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Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19th 2010

In all honesty, there isn't much to talk about today. It is Friday, and on my schedule, Friday is just cardio day. I weight train 5 days a week, and then an extra day for just cardio. So instead I though I would use this time to talk about two women who are very important to me. As you know, I get help, advice, and other things from several people. But today I want to single out two. Belinda Ann Hope and Shirley Madera.

Belinda Ann Hope: Belinda's work ethic alone is enough to inspire me. But there is more. Whenever I accomplish something in the gym, I can't wait to tell Belinda. I can't wait to tell her because I know she is rooting for me. Belinda always has something to say, things like being proud of me and as she root on the pictures she sent me, that I inspire her. I don't see how I can inspire her, but it means so much when she says it. If you have never seen Belinda, you must. Belinda does Figure, and has one of the most amazing physiques you will see, especially those insane abs. So for someone like her to tell me I inspire her. that is such a great feeling. Belinda is that rare combination of incredible outer beauty that is somehow surpassed by even more incredible inner beauty. I am so happy Belinda is my friend.

Shirley Madera: Really everything I said about Belinda can be applied to Shirley. Shirley is a Bodybuilder who I greatly admire. Every morning she sends me a text with an inspirational quote. I sleep weird hours, so around 2pm when I wake up and immediately check for that text, it gets me up and moving and pumped up to go train. Shirley doesn't have to do this, but she does. Why? Because that's just Shirley.Whether it be a phone call, text, or Facebook message, Shirley is always there to answer my questions. Of all the interviews I have ever conducted, the one question and answer I most loved was actually asked to Shirley's daughter Ariel. The question was "what has been the proudest moment of your life?" The answer said a lot about both Shirley and Ariel. Ariel showed how great a daughter she is and her love for her mother, and said it was watching her mom on stage the first time. That says what I mentioned about Ariel but also says how great a woman Shirley is that her daughters proudest moment was watching her mom on stage that first time.

My point about talking about this, is this. There are amazing people who help me. Ann Titone, Danny J Johnson, Jeannie Paparone, Sarah Kinney, Skye Fisher, Victoria Felkar, Shannon Frederick, and so many others. But today I wanted to single out Belinda and Shirley. If I am half as successful in my bodybuilding goals as they are with their bodybuilding and fitness, I will be happy. If I become half the person these two are as human beings...... I will be ecstatic.


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