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Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5th 2010

Best day ever today. OK, not really, but it rocked. Last week I leg pressed 480, to day, 600. Last week squat machine was 460 today, 600. Not a ton, but an obvious improvement. Really a sense of accomplishment. So blasted legs today, and leg day usually means no cardio, but I was so happy I did my cardio to. I know it isn't all about the weight, but the form. Better to do a few good ones than a lot of bad ones. But really my form is where it needs to be.
I had to laugh today. There is this one woman who trains at the gym. She does not compete, but could compete in bodybuilding, and I think she could do well. Very big. She is also very beautiful. She always wears the show off the arms shirts, which is fine, you got it, show it. But these two guys today were all over her. Me and one of the trainers at the gym were watching and it was funny. They kept following her, and she kept loving the attention. We were trying to decide what was more funny. Them kissing her ass, or her loving the attention. She was flexing and what not, and they were drooling. Just funny to watch.


"the candle on the cake is yours so take it
Make another wish, its sure to come true
Isn't that the way you do it
Tell me I can do it to"

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