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Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4th 2010

Well today was fun. Wasn't feeling well, so waited and waited to go to the gym. Finally about 8pm I went. It was empty. I loved it. No waiting for equipment. Going to go that late more often. Did back. Probably more than I should have, but it was so empty and so easy to use stuff, I couldn't help it. Then did some glutes and calves. I really am enjoying calves, and think it is becoming obvious. They are becoming my best part so far. At one point someone even asked me about proper form. Not bad for being so new.LOL. Then came the big test. As previously stated, due to my hip, the exercise bike has been best for me. I was feeling good and decided to see how my hip would hold up against the stepmill. It held up. As Sarah (my leader) said, gives me more options.
This week more than any other, is the week where I really feel I can do this. I set a goal last night. My grandfather is 88. If my sister ever reads this she might take offense or not like it, but it is the way I feel. I think of his four grandchildren, I am his favorite. Just my opinion. Because of some things he has said to me. However of the four, I have for sure, done the least with my life. It is my goal to be on stage, even just once, while he is still here. So he can sit there and watch and be proud, and I can say "I did that, I accomplished that". Sure, there are others I want to be proud. Family, Sarah, and so many others who have helped and guided and inspired me. I cant name names because there are so so many. That's why I always say, I have the best support system a person can have. And of course J.T., my trainer here. He is great and I can tell he really is pushing for me.
So that is my goal. It is a challenge, but I accept the challenege, and I will win.


"I am stronger than they think
They can push me to the brink again
But now I know I'll win
Win in the end
I'm gonna win in the end"


  1. Great job rockin' out the stairmill J.


  2. Thanks Sarah. One more obstacle overcome