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Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15th 2010

Cant decide. Am I happy or mad? On the plus side, I weighed in for Ann tonight, and was 269.4lbs. So happy, I am below 270, but made, because I wanted it lower. I am busting my ass and training hard, so the added muscle may be why the weight loss hasnt been as big of late. Because I know my bodyfat percentage is lowering each week. I will keep going, and I will get where I need to be.
Today I did back and bi's. Back was really good. Lat pulldowns becoming a favorite, and of course did several other things. Normally I am not a big cable user, but for back I have realized how important they are. My form is something I know is great, but back seems to be the easiest for me to cheat on my form with, and obviously you dont want to do that. So doing a lot of cables and machines for back. As far as bi's, that still seems to be where I am "growing" the fastest. Getting that feeling when you have shirts that used to be so loose in the sleeves, and now they are getting tighter. As I have said, arms, well, at elast bi's are the one bodypart I don't ever vary my workout at all. Really it is pretty much the same thing. Dumbell curls, hammer curls, reverse barbell curls (nothing burns as much as these), concentrations curls, and preacher curl machine.
Well now I am gonna go admire all my new cool veins in my arms.LOL



  1. I haven't got the veins yet haha!!!
    my back is pretty wide and thick for a girl.. before i started my process my pictures showed that was one of my strong point.. probably from jits or something becuase i've never done these kinda work outs in my life...

    good to hear about your weight :) everyone is their worst critic believe me!

  2. TRust me, I know about being your own worst critque. The closer you get to a show, you are going to be even more crititcal of yourself.
    I told you, your back looks great. Probably part from the jits, and aprt genetics. Be happy, most people dont have that. I truly thought you had been training back and shoulders hard because they look great.
    Veins are the coolest thing. My arms are getting them big time. Cant wait for teh rest of teh weight to come off and start getting them everywehre