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Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27th 2010

OK, now that I am back on track, workouts ahve been kicking ass. Yesterday was great and today was better. My goal was to hit 730lbs on leg press. Well today I did 12 reps of 745lbs. It isn't a ton, but less than three weeks ago I was at 480lbs. So today was quads and chest, as well as one of my two cardios. Still have anotehr cardio to get to tonight.
Several people ahve said not to do each body part twice a week. Well it works for me and I enjoy it. So I am going to keep doing it, so really it is pointless to tell me not to.
Today after the workout a guys walked up and said "Dude, you sweat a lot. Why? You sweat a lot more than me." My response was simply "I work harder than you." I ahve always been a heavy sweater, but now I am pissed if I am not dripping sweat.
OK, when I started my weight was around 290lbs...... A lot. Well actually, I dont know what it was when I started, but in the alst two motnhs it started around 290lbs. Now I am under 270lbs. My goal is 263lbs by the Arnold. So that is about 7lbs by then. I can and will do it.


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