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Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29th 2010

If you know me on Facebook, you know I recently started posting about missing Hope. People have asked who Hope is. Now this on the surface has nothing to do with training, but in a sense it does because someone has taught me recently how big a role outside things can play in training. I often come across as a very open person, but when it comes to personal matters I am actually very much to myself. But people ask, and maybe telling will help me. So who is Hope, and how do I know her? I will tell you but please understand why I must keep some parts out of the story. Some parts just don't need to be talked about.
I enjoy reading true crime books. I probably know more about Ted Bundy and The Zodiac than anyone. One day I was on Amazon looking for some books. Came across a book about 4 teen girls who about 15 or so years ago committed a..... well.... a brutal crime. It was only 1 penny, so I bought it. It arrived and went to the bottom of my stack of unread books. When time came to start a new book for some reason I went to that one ahead of books I had longer. I read it, and felt two of the girls were more guilty than the two others. I found there was a second book written and ordered and read that one. For reasons I can not get into, I came into contact with one oh the girls. Her name is Hope ( I will leave her last name out). She lives in Indiana. She did plead guilty and was since that time released for good behavior. What I found was a woman who was different than the 16 year old girl who was part of that crime. She had a great job, her own home, and lectured to kids to avoid her mistakes. She told me how sorry she was for her role. I truly believe people can change and deserve a second chance. I began seeing on message boards about how people wanted her dead and even threatened to do it. Some had even done some things to make her life miserable. I am very loyal to my friends so I took to defending her on these boards. I received my own death threats. Didn't care though. I was defending my friend. I took comfort that most people who are my friends supported me giving her this second chance and standing by her. I became very close to Hope. We either emailed or talked on the phone daily. Even while dealing with her own issues, she was always concerned about me. When I was battling my depression, even with her problems, I was her main concern. She had by then become very religious. She told me how she felt God purposely from day one meant for us to meet. She was born one day before me. Several things had to happen for us to come into each others life. I found the book on Amazon by accident, so that had to happen, I read the book way before I should have so that had to happen. There were tons of small coincidences that had to happen to bring us together. With only being one day apart in age we began calling ourselves twins from different mothers. I do not condone what she was part of, but also know she was a scared girl at the time who made a mistake and she will deal with it the rest of her life. But I believe people change and deserve another chance, and I kn all the good she does now, some of which I am not going to share because she would want it that way. At one point she had gone to West Virginia and didn't tell me. She was supposed to register and the site said she missed her registration. I was scared to death. Calling her non stop. Eventually we talked and found out she had registered and it was a mistake. Life went on with us talking daily if possible.
Then E! did a special on teens who commit crimes. Hop's story was on there and it disgusted me. So many half truths and I couldn't wait to talk to her about it. But I have not talked to her since it aired. She doesn't email me, doesn't answer the phone and in fact that number is no longer in service. I could call her at work, but it seems clear she is avoiding contact for a reason, so I shouldn't call her work. I don't know what happened. I care so much about her and worry about her. I am missing her like crazy. It dawned on me last night why I miss her so much. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with her I just didn't realize it, and now she appears gone. Worse than the love aspect is just not having her in my life at all. She is such an amazing woman and meant so much to me. All these years I have said I would be alone forever, I finally found the person who was everything I wanted, and I didn't realize it and now she is gone.
Hope if I never see you again, I miss you, I love you, and I will never ever forget you and what you meant to my life. Only you will know what this means, but for apparently the last time I must tell you, 2 for 1 I always got your back.


"Anything worth my love is worth a fight.
We only get one chance
Nothing ties are hands
Your what I want listen to me
Nothing I want is outta my reach"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25th 2010

