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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2nd 2010

OK, enough asked for it, so here it is. This will be my blog that I will try and update daily about my journey. A little background. Most of you will know me from my www.promotingwomen.blogspot.com blog which features my interviews with women in Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, and MMA. Most of you will also know me from Facebook. But here you can follow me and learn more.

Some of you know my story. I was born with a disease called leg perthies. In short, is is a degenerative hip condition. Pretty much my hip hurts 24/7. When I was very young I had to wear a brace on my legs that kept them very far apart. Quite honestly, my hip should be replaced at this point in my life. Most of you know what I am doing. I am overweight. Have been a long time. I am going to prove I can not only lose the weight, but I am gonna prove someone with my disability can defy odds and compete in a bodybuilding competition. I say 4-5 years, others said I can do it in 3, and some, including my trainer, say I can do it in 2. Listen, I don't know how long it will take, but it will happen. I guarantee it. I have the best support system that anyone can have. Trough Facebook and my interviews I have meet some amazing people who inspire me and educate me and teach me. I don't want to name names because I will forget one and then worry I hurt someones feelings. But you all know who you are. I will do it because I want to do it. I want it and nothing is going to stop me.

Let me tell you why bodybuilding. Ever since I was young I though muscular people were...... I guess cool. I thought the guys with huge arms were the coolest looking people. When I was very very young I used to unravel rolls of toilet paper and shove them in the sleeves of my shirt and pretend I was all jacked up. Then I got older and saw Cory Everson and her bodyshapping show on ESPN and realized how beautiful muscular women are. My fascination grew. But two things kept me from ever training. One, my hip, and two, I just felt embarrassed. It felt weird to me. It felt weird to say I want to bodybuild and want to be as muscular as I can. So instead I went from being a super active child to an out of shape lazy person. I hate how I look. Well, no more. I have been losing body fat, and adding good quality muscle. I love the compliments I get. I know I am doing good. I have a great trainer once a week and he helps me learn the things i need to learn. Then I have so many others who help me with what I need. I am not a patient person. I am not a study type person. I hate to sit and read and learn. But I know I must. I don't want to read and things, I just want to do things. It is going to be a long journey, but a journey I accept and am ready for. People are bigger, stronger, and faster, than me, but will not outwork me.

I am not only doing this for me. I am doing this to prove that anyone can do this. If I can, then you can. I am doing this for each person who has giving me even one piece of advice. I am doing it to make them proud. When I do step on stage, I want each of those people to say "I am proud of you". Most people compete to try and win. For me, the win will be the day I am on stage. I don't care what place I finish. Winning will be competing. Some things really touch me. Several people from other states have said they will come watch me when that day happens. That is so cool to me. Also, I have been told by many people I inspire them. Do you know what that means? Now I tell people they inspire me, but they are mostly competitors, and a competitor should inspire someone looking to compete one day. But I have had competitors tell me I inspire them. That is something that I have trouble believing, and still when people say it, I think it is just them being motivating. I don't see how I can possibly inspire anyone. But in case just one of them is being honest, I feel I have to work extra hard to earn such a compliment. I am going to do this for each person who has said that, for each person who has helped me, for each person who feels that cant do something, for each person who has been told they cant do something, and for myself.

So what will this blog be? I will try and update it daily with what I did in training, or my feelings, things like that. People have said add photos. Well many of you have seen my arm photos on Facebook. Sorry, but for now, that's it. I still have a good amount of body fat to lose. When that happens, then we can talk about photos. I am will update m weight each week on Mondays. Right now it is at 270. So you can see I have work to do, but trust me It was much higher. I ask just a few things of you.
1. Anyone in Ohio or a surrounding state who wouldn't mind helping out a guy who is currently not working and taking pity and working a day or so a week with me, let me know. I have a trainer but once a week, and cant afford anymore. (ok that was pur shelfishness, but cant hurt to mention it LOL)
2. If I slip up, hold me accountable, get on my ass. Hold me accountable and elt me know it isnt acceptable.
3. I am all for advice. If you ahve it, offer it, but dont be offended if I dont use it. The same thing doesnt work for everyone, and maybe someone else's advice is better for me.
4. Understand that while new, I am not naive. I am offered help and advice by some great people, both pro and amateur. I know a good deal more than you think.
5. Understand I have bouts where I get depressed. If i have one of these where I seem like I am giving up, dont worry, it will pass. I will never give up.
6. Dont give up on me. It is because of so many of you that I can do this. I will need that support and encouragement. YOu stick with me, and I promise that one day I will achieve my dream.


"On this day, it's so real to me
Everything has come to life
Another Chance to chase a dream
Another Chance to feel alive"

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