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Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22nd 2010

Did bi's and calves this morning. Really killed bi's. Decided to split bi's and tri's to see how it works for me. Then went back tonight and did a great back workout. Of course an hour of cardio with each session. Man am I feeling it right now.LOL Really settling into a routine. I get there, know what I want to do, and get it done.
Instead of posting much about training, I want to use this time to thank two awesome women. I ahve so much help from people and they know who they are. Tonight I want to single out these two:

Belinda Ann Hope. Belinda has been tehre for me from day one. Anytime I ahve a question she has an answer. Always encouraging. Never ends a message to me without saying she is proud. That means so much to me. Belinda is someone I respect so much and her constant encouragement is something I am very grateful for. It is women like Belinda that make me happy I have my other blog with the interviews to promote women in fitness.

Lizzy Ostro. I have not know Lizzy as long as Belinda. But I know Lizzy enough to know she is special. Lizzy has offered any help I need, and I will take her up on it when needed. Lizzy competes in Bikini, and has an obvious love for fitness. She said something things the other night that touched me. One was that she called me inspiring and said I inspire her. Do you ahve any idea how that feels for someone so new to training to hear that from a great competitor? Lizzy is awesome and like Belinda, makes me happy I ahve the other blog.

Two amazing and beautiful women who I am so honored and happy to know. Makes me work harder and I am so thankful for them.


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