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Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13th 2010

So so sore. Quads are killing me. BUt in the good way. Yesterday I was able to set my hack aquat record of 550lbs. Like I say with others, not a lot, but not bad for where I was just, well, really, weeks ago. I progress every day, and with the help of my trainer, advice from certain people, and the help from Ann Titone, the progress will continue. Monday is weight in day, and I am a little worried because I do not feel any real loss, but maybe I am wrong. In fact I am usually wrong.LOL
Obviously as mentioned I did legs yesterday. The basics really, at least the basics for me. Hacks, leg press, leg extensions, squats, etc. Need to get some money because my time with J.T. (my trainer) is coming to an end and I need to buy more sessions.
Sorry for such a short one, but big boxing PPV coming on.


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  1. yeah i hate when i have to take the "progress" pictures and what not for my sponsors at PDN who are helping me out... seriously I know when is ee all the pics at the end of this i'll be like WOW but its not something i like.. so i hear yeah with the weigh in :S so nerve racking.. and I have someone take all the pictures for me and keep my camera until i go home or whatever that way i can't delete anything to make them take pics over and over.. its sooo uncomfy when i have to do that part of this process i hate it!