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Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6th 2010

Saturday equals light day. Just did glutes, calves and cardio. Really happy with my calve work. Got my standing calf raise personal best even higher. Just did the bike for cardio today. After I was done and getting ready to leave, one of the gym employee's said "man, you sweat". LOL. Yes, I do, but I like it. Means I am working hard.
Sarah, yelled at me for doing cardio on leg day Thursday. Not yelled, just told me not to. She is right. For those who do not know who Sarah is, she is my leader. Her name is Sarah Kinney. A beautiful new figure competitor in California. No one in this world makes me feel as good about myself as her. When I achieve a new personal best or have a great workout, she always gets a text, and always sends one back with a congratulation or word of encouragement. I have learned so much from her. I am a male and she is a female, and I am a few years older than her, yet I ahve no problem taking workout advice from her and looking up to her. If there is something I dont understand or dont know, I know I can always go to her. Dont get me wrong, I ahve so many wonderful pople behind me, including a couple who I tell all the time how much there help means. But Sarah has done so much. She calls when I need it, texts when I need it, emails, whatever. I previosuly stated WHEN I compete on stage I want to do it and make my grandfather proud. Well, just as important is to make Sarah proud. I told her, I will fly her in and pay for everything just because I will want her in the crowd. Even more, the day or two before I know I will need her with me every second. I dont care, as previosuly stated, what palce I would be in. Last is fine for me. As long as after it is over she can say " I am proud of you", that will make it all worth it.
Sarah, not in a creppy way, but I love you. Love you for waht you ahve done for me, the way you boost me up, the way you make me feel I can do this..... I should say, feel I WILL do this. I only hope someday, I can find a way to repay you.


"Tell me what its like to be half a man
It must break your heart to see where I am
But thats the breaks kid
Thats the breaks little man"


  1. Aww, thanks J!
    Just you getting up on that stage and working your ass off as hard as you can with diet and in the gym and putting smiles on my face while listening to your stories and accomplishments is payment enough.
    Keep it up, you've already made me proud! =D

  2. Thank you Sarah. Glad to hear you are already proud, but I promoise the best is yet to come