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Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th 2010 Danny J is My Hero

Weighed in today. 262.0lbs. Down 2.6bls from Sunday. I have to assume it is due to the changes Danny made, but I am happy regardless of what the reason. She has added sprints to my cardio, and man are those rough on leg days. It may seem to some that I kiss Danny's ass a bit. And maybe I do. BUt people need to realize how important she is to me.
Here is the evolution so to speak of how I met and know Danny. When I first joined Facebook I was just looking for people involved in Fitness. I found this profile of this stunningly beautiful woman named Danny J Johnson and sent a friend request. She accepted but we never talekd or anything other than a thanks for accepting my request kind of thing. Later she was in the Bodyspace Spokesmodel COntest and posted about it. Me, trying to look like the nice guy offered to repost it and help get her votes. She said to go for it, and even at that point answered a few training and diet type questions for me. I decided to try and know a little more about her at that point and found out she is simply amazing. At one point this crazy lady tried to bash me and even sent many people messages lying about me. One was to Danny. I was worried because Danny had become someone I really was starting to admire. BUt she believed me and in me and didn't listen to the lies. Over time we got to talk online a lot, and even some phone calls and texts. She encouraged me to attend the Arnold, and finally I got to meet her. Danny has been through a lot of things in her life, some of whcih she shared with em and I was honored she did. Also when i was low she took the time to bring me back up. Things she ah been through, I will not disucss here, because I don't know what she does and doesn't want known, but she proved she is a fighter, and a special person. Recently I decided what I needed was a real full time person to go along with J.T., my other trainer, and hired Danny. I fully believe in any goal you set, it helps to ahve someone to not only help guide you, but someone who can inspire you. Danny inspires me. I have told her before and will say it again. Danny is not just a fitness role model, she is a life role model. There is no person in this world I have as much faith and trust in as Danny. I believe she will get me on stage one day. SHe is stuck with me. If it takes 2,3, or even 5 years I am staying with her till the day I am on stage.

Danny, your faith, trust, and belief in me means everything to me. People laugh if you want, but as I type this I almost am in tears. That is how much that belief in my and guidance means to me. My goal has always been to be on stage one day. My second goal is to be on that stage, have you there, and no matter how I do, to have you be able to say "I am proud of you", that is what I am shooting for. Like I ahve said, Danny J Johnson, you are my HERO.

Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26th 2010

OK, so my pouting is out of the way. It was a bad day and I was not happy. However I talked with Danny J today we made a couple little adjustments, and I am feeling good. I know I can do this. Sometimes there will be speed bumps in a journey, the key is to not let those speed bumps stop you. If I stop and I think, which I did do, I realize I have two amazing trainers in JT and Danny. I am lucky in that respect, and I am not going to be denied.

Today I did a lot of quads. Then cardio. Added sprints in for the first time. Always avoided that because of the fear of what the pain would be like for my hip. But I did them and........... pain. But mostly because of doing cardio after doing so much legs. Tuesday is a day with JT, so will do tri's in the morning, then go back and do shoulders with him.

Before I go, for those who do not know Danny J, here is a video she did. It is about ten minutes. I implore you to watch and you will see why she is such a help and an even bigger inspiration for me.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25th 2010 AKA The I Suck Post

Well. I work my ass off. I have the two best people in the world training me, and what happens? From Thursday to today I lose............... one pound. I tried to make excuses for myself, but really, why bother, all they are are excuses to try and make myself feel better. Why deal in excuses? Deal in reality, I am failing. No excuses, no one to blame but me. Did I get in over my head? Did I set my goals to high? I promised no more negativity, and I think I ahve lived up to that promise, but I cant be positive about letting people down. Cant spin that in to any kind of upbeat quote or feeling or story, or blog, or anything.

No, I am not quitting. Not even considering quitting. But maybe a re-evaluation of my goals is in order. My goal was to compete in five years. People said I could do it in two or three. I guess maybe I mistook eencouragement for fact, and started to believe it was possible. I train sometimes twice a day. I follow the diet, I take the supplements, I do it all, yet I must be doing something wrong.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22nd 2010

Well Wednesday was weigh in day again. 265.6lbs. Not happy. It is 1.2lbs from Sunday. Wanted more. BUt it means 4lbs in a week, and I am happy with that.

