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Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18th 2010

OK, this one will not be very long because I am exhausted. I killed legs today. I had J.T. today and he says my legs are my strongest bodypart right now, so he wanted to test them. He tested them. My goal was to add 2 plates on my leg press and get it to 16 total plates. BUt my gout is back in my foot, and I just couldnt do it. Next week for sure. Got my cheat meal tonight, which was so much appreciated.

Tomorrow is shoulders and I cant wait. Ready to switch my shoulder routine up a bit. Most parts I change it up a lot, but shoulders I found a routien I really like and have stuck with it. So I will change it up tomorrow.

One last thing before I go. Guys, please, when a woman is inthe gym training, not matter how attractive she may be, please let her train, dont hit on her or interupt her. There are women who are there to be seen and flirt, stick to them. When the ones who are lifting, or working hard are there, LET THEM TRAIN.


"pain is temporary,
But pride is forever"

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  1. i see those "hit on me" women at the gym all the time.. I still haven't really figured out the whole wearing make up to train thing.. i mean ... even if i'm there between shifts and have make up on i wash some of it off.. i can't even stand mascara on... it drives me batty...? I dont get it your suppose to be there to sweat, stink, and make yourself feel good. I never get hit on.. haha.. I mean some have started conversations with me.. because they seen me doing a crossfit work out, or thought i needed help taking weight off the squat rack (that i was actually squatting to their surprise).. but no one ever hit on me.. I probably give off the "i'm a carpet muncher" vibe *laughing*

    I just dont get it... :( bothers me sometimes... when i see it..

    a friend of mine said women in the "weight area" of the gym is a distraction.. and i said "no the ones with the fake boobs hanging out and all the make up on with the "fuck me " look on their face are the destructions...." it shut him up pretty quick haha.. PLUS i told him when he can squat more then me then he can talk about destructions haha...

    another great quote that i've kinda adopted as my motto is
    "find your weakness, and make it your bitch"