Well today was fun. Destroyed my shoulders and did my cardio as always. Did a whole lot today. Varied the sets and reps but did shoulder press, front raises, side raises, shrugs, reverse shrugs on the smith machine, and worked on my rear delt's using the reverses on the pec deck. Really like how much improvements I have made on my shoulders.
Best part was my "stalker" wasn't there. I refer to him as "this kid" which means I am getting old because when you refer to a 24 or 25 year old as "kid" it isn't exactly a sign of youth.LOL. This kid walks up to me all the time. I wear my Lakers shirt at the gym a lot. SO the first time he walked up asking about the Lakers, now her often talks about basketball. Sometimes really stupid stuff. The other day he walks up and says "what did you think of the Hawks vs Suns game?" Who cares. Didn't even know the Hawks played the Suns that night. And I don't root for either team so why do I care? He finds other stuff to. I like to lift as heavy as possible. He comes and talks while I am holding heavy weight in the air, sometimes over my head. You don't do that....... ever. I like to think I am pretty friendly, but wait till my workout is over. It is simple gym etiquette. No, I am not a hurry up, lift and leave person, but I still don't want to be interrupted.Last night he even followed me to do my cardio and got on the machine next to me. I cut my cardio short just to get away from him. No matter when I am there, so is he. If I go in the afternoon or night, doesn't matter.
Getting more veins in my arms. LOVE VEINS. They are so cool. Sounds childish to be so excited and if you don't train you don't understand the exciting feeling of getting them, but trust me, it is a great thing. Can't wait till I get the weight down and can get them everywhere besides just the arms. I want the Branch Warren or Kelly Dobbins vasularity
Friday is leg day. Very excited. Hated legs at first because my hip is so bad and leg day hurts and because it just wasn't fun for me. But now I love leg day. When I started at the gym about two months ago I was leg pressing 450-480lbs. Now my high is 760lbs. I was hack squating 300lbs and now at 550lbs, and since I was dared to, I actually did 650 last wek for 12 reps ( couldn't walk afterward, but worth it). Is that a huge ammount? No, of course not, but it is really good improvememnt I think. SO my goal for Friday is 800lbs on leg press. I think part of why I like legs so much now is a great elg workout is such a sense of accomplishment. Especially for me with my hip. I will let you know if I reach my goal.

Tell me I can do it and I will work my best to do it, tell me I cant do it and I guarantee I will do it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22nd 2010

Well this sucks. I promised last Monday, that since I weigh in for Ann on Monday's that I would keep everyone updated each week. First week I do it, what happens? NOTHING. Exactly the same weight as one week ago. BOOOOOOO. What a way to start showing progress. Well it sucks. It feels like I let everyone who has helped me, encouraged me, supported me, and pushed me, down. Now, this is not me giving up at all. I will never do that. I WILL COMPETE ONE DAY. But this feels so crappy. Perhaps it is from having been sick and missing a few days at the gym. But I guess another way to look at it is, I make great gains each week, so the one week there is no improvement it hurts extra bad. But really, does this mean there were no improvements? Not really. I mean I had kick ass workouts the last two days. Monday I blasted biceps, and today I killed it on back. And of course the normal hour cardio each day.
Sunday for bi's I did my normal routine. Dumbells curls, hammer curls, cable curls, reverse barbell curls, regular barbell curls, and preacher's. My back today was great. Lat pull downs, reverse pulldowns, rows, etc.
A couple people have asked about my hip problem, so I guess I can take a few minutes to explain it. It is called Leg Perthies. Basically it is a degenerative hip condition. Basically at this point it needs replaced, but I sure as hell cant afford that. Thankfully, I think the only person reading this who may even come close to remembering is my cousin Lisa. And she probably won't remember. But when I was like 5 years old, I had these braces on my leg, to keep them far apart and I looked like a waddling duck when I walked. It sucked because even in elementary school at recess after lunch all the guys got to play dodge ball, and I was stuck drawing and playing board games with the girls. However once I could, I got to play dodge ball, and I quickly became a good athlete. My legs are actually about an inch different in length. The hip hurts really bad some times. Pain you can't imagine. SO I pretty much have a permanent limp. So leg day hurts at times, back day hurts at times, but it will not stop me.
So that hopefully kind of explains my hip. Now again, back to the first thing I mentioned. I am sorry to those who I may have let down with this lack of gains this week. Mostly those who have been my biggest supporters. Ann T., Danny J., Belinda Ann H., Sarah K., Victoria F. Shirley M., Macey L., Kimberly A. Jenny P., Jeannie P., ShellieP., and others. I let you down, and there is no excuse for it.


"Just when you say I cant,
That's when I know I can"

Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19th 2010

In all honesty, there isn't much to talk about today. It is Friday, and on my schedule, Friday is just cardio day. I weight train 5 days a week, and then an extra day for just cardio. So instead I though I would use this time to talk about two women who are very important to me. As you know, I get help, advice, and other things from several people. But today I want to single out two. Belinda Ann Hope and Shirley Madera.

Belinda Ann Hope: Belinda's work ethic alone is enough to inspire me. But there is more. Whenever I accomplish something in the gym, I can't wait to tell Belinda. I can't wait to tell her because I know she is rooting for me. Belinda always has something to say, things like being proud of me and as she root on the pictures she sent me, that I inspire her. I don't see how I can inspire her, but it means so much when she says it. If you have never seen Belinda, you must. Belinda does Figure, and has one of the most amazing physiques you will see, especially those insane abs. So for someone like her to tell me I inspire her. that is such a great feeling. Belinda is that rare combination of incredible outer beauty that is somehow surpassed by even more incredible inner beauty. I am so happy Belinda is my friend.

