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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3rd 2010

Well, despite my shoulder hurting I went to town on bi's and tri's today. Today was a day I had J.T. (my trainer) so he made sure I didn't over do it and risk further hurting my shoulder. I started with tri's doing tricep extensions, then doing them with the rope, followed by skull crushers. Then did bi's doing reverse curls, followed by barbell curls, then alternate dumbbell curls. I prefer usually to do 4 exercises and 3 sets, but for today the ones I was doing were not hurting my shoulder so I did 4 sets of three exercises. Then I did a half hour of cardio. Due to my hip problem the only cardio I am comfortable with is the exercise bike, but I push it like crazy. I for sure notice my arms are going to be my strength.
As I was coming home I did my normal Facebook post, and someone I really admire commented that I inspire them. I don't know that I inspire anyone, but when competitors tell me that, and a couple have, I cant tell you how that makes me feel. When the people that inspire you tell you that you inspire them, there is no greater feeling.
I do not expect many people to ever read this, as evident by having two followers and no comments at this point. But really, I don't care. Because in a few years when I do compete, I want to look back at these posts, and see where I cam from. There are so many times I still feel I don't belong. Kind of like your first day at a new job. You want to fit in and want people to like you, but are afraid to be the one to make first contact. People do talk to me at the gym, but I still cant make that first contact. So many of them have obviously been at it a long time. Some of them have that "I am better than you" look to them. They forget they had to start out one day to. Then I read posts on Facebook and things about how hard someone trained that day, and I am thinking "that's what I want to do", then I realize....... That is what I do.
Finally, I read a comment on someones Facebook photo last night. The photo was of the woman doing some leg work. One of the comments was from a woman saying "Don't you love when guys get on after you and have to take weight off, cause they cant do as much as you. Then they get to feel stupid." That is the wrong attitude. You can out lift a guy, great, that is awesome. I commend that. But don't forget, you have been at it a long time. This goes for guys to. You have been doing it longer. Those kinds of negative comments are what makes people afraid to go to the gym. Don't look down on someone just because you can lift heavier then them. They are there trying, and that's what counts. You were new once, and everyone was out lifting you then. All this talk about the gym being a brother/sisterhood, and it is. But comments like that, are not something you say to a brother or sister. How would you feel if you were doing, say leg press, doing a whole bunch of plates, and so happy when you were done, then someone else, regardless of gender got on and added 4 more and bragged to you about it? That is their moment of pride, don't ruin it by saying you are better. I feel I have been welcomed into the community, and am honored by that. But just because of my blog doing the interviews, or who my friends are, doesn't mean I deserve it anymore than anyone else. Everyone who tries deserves respect, and when you make snide comments about someones lifts or size or shape, that isn't showing respect. Just something to think about.


"I'll never long for what might have been,
Regret wont waste my life again
I wont look back
I'll fight to remain"

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