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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9th 2010

OK, sorry it has been a few days. Really had nothing to report Sunday as it was my off day, and yesterday was kind of crazy. Monday was arms.
Today was back, and I killed it. I made a decision. After enough people saying I needed to, I will be attending the Arnold, at least one day of it. However, it is crucial for me to not look like I don't belong. So I am upping my cardio BIG TIME. One hour in the morning on an empty stomach, and then another hour after weights at night. Please don't tell me it is too much. The people that matter support it. Just like a competitor getting ready for a show. After the Arnold, I will go back to normal. Yes it will probably cause some muscle loss, but it is just for about a month. I will not be talked out of this, so don't bother trying.
I want to thank someone. I do not want to say her name, in case she doesn't want me to. In the past she stood by me when some lies were spread. The last two days she has talked with me on the phone. SHe encouraged me that the cardio plan is o.k., and encouraged me in other areas. SHe helped me take some pride in myself. She is a sepcial person and I am honored to know her. She has also given me advice before. Quite honestly, the world needs more people like her. So is a competitor and a personal trainer, and I am very happy to ahve her in my corner. And she ahs encouraged me to maybe start studying and one day be a trainer myself. SHe has helped me realize I know more than I and others think I do.
My training is going good. Weigh in was last night. Only lost 1.2lbs for the week, but I am confident. Setting a goal of 5lbs for this coming week. I know I will do it


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