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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10th 2010

Oh boy what a day. Only did the one cardio session today. Just could not wake up for the first one. Not happy about it, but cant dwell. Killed my shoulders today though, that's for sure. Got to train with J.T., my trainer today. I love when I am with him because he pushes me, and totally believes in me. He knows what I am capable of. When I say I can't lift a certain weight for one more rep, he says "yes you can", and he is always right. I totally credit him for the personal records I seem to set almost daily. I think it helps because he was what I am. Five years ago he was overweight, decided to get in the gym to get in shape. Five years alter he competes and is a certified trainer. So he knows exactly what I am going through, and what my goals are. That is why I paid for the extra sessions with him. Going to need to start taking donations so when they are up, I can afford more.
I am very excited about something I found out I get to do tonight. I have a friend moving to another country soon. She is looking to lose some weight and things. So I contacted a friend I trust totally to help em out a little and with that help I am putting together a diet for her, and using all me free guest passes and will be taking her to the gym during my first session of the day and helping her with a training routine and working with her. Obviously I am no trainer, but I have been taught by the best and know enough to put something together. It will be good for me to. After hearing from more than one person that I should start studying and look into one day being a trainer, this will be a good chance to see if it is something I enjoy and can do. So this is something I am VERY excited about. Plus anytime I don't know something I know who I can fall back on for help. Obviously better to do it with my first session because that's not the one I kill it on, so it means I can focus on her more. I know sometimes you worry the person wont stick to it, but I have known her long enough to know she is a fighter, and will be good at it. Like several women who get into training she has been heavily involved in dance, so I think that gives her a little advantage over a beginner.
Several people have said they are happy I will be at the Arnold for at least the one day. So excited to meet some of my favorites and people I look up to there. Need to get me a camera though because I plan to get pictures with each one of them.LOL


"you've bent me, you've broke me
you've beat me, you've dogged me
you've doubted me, you've ctritisized me
you've laughed at me, you've hurt me
you've even made me cry
but through it all one thing has stayed the same
............. I AM STILL RIGHT HERE"


  1. Hey Jason, catching up with your blog and enjoying it!!! I'm excited for all the new opportunities coming your way!!! Keep hammering away, the best is yet to come!!!

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  3. Thanks Tonia. It means the world to me. You are an inspiration and it helps me do what I am doing