Shirley Madera: Really everything I said about Belinda can be applied to Shirley. Shirley is a Bodybuilder who I greatly admire. Every morning she sends me a text with an inspirational quote. I sleep weird hours, so around 2pm when I wake up and immediately check for that text, it gets me up and moving and pumped up to go train. Shirley doesn't have to do this, but she does. Why? Because that's just Shirley.Whether it be a phone call, text, or Facebook message, Shirley is always there to answer my questions. Of all the interviews I have ever conducted, the one question and answer I most loved was actually asked to Shirley's daughter Ariel. The question was "what has been the proudest moment of your life?" The answer said a lot about both Shirley and Ariel. Ariel showed how great a daughter she is and her love for her mother, and said it was watching her mom on stage the first time. That says what I mentioned about Ariel but also says how great a woman Shirley is that her daughters proudest moment was watching her mom on stage that first time.

My point about talking about this, is this. There are amazing people who help me. Ann Titone, Danny J Johnson, Jeannie Paparone, Sarah Kinney, Skye Fisher, Victoria Felkar, Shannon Frederick, and so many others. But today I wanted to single out Belinda and Shirley. If I am half as successful in my bodybuilding goals as they are with their bodybuilding and fitness, I will be happy. If I become half the person these two are as human beings...... I will be ecstatic.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17th 2010

Really not much to report. Been sick for a couple days. Yesterday went to do shoulder's and tri's even though not feeling well. Did shoulders and then just to sick to do anything else. Tried to go back at night to do tri's and cardio, and really couldnt get much in. Hoped to do legs today, and even went there, but puked in the parking lot, adn that was my sign to come home. I hate missing a day because it feels like I am letting myself down. I have goals and dreams and a missed day feels like a setback. Hopefully Thrusday will be better.
I want to address something for hopefully the last time. I got another message from someone today on Facebook. Trying to give me unsolicited advice about how to do this and how to do that. Also saying it is wrong for a guy to take advice from a woman in training because women and men train different. Obvisouly he doesnt know the women I get my help from because they train just as hard, if not harder then men. Who does my diet? IFBB Figure Pro Ann Titone. I have women I go to for advice to, and while there are others, the main help is from Danny J Johnson, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeannie Paparone, Belinda Ann Hope, Sarah Kinney, Victoria Felkar, and of course Ann Titone. There are others, but these are the ones I most often go to. Know why? Because they ahve never done me wrong, and never will. These women do work just as hard as men, are just as knowledgeable as men, and are genuinely good people who want to help. As stated, some are Pros, and the others are all excellent trainers and competitors. Most of all, they are friends I trust. So please do not try and tell me to listen to you when I have them. I don't need the advice I used to need. I am pretty good at this now, and have my routine and my supplements, and my things I do, all set. Some of you may really want to help, and some of you come to em with advice and you are people I regularly talk to, so I do listen to you and will listen. But really, it is the people I never talk to who suddenly want to "advise" me, that I dont need. THere is usually an alterior motive, and I dont need that.

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15th 2010

Cant decide. Am I happy or mad? On the plus side, I weighed in for Ann tonight, and was 269.4lbs. So happy, I am below 270, but made, because I wanted it lower. I am busting my ass and training hard, so the added muscle may be why the weight loss hasnt been as big of late. Because I know my bodyfat percentage is lowering each week. I will keep going, and I will get where I need to be.
Today I did back and bi's. Back was really good. Lat pulldowns becoming a favorite, and of course did several other things. Normally I am not a big cable user, but for back I have realized how important they are. My form is something I know is great, but back seems to be the easiest for me to cheat on my form with, and obviously you dont want to do that. So doing a lot of cables and machines for back. As far as bi's, that still seems to be where I am "growing" the fastest. Getting that feeling when you have shirts that used to be so loose in the sleeves, and now they are getting tighter. As I have said, arms, well, at elast bi's are the one bodypart I don't ever vary my workout at all. Really it is pretty much the same thing. Dumbell curls, hammer curls, reverse barbell curls (nothing burns as much as these), concentrations curls, and preacher curl machine.
Well now I am gonna go admire all my new cool veins in my arms.LOL


Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13th 2010

So so sore. Quads are killing me. BUt in the good way. Yesterday I was able to set my hack aquat record of 550lbs. Like I say with others, not a lot, but not bad for where I was just, well, really, weeks ago. I progress every day, and with the help of my trainer, advice from certain people, and the help from Ann Titone, the progress will continue. Monday is weight in day, and I am a little worried because I do not feel any real loss, but maybe I am wrong. In fact I am usually wrong.LOL
Obviously as mentioned I did legs yesterday. The basics really, at least the basics for me. Hacks, leg press, leg extensions, squats, etc. Need to get some money because my time with J.T. (my trainer) is coming to an end and I need to buy more sessions.
Sorry for such a short one, but big boxing PPV coming on.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ask Herculiza

"I'd like to announce a new weekly feature to my FBB blog, called 'Ask Herculiza'...a question and answer column like 'Dear Abby' but for FBB and sports related issues. Liza 'Herculiza' Reichenberger is a multi-titled pro natural bodybuilder and media fitness personality who specializes on orthopedics. She will be divulging some of her best-kept contest prep secrets, as well as answering general questions concerning sports injuries, diet and nutrition, gym and stage etiquette, you name it! Submit your questions to me, and each week she'll take on 3, answering those most helpful and relevant to my readers. Humor is allowed and encouraged, and don't be embarassed to 'throw it out there!'
If you have questions please send them to me on Facebook or email me at Elway78@netzero.com. This is a great chacne to learn from a very accomplished bodybuilder.

This column will actually take place on my other blog. www.promotingwomen.blogspot.com

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10th 2010

Still feeling my leg workout from yesterday.LOL. Didn't stop me from killing back and bi's today though. Always hated back, but am starting to find a love for it. Did several different exercises for it today, and in each one except lat pulldowns I set new personal bests, so that must mean I am doing better. My arm routine doesn't change much, well at least bicep routine doesn't. Did by dumbell curls, hammer curls, concentrations, reverse barbell curls, and something else, and for some reason I can't think of it (first sign I am getting old).
I have a stalker I think. There is some kid (probably about 24 and another sign of age that I am calling a 24 year old kid) who seems to always be there when I am there. And he keeps trying to talk to me. WHY? I express no interest in coversing with him, and try and quickly end the conversation but he keeps going. Worse is he comes to me while I am in the middle of a set.
I want to address something else. Recently, I am back to having several people try and give me their advice and tell what to do and what not to do, who to listen to and who not to listen to. I DON"T WANT YOUR ADVICE. Last time I ahd people do that, I had enough to the point I almost quit. I have my built in support system of competitors who I can count on to help. For example, IFBB Figure Pro Ann Titone does my deit for me. IFBB PRO people!!!!! She knows what she is doing and I follow her. I give her my weekly weigh ins, and guess what? The weight lowers each week. She has done good for me, and I don't need anyone to tell me differently. I will do whatever she says, and that will never change. I have others I go to for other kinds of help. I have a few main ones, Danny J Johnson, Belinda Ann Hope, and Sarah Kinney being the main ones. Sure there are more, but they are the ones I go to most with my qquestions and they enver do em wrong. Also IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeannie Paparone got me off on the right foot and gave me great training advice. She has been in prep so I haven't bothered her lately, but I know if I need it she will help me, because that is how Jeannie is. Also IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Tonia Moore has answered questions when needed. With her illness though, I would never bother her right now. Yes, tehre are others, and they know who they are, but these are the people I most often go to. So please, don't send me Facebook messages or emails telling me I need to do things or need to not listen to people. I get tons of great encouragement, and I love it, and I know in most cases you think you are just helping, so I am not mad or anything, just please understand I got who I need and I don't need people making things harder or more confusing. Also, I would be ashamed if I did not mention J.T. Wood, my trainer, who has been great for me, and has made a world of difference. He rocks.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9th 2010

Have a lot fo work to do so no time for a long post. Just two things.
1. 765lbs on leg press, for 12 reps........... new personal record.
2. Do I have some sign that says talk to me while lifting heavy weights on or something. Why is this becoming a habit.

March 8th 2010

Yes I know, these psots are not as frequest as I said. Sunday though was recovery day. I was sick, still since Saturday, and needed to just relax. Today I was back at the gym, and hit it HARD. First in the morning, I did glutes, calves, and cardio. Nothing special.
Tonight, I did back and bi's. Great workout. Bi's ahve been and remain my favorite thing to train. Quads are getting there, but it is bi's for now still. The only negative is that as I was doing lat pulldowns, there was a rather smelly man doing cable rows next to me. I have come to the conclusion, that while I do like to switch my routine up, I will always end my bicep workouts with reverse barbell curls. Nothing burns my arms like those, and I love that burn.
Need to come up with some money. My sessions with J.T. are coming to an end, and I need to get more, but have NO MONEY. J.T. is great for me. As I ahve said before, he was once where I was, and is where I want to be. He knows exactly what I need, and exactly how to push me. He asks if I can do more weight, I say of course I can, and he adds more, but when he keeps adding it, and I am not sure I can do a whole set at it, he convinces me I can, and he is always right. Sure I know enough where I dont NEED him, but I like to have him. I think no matter how far and advanced you are, you need a trainer or someone to just push you once in awhile. You might not be learning anything new from him or her, but you can still use that extra push once in awhile.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Arnold Experience

