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Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13th 2010

O.K, it has been a few days, so let me apologize for that. So let's catch up, shall we?
Let's start with Thursday. As mentioned I have a friend who wants a little help with training. Her name is Cat. As we all know, I am no trainer, but I learn from the best, and as one person said, "you have learned and gained wisdom, and it is good that you want to pass it on". So Thursday was legs. Did my normal leg routine, and even got my leg press up to 630lbs. Again, not a huge amount, but not bad for someone ho made out at 480 two weeks ago. You know I was killing it when my legs are still sore today. Cat did all my leg workout, and held up VERY well. I did get a laugh out of her telling me the next day how sore her legs were. We have all been through and experienced that. But I told her, it means she worked them and should be proud.
Friday was an interesting one. The goal was to train chest with J.T., then go pick Cat up and have her do shoulders with me. Did my chest with J.T. and at some point hurt my back. So I got Cat but only did part of my shoulder routine because my back couldn't handle it. Same with cardio, but it was still fun to work with her as she did the whole routine. I did manage to do calves with her, and you can tell she has dancer legs, because she lifted some real good weight on the seated and standing calf raise machines.
Today was going to just be cardio. Then I decided to take the day off because my back was hurting bad. But then I thought about some things. I have goals, and NOTHING will stop them. So since Saturday is normally just cardio, I decided to hit my shoulders to make up for yesterday. Back was and is sore, but my pain tolerance is very high due to living my whole life in pain in my hip.
Now for my thoughts on something. It becomes more and more clear to me how much some people want to sound smart and more educated then others. I see some women on Facebook with amazing physiques, great figures, and incredible bodies. Work their ass off and know what they are doing. So why do a lot of guys have to try and seem cool and without it being asked for, try and impart their wisdom, saying how to train, more of this, less of this. Listen people, nothing works the same for two people. I am new, and I know this, so why dont others who ahve been doing this way longer. Dont get me wrong, I am glad guys do it, because then it gives me and the person they say it to something to laugh about and make fun of. The other day, I saw a guy who was clerly fairly new to training actually leave a comment on a Facebook post by an IFBB Figure Pro. She was talking about her sore legs. He commented telling her "if your legs are sore, maybe you shouldnt work your legs so much". FIrst, sore legs are the best. Second, ummm, so she should train them less and not look her best. And third, dude, she is a Pro, with years and years of experience, there is nothing you can teach her, so shut up, and let her enjoy her sore legs. But this is not the only way it happens. There are also guys with years of experience who try and preach their knowledge onto women who are newer. Hey, advice is great and appreciated. But see if it is asked for first. I was about ready to quite a month ago because of how many people were giving me advice and telling me how to do things. All you are doing is confusing the person. Now look at me. I have narrowed my advice down to J.T., and three others, and now not only will I never quit, but I am making amazing strides. So advice is fine,but carefull how and who you are giving it to.


"If you aren't the lead wolf in the pack
Then your view never changes"

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