Wednesday was back with J.T., biceps, and cardio. Man did he work my back. Later that night I was so sore. But as we know by now, I am mad if I am not sore. I relly went to town on bi's. Some could say over train, but I don't care. It was working for me, and thats that. Bi's are my favorite to train, and when I am in that zone, I keep going.

Thrusday was hammies. Should have been hammies and shoulders, but I got up late, and simply did not have time. SO I will get them done Friday. I like to do quads and hammies seperate. Again, it works for me. Many fo you know about my hip, and for me, seperating them is best, plus allows me to train them both heavier.

Time for Jason the speech giver. I am frustrated with some people. I read recently someone say something about how they are blessed or lucky to do the training they do because most cant do it. That is wrong on so many levels. Everyone can do it. Everyone can train. But most just dont. And that is totally fine. But that same person is often derogatory to people and almost belittles them thinking she is something special. At the same time, while she actually discourgaes others, she makes posts and comments almsot beggin them for their support. We all can do it. When there is someone asking your help or trying to learn, then take a minute and help them. SOmeone helped you once didnt they? Don't take it as some insult if someone can do what you can do or wants to try, take it as a good thing that they want to get in shape. Don't tell them to be a "backstage helper", tell them to work for it and be on stage.


Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19th 2010

OK, sorry about the short oen the other day. But was in a rush. You ever just have that moment where out of nowhere, something just becomes clear? Where you just know exactly what, why, how, and when you are going to do something. I had that moment. I had it Sunday night. I was talking with Danny J, my trainer, and the woman who has completed the puzzle of what I need to hit the stage one day. I was talking about the weight loss, and other things about what she wants me to do, and it just hit me. I AM GOING TO DO THIS. The kid who when he was real little used to walk around pretending he was a bodybuilder, is going to become one. I am going to train my ass off, listen to Danny and JT and I am going to do this. Will it take 2 years, or 3 or even 5? WHo knows, but bet your ass it is going to happen. I was talking to one of the other trainers at the gym today and telling him about this, then I had that moment again when he said "You are going to be a bodybuilder? What do you think you are doing ever day up here. YOu come in every day, sweat your ass off, lift weights do cardio. You are not going to become a bodybuilder, you are a bodybuilder. You got weight to lose, and you will lsoe it. BUt you don't become one when you have the look you want, you became one when you started training for the look you want." Hmmmmm, is that true? I suppose that is a matter of opinion, but I kind of think it is true.
I took Sunday off. Had a terrible headache, and better safe then sorry. But today I went and hit it...... hard. Did chest. Did some incline press, to start, and then did a lot of machine work. Any time I train after a day off, I like to use machines more, not sure why, but I do. However, I am chaning my routine a little. FOur days on and one off, hitting all parts in those four days. So it will always be back and bi's every fifth day after that day off, so I will need to chagne that. However with back I like to do a lot of machines and cables because I think back is the easiest part to cheat on, and machines and cables are harder to cheat with. WHy is it, that someone is always on the machines you need to end the workout. I always end chest by doing some work on the free range of movement machines and the pec deck, and when they were the last two I needed to do, someone was on them. Makes you cool off, and I hate that. Finally they got off.
Tueday will be legs, mainly quads. I do one day of quads and one of hammies. That way I am in effect doing two elg days but each one focuses on a different part. So I guess Tuesday is walking funny day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18th 2010

I don't have much time. Just wanted to quickly let you know, weight was 266.8lbs. So that is five days with Danny and already down 2.8lbs. Prety good I think

