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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17th 2010

Really not much to report. Been sick for a couple days. Yesterday went to do shoulder's and tri's even though not feeling well. Did shoulders and then just to sick to do anything else. Tried to go back at night to do tri's and cardio, and really couldnt get much in. Hoped to do legs today, and even went there, but puked in the parking lot, adn that was my sign to come home. I hate missing a day because it feels like I am letting myself down. I have goals and dreams and a missed day feels like a setback. Hopefully Thrusday will be better.
I want to address something for hopefully the last time. I got another message from someone today on Facebook. Trying to give me unsolicited advice about how to do this and how to do that. Also saying it is wrong for a guy to take advice from a woman in training because women and men train different. Obvisouly he doesnt know the women I get my help from because they train just as hard, if not harder then men. Who does my diet? IFBB Figure Pro Ann Titone. I have women I go to for advice to, and while there are others, the main help is from Danny J Johnson, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeannie Paparone, Belinda Ann Hope, Sarah Kinney, Victoria Felkar, and of course Ann Titone. There are others, but these are the ones I most often go to. Know why? Because they ahve never done me wrong, and never will. These women do work just as hard as men, are just as knowledgeable as men, and are genuinely good people who want to help. As stated, some are Pros, and the others are all excellent trainers and competitors. Most of all, they are friends I trust. So please do not try and tell me to listen to you when I have them. I don't need the advice I used to need. I am pretty good at this now, and have my routine and my supplements, and my things I do, all set. Some of you may really want to help, and some of you come to em with advice and you are people I regularly talk to, so I do listen to you and will listen. But really, it is the people I never talk to who suddenly want to "advise" me, that I dont need. THere is usually an alterior motive, and I dont need that.


  1. Sure women and men train differently, we are build differently! But that doesn't mean that a women can't train a guy and vise versa... That's like saying a doctor has no idea how to diagnose a female when it comes to her body and how it functions because he's not a female and vise versa you know what I mean? I don't think it matters what gender the information comes from... as long as its correct and correct for you. I get training tips from males and females... I keep my mind open to a lot of things.. WILL i do all of them? no because not only are men and women build differently BUT people in GENERAL are built differently what works for one may not work for the other.. At least your getting a reaction that means your work has meaning... to actually get someone to comment?

    And sorry that your sick.. while in college i was really sick and i did a story on onions because my mom and grandmother would make me this onion soup that would just clear me right up in like 2 days... its crazy...


  2. My theory is in training as hard as I do, I want to learn from people I totally trust. Turns out they mostly seem to be women. There are others besides the ones I mentioned who give me advice and I listen, men and women. My problem is with the people I never talk to, who suddenly send me messages with advice telling me this or that. That someone is telling me the wrong thing. Well my results speak for themselves, and I will stick with those who ahve helped me with those results. My trainer is a male, and my main advice people are mostly female. BUt really they are people. People who ahve my best interest at heart.
    I felt better today and went and did elgs. Even set a new personal hack squat record. YAY