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Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25th 2010

Not going to post about workouts today. Going to post about an issue. I bust my ass six days a week twice a day. I had more than one competitor tell me that my workout is harder than theirs. I am sure that is not true, but I do bust my ass. I learn more each day that there are some engative people who for no reason want to try and stop you. I have heard it before and will hear it again. Yesterday it had me on the verge of giving up my competing goals. But I got several comments from several amazing people who lifted me back up, and to each of you, I thank you.
I will not say who this person was, so do not ask. But the one that hurt most, was actually sent to me by an IFBB Pro. Female is all I will say. She said "Please stop posting about your workouts. No one believes you, and all you are doing is insulting those of us who work hard to look like we do." It hurt especially since the women are the ones I try so hard to promote and give attention to.
It got to me, but no more. I will not let it happen again. I am better than that and I ahve no one to prove a thing to.
So here is it plain and simple. If you want to support me, thank you, and I lvoe it. If you don't and just want to be negative, then all that does is fire me up more and prove your own insecturities. YOU WILL NOT STOP ME.


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