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17th 2010

Well today was interesting. I do some supersetting. For those who don't know a super set is were you go from one exercise right into the other with no rest in between. I do not do a lot of it, because it makes me feel I am rushing through my workout. But today was a hurry up day so basically my entire workout was supersets for back and bi's. For example, lat pulldowns with bicep curls. Row machine with hammer curls. And so on. I must say, I kind of liked it. Sweat like crazy but I enjoyed it. Could really feel the pump in both my bi's and back. For those who train, you know the significance of the "pump", for those who don't, the pump is the greatest feeling in the world, and makes you know you hit it hard. Even had the coveted bicep vein popping out.
I notice lately I am really lifting heavier for back exercises. I used to, for example, do a set at a really heavy weight, and then have to lower it a bit. Now I can do all three or four sets at that heavy weight. Progress can be a beautiful thing.
As I mentioned previously, I decided to pay for an actual dietitian/nutritionist. Ann was so great for me, and I owe her so much, and am indebted to her, and hope I can call upon her for advice. But it wasn't her job, and I felt like I annoyed her at times. I know I didn't, and she never said I did, and in fact when I felt I did, she made a point to tell me I didn't. She offered to help me, and never asked for a penny. But I felt guilty. I felt the best thing to do was to hire someone and have them monitor my diet and make the adjustments that were needed when needed and someone I can call or text when I need quick advice. So I have hired Danny Johnson. Danny is my dietitian, and I have J.T. as my trainer, but I consider Danny more than just a dietitian. I consider her a trainer because she has helped me with so much advice for my training. When others tried to discourage me, Danny encouraged me. So my weigh ins will be Sunday morning. I was anxious and weighed in tonight. The result?........... Wait till tomorrow because I will weigh in again tomorrow morning as scheduled, as your weight will usally be a little lower in the mornings when you wake up. BUt I am excited because in jsut five days with Danny, awesome progress. So each Sunday I will share the newest reulsts with you all.
Thanks everyone for teh constant support. You make me a better me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14th 2010

Man, things have been crazy. I added a fan page for my other blog on facebook, and so much work now. But worth it to promote some amazing women.

Decided to chagne my routine a little. Now doing 3 days on and one off. Still come out to 6 days a week. On Tuesday I did quads with J.T. and still feel it. BUt love it because legs are my favorite to train. Did your usual stuff. Leg extensions, elg press, hack squat, squats, , etc. etc..

Today was chest, and did really good. Only problem is, I could not get on the pec deck, which I like to use. People were constantly on it, because one is being repaired, so there was only the one. Usually I end chest with it, but since their is only the one, I was willing to use it whenever I could, but I never could. To make matters worse, my stalker was back. This dude follows me everywhere there. I jsut dont get it.

OK, some of you know how my diet was. You also know I ahve let doubt creep into my mind. Wondering at almost 34 and still at 269.6lbs, if I am starting to late, and ahve to far to go to ever compete. I realize though, I ahve the most amazing support system. So many who follow and support me. I would make a list, but I know I would forget someone and leave them out (must be what it feels liek to give an Academy Award speech). The first person to really support and help me was Danny J Johnson. I remember when I first got to know Danny. She was in a contest and psoted on facebook about it. She was my friend on there but we never talked. I figured why not offer to help. SO I messaged her and asked if she wanted me to repost it and try and help. OK< let's call it what it is, I am a guy, and if you know Danny, you know she is beautiful. So I was trying to look like Mr. Nice Guy. Since then I ahve gotten to know Danny and met her at the Arnold's. Danny is the most amazing person I know, ther is no one close. Whenever I have a question she answers, even though she is very busy. Even once, some lady lied about me on Facebook and began to tell women that were in the Industry these leis about em and make me look bad to them. Danny asked, I explained, and she believed me and in me, and I am so glad she did, or I wouldnt know the woman I know now. I don't even look at her as the beautiful woman I first looked at her as. I look at her as a friend, a role model, and an inspiration. Danny has had some things happen in her life and came back stronger. The thing I will never forget her for, is a few months ago, I was loaded with doubt. About ever competing and my life in general. She shared some things with me that meant the world to me that she was willing to trust me enough to tell me. In turn I ahve told her some things that not many know about me. It hit me the other day. If she is the person who always supports me, and I am having doubts, why am I not making sure she gets me where I need to be. So I have now "hired" Danny. She is now my nutritionist. What is great is her and J.T. always tell me so much of the same stuff. So it is like they are my "team". THey are alike in their opinions, so I ahve J.T. for teh training and Danny for the nutrition. She can monitor me and adjust what needs adjusted, and I trust her 100%. What I paid for was her fee and then for three months. But I will be paying for much longer than that. I will keep using her until the day I am on stage. I know she will get me there to.

