one day. But I have had competitors tell me I inspire them. That is something that I have trouble believing, and still when people say it, I think it is just them being motivating. I don't see how I can possibly inspire anyone. But in case just one of them is being honest, I feel I have to work extra hard to earn such a compliment. I am going to do this for each person who has said that, for each person who has helped me, for each person who feels that cant do something, for each person who has been told they cant do something, and for myself.

So what will this blog be? I will try and update it daily with what I did in training, or my feelings, things like that. People have said add photos. Well many of you have seen my arm photos on Facebook. Sorry, but for now, that's it. I still have a good amount of body fat to lose. When that happens, then we can talk about photos. I am will update m weight each week on Mondays. Right now it is at 270. So you can see I have work to do, but trust me It was much higher. I ask just a few things of you.
1. Anyone in Ohio or a surrounding state who wouldn't mind helping out a guy who is currently not working and taking pity and working a day or so a week with me, let me know. I have a trainer but once a week, and cant afford anymore. (ok that was pur shelfishness, but cant hurt to mention it LOL)
2. If I slip up, hold me accountable, get on my ass. Hold me accountable and elt me know it isnt acceptable.
3. I am all for advice. If you ahve it, offer it, but dont be offended if I dont use it. The same thing doesnt work for everyone, and maybe someone else's advice is better for me.
4. Understand that while new, I am not naive. I am offered help and advice by some great people, both pro and amateur. I know a good deal more than you think.
5. Understand I have bouts where I get depressed. If i have one of these where I seem like I am giving up, dont worry, it will pass. I will never give up.
6. Dont give up on me. It is because of so many of you that I can do this. I will need that support and encouragement. YOu stick with me, and I promise that one day I will achieve my dream.


"On this day, it's so real to me
Everything has come to life
Another Chance to chase a dream
Another Chance to feel alive"