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Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25th 2010

Well today was fun. Destroyed my shoulders and did my cardio as always. Did a whole lot today. Varied the sets and reps but did shoulder press, front raises, side raises, shrugs, reverse shrugs on the smith machine, and worked on my rear delt's using the reverses on the pec deck. Really like how much improvements I have made on my shoulders.
Best part was my "stalker" wasn't there. I refer to him as "this kid" which means I am getting old because when you refer to a 24 or 25 year old as "kid" it isn't exactly a sign of youth.LOL. This kid walks up to me all the time. I wear my Lakers shirt at the gym a lot. SO the first time he walked up asking about the Lakers, now her often talks about basketball. Sometimes really stupid stuff. The other day he walks up and says "what did you think of the Hawks vs Suns game?" Who cares. Didn't even know the Hawks played the Suns that night. And I don't root for either team so why do I care? He finds other stuff to. I like to lift as heavy as possible. He comes and talks while I am holding heavy weight in the air, sometimes over my head. You don't do that....... ever. I like to think I am pretty friendly, but wait till my workout is over. It is simple gym etiquette. No, I am not a hurry up, lift and leave person, but I still don't want to be interrupted.Last night he even followed me to do my cardio and got on the machine next to me. I cut my cardio short just to get away from him. No matter when I am there, so is he. If I go in the afternoon or night, doesn't matter.
Getting more veins in my arms. LOVE VEINS. They are so cool. Sounds childish to be so excited and if you don't train you don't understand the exciting feeling of getting them, but trust me, it is a great thing. Can't wait till I get the weight down and can get them everywhere besides just the arms. I want the Branch Warren or Kelly Dobbins vasularity
Friday is leg day. Very excited. Hated legs at first because my hip is so bad and leg day hurts and because it just wasn't fun for me. But now I love leg day. When I started at the gym about two months ago I was leg pressing 450-480lbs. Now my high is 760lbs. I was hack squating 300lbs and now at 550lbs, and since I was dared to, I actually did 650 last wek for 12 reps ( couldn't walk afterward, but worth it). Is that a huge ammount? No, of course not, but it is really good improvememnt I think. SO my goal for Friday is 800lbs on leg press. I think part of why I like legs so much now is a great elg workout is such a sense of accomplishment. Especially for me with my hip. I will let you know if I reach my goal.

Tell me I can do it and I will work my best to do it, tell me I cant do it and I guarantee I will do it.

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