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Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22nd 2010

Well this sucks. I promised last Monday, that since I weigh in for Ann on Monday's that I would keep everyone updated each week. First week I do it, what happens? NOTHING. Exactly the same weight as one week ago. BOOOOOOO. What a way to start showing progress. Well it sucks. It feels like I let everyone who has helped me, encouraged me, supported me, and pushed me, down. Now, this is not me giving up at all. I will never do that. I WILL COMPETE ONE DAY. But this feels so crappy. Perhaps it is from having been sick and missing a few days at the gym. But I guess another way to look at it is, I make great gains each week, so the one week there is no improvement it hurts extra bad. But really, does this mean there were no improvements? Not really. I mean I had kick ass workouts the last two days. Monday I blasted biceps, and today I killed it on back. And of course the normal hour cardio each day.
Sunday for bi's I did my normal routine. Dumbells curls, hammer curls, cable curls, reverse barbell curls, regular barbell curls, and preacher's. My back today was great. Lat pull downs, reverse pulldowns, rows, etc.
A couple people have asked about my hip problem, so I guess I can take a few minutes to explain it. It is called Leg Perthies. Basically it is a degenerative hip condition. Basically at this point it needs replaced, but I sure as hell cant afford that. Thankfully, I think the only person reading this who may even come close to remembering is my cousin Lisa. And she probably won't remember. But when I was like 5 years old, I had these braces on my leg, to keep them far apart and I looked like a waddling duck when I walked. It sucked because even in elementary school at recess after lunch all the guys got to play dodge ball, and I was stuck drawing and playing board games with the girls. However once I could, I got to play dodge ball, and I quickly became a good athlete. My legs are actually about an inch different in length. The hip hurts really bad some times. Pain you can't imagine. SO I pretty much have a permanent limp. So leg day hurts at times, back day hurts at times, but it will not stop me.
So that hopefully kind of explains my hip. Now again, back to the first thing I mentioned. I am sorry to those who I may have let down with this lack of gains this week. Mostly those who have been my biggest supporters. Ann T., Danny J., Belinda Ann H., Sarah K., Victoria F. Shirley M., Macey L., Kimberly A. Jenny P., Jeannie P., ShellieP., and others. I let you down, and there is no excuse for it.


"Just when you say I cant,
That's when I know I can"


  1. This is cousin Lisa. And Jason never let the braces on his legs keep him down. He would do his dangest to keep up with us older cousins. The strength that kid showed is still reflected in Jason as an adult. Love you much, cousin and stay strong.

  2. Thank you Lisa. That means a great deal to me. I will keep doing this. Got to be on stage some day. Hopefully somehow you can be there