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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17th 2010

Has it been that long since I posted? Wow!!! Things have been busy, but I will try not to let it go so long again.

First as far as training. Been good. As I have mentioned I am doing two one hour cardio sessions just till the Arnold so I don't look to out of shape. Today I did chest and KILLED it. Never did so much for chest in one day. It is definitely my weak point and have to fix that. I am falling in love with the pec deck. Tomorrow will be legs with J.T.. Legs are what I hated at first, now I love them. I am starting to see many veins popping up which is so cool. Always wanted that. However doubt is creeping in. I want to compete, but can I? I see people who have trained years and are in no way have the physique to compete. Can I do it? I am not as sure as I was. I wont give up though.

With the Phoenix Pro coming up I want to be sure to wish a good luck to three people who have been very good to me. In bodybuilding Jeannie Paparone and Colette Nelson. Both women have been good to me. Jeannie with tips and advice and Colette in sending me some stuff and allowing me the honor of promoting some things she has in the works. Both are sweet women who if you don't know bodybuilding it doesn't matter, you will like them anyway. Jeannie has never gotten the credit she deserves. She has one of the best physiques in the sport and deserves to get more respect. Colette is one of the most popular women in the sport. Get to know her and you will like her even more. Also in Figure Ann Titone. Ann has gone above and beyond to help me and I owe her. She is one of the best at what she does and I am honored to get help from her. This is not to discredit the others competing, just got to root for those who ahve helped me. Many others have helped, but these are the three doing the Phoenix Pro. Can not wait for the Arnold. Decided to go for one or two days. Got my new camera and am going to take lots of pictures. Again so many people who ahve helped me along teh way that I cant wait to meet. There are lots of them, and tehre are a couple who have extra special meaning to em for things that have done. Above all is Danny J Johnson. Danny does so much and I am so excited to fianlly meet her. Also Ann and Jeannie, Soumaya Wilmore, Mascha Tieken, Allison Moyer, Ali Dies, Kortney "KO" Olson, Trish Houston, and many more. Please forgive me if I didnt mentioned you, it isnt to slight you, just those are the names of some who have really encouraged me to go to the Arnold. Because believe me, there are several more of you I cant wait to finally meet.


"If it was easy
Then everyone could do it.
But if it was impossible,
Then no one could do it"

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