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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 8th 2010

Yes I know, these psots are not as frequest as I said. Sunday though was recovery day. I was sick, still since Saturday, and needed to just relax. Today I was back at the gym, and hit it HARD. First in the morning, I did glutes, calves, and cardio. Nothing special.
Tonight, I did back and bi's. Great workout. Bi's ahve been and remain my favorite thing to train. Quads are getting there, but it is bi's for now still. The only negative is that as I was doing lat pulldowns, there was a rather smelly man doing cable rows next to me. I have come to the conclusion, that while I do like to switch my routine up, I will always end my bicep workouts with reverse barbell curls. Nothing burns my arms like those, and I love that burn.
Need to come up with some money. My sessions with J.T. are coming to an end, and I need to get more, but have NO MONEY. J.T. is great for me. As I ahve said before, he was once where I was, and is where I want to be. He knows exactly what I need, and exactly how to push me. He asks if I can do more weight, I say of course I can, and he adds more, but when he keeps adding it, and I am not sure I can do a whole set at it, he convinces me I can, and he is always right. Sure I know enough where I dont NEED him, but I like to have him. I think no matter how far and advanced you are, you need a trainer or someone to just push you once in awhile. You might not be learning anything new from him or her, but you can still use that extra push once in awhile.

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