I decided to post about my Arnold Experience on both blogs. This will be all over the map, so if I jump back and forth between stories excuse me. No secret IFBB Figure Pro Ann Titone has taken over my diet. I love Ann, she has been great to me. It was so happy to meet her and her husband Jack. I also got to meet all the other Jacked Up Divas girls, including Allison Moyer, and Ali Dies, who have been so good to me. I met some other people I have met on Facebook, and was so happy to meet in person, like P.J. Braun (my favorite male bodybuilder), Jamie Eason, Tracey Dawn Winters, Heather Colleen Smith,Heather Mae French, heather Grace, Taylor Waldrup Gail Auerbach Drexel Long, Tiffany Forni, Amanda Butz, Sherri Gray,Beth Schneider, Eryn Strickland and so many others. I will not get into all the names, because it will take forever so don't feel left out if I didn't mention you.
I do need to point a few out. First and foremost are Ann Titone and Danny J Johnson. A separate paragraph is needed for each.
BY who I have know longer let's start with Danny J. Danny, is someone who it is widely known I love. Danny has given me so much great advice, and has become a friend, who I can call or text when I need advice. I promote Danny in every contest she does, because she deserves it. Also when I am down, she picks me up. Danny is a thoughtful, caring, and special person, and I am so honored I know her.
Now Ann Titone. Where do I start here. Ann if a Pro. Pro means, the elite. She helps me with my diet, and like Danny, is always there when I need advice. She doesn't have to help me, but she does, and she encourages me. At first, for some reason I was really intimidated to meet Ann for some reason. I think because I have had a fear I annoy her with all my questions, but now I know I don't. Ann deserves all her success.
Some things happened I will never forget. Simply things like hugging Danny, Ann, Ali Dies, Allison Moyer, Eryn Strickland, and others. Meeting PJ Braun was huge for me. Not a secret, mostly I am about helping promote women. But PJ, is the MAN. I think he is great, and he was super nice. The sport needs more P.J. Braun's. Things like when there were lines to meet people and I got to skip the line to meet them. Ali Dies making me feel so special and feel like I was important, I will never forget. Ali is one of the most beautiful women you will ever see, but meeting her in person, her photos do not do her justice. Just simply gorgeous, and inside she is even more beautiful.
Also A big shot out to Jack Titone, Ann's husband. He was really cool, and I was honored to meet him. Lady's if you are a Figure competitor, or want to be one, talk to Jack, no one can get your there better than him. Was happy that he seems interested in writing a monthly column for my blog. Jack is someone I respect so much.
So what is the moral of the story. Well, it is simple. I was so inspired. My goal is to compete in 4-5 years. Now I want it more than ever. I am prepared to make this my life and do whatever I have to, to achieve my goal. People in fitness sometimes get a bad rap. Well let me tell you, if the world had more fitness and bodybuilding competitors in it, it would be a better place. They inspired me so much. I can do this, I want to do this, I will do this. WHY? Because I said so. Because Ann Titone, Danny J Johnson,Jaime Eason, and Ali Dies said I could. There are others, and some that were not there, and except for you Sarah, I don't need to mention them. Sarah Kinney, I must mention for all she has done for me.
Thank you everyone for giving me the best two days of my life.


Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st 2010

Just a few days left of this 2 cardio's a day. Can't wait to be done with it. But I guess it is good practice. Once the Arnold comes, I can stop. As you know, my goal is to not look too out of place, so trying to drop as much weight as I can.
Today I did bi's and calves, and of course...... cardio. For bi's did dumbells curls, hammer curls, reverse barbell curls, concentration curls, and preachers. Needless to say, my arms are DEAD.LOL. But it was fun, and always have the cool veins afterwards.LOL. Then did calves. A few variations of raises.
One thing I am liking is more and more of the other people training are talking to me and "accepting" me. The employees have been already, the trainers at the gym and things, but other people are now. A nice feeling. My guess is they see how hard I am working. I still sometimes feel awkward, but that is happening less and less.
Well, time to get ready. Have to go back to train back, and more fun cardio.