Danny, this is for you. You have been a friend, mentor, role model, and every other positive word I can think of. You trusted me when the girl lied, and have helped me be a better me. Not jsut with training, but a better person. I promise you that from here on out, I will follow every word you say and do whatever you tell me. I want to be your biggest success story. I want one day for you to be able to tell clients "look what I did for him". Most of all I want you to be there. I will be on stage, and I will pay to fly you here for it. I want to be on stage and see you watching. No matter how good I do on stage, my one mission is to be up there, look out, and see you are proud of me. Thank you for everything you have done, are doing, and will do, and most of all, thank you for being Danny Johnson.

Everyone who wants to get that little help, please visit www.dannjfitness.com


"Work hard and win easy"- Denis Masino

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12th 2010

An important lesson for everyone out there. When you have gout in your foot and are training bi's be careful not to drop dumbells on the foot. I was doing bicep curls, finished my set, and dropped the weights and....bang..... a fifty pound dumbell right on the foot. Didn't hurt anywhere except the big toe area where I have the gout. So as you can guess was doing bi's today. Didnt get much in cause of the pain. But Tuesday is my day with J.T.. I have him at 8pm. So I will go during the day ad do bi's....again LOL, then do quads with J.T. at night.

Things are going good for the most part. Definite improvements. Some doubt creeping in though. I will be 34 in less than two months and am ashamed to say still at 269.6lbs. Am I starting to late with to far to go to be able to compete one day. My goal was five years. My trainer and others say if I do the natural shows I can do it in 2-3. But that is all things I am unsure of. Don't know what I want to do yet. I guess for now the main thing is keep improving. But am I starting too late? I want this, and I want it bad. To prove to a lot of people that they were wrong, and prove to even more people that they are right. I will continue to train and try my best. Several asked, and I am very shy so hate to do it, but I did take some are progress photos. Here are two.

Busy competing week coming. Friends doing the Europe in Florida and the Emerald Cup. And some others to. Time to single out some that are really important to me.

Emerald Cup

Vanessa Prebyl: Vanessa is a Bikini competitor. Vanessa writes a weekly column for my blog www.promotingwomen.blogspot.com. Vanessa is such an amazing person. A genuinely good person who likes to help. She is a lock to be a Pro one day. She has given me advice, but is one of those people who I really learn from her example.

Jenny Phantharath: A Bikini competitor. What can I say about Jenny. A true friend and such a beauty. One of the nicest people I know and is always there for advice. If there were more Jenny Phantharath's in the world our world would be better. I want the best for her.

Diane Rudholm: Another Bikini competitor Another amazing woman. If you love the sport, you have to be a fan of Diane. I have the deepest respect for Diana the competitor and Diane the person. Diane is someone who I can honestly say, I hope I can become half the person she is. A real role model for people new to the sport.

Ann Titone: First, IFBB Figure Pro says it all doesn't it? I know many Pros now, but Ann was the first one to really help me. For someone new, to be getting advice and diet from a Pro, is something you can not explain. Such an amazing feeling. She did it because she is nice and generally wanted to help. When I do good, she is happy. I owe Ann so much, and when I am on stage, it will be because Ann took the time to get me off on the right foot. Ann will be on the Olympia Stage one day, and no one deserves it more.

Shirley Madera: Shirley competes in bodybuilding. Shirley always motivates me. Always encourages me. Always tells me what I can do. Strange that for someone who wants to compete on bodybuilding, that most of my main supporters are from women in other parts of fitness, but Shirley is in bodybuilding. Every day I wake up to a text from Shirley with a motivating quote, and it always gets me ready to train. Shirley deserves success and will achieve success. I owe Shirley a ton.

Belinda Ann Hope: Last but for sure not least, Figure competitor Belinda Ann Hope. I can type all day about Belinda, but I will save you a long detailed story. But I must thank Belinda. Lots have supported me, but I don't know that anyone has supported me as much as Belinda. Belinda says things to me that bring tears to my eyes. When I have doubt, I go to Belinda, and sure enough the doubt is gone.

All six of these ladies are special in there own way, and all six are reasons why I do my blog on female competitors. All six are women who deserve credit, respect, admiration,and success, and all six will achieve that success.

Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9th 2010

Not much to report really. Thursday was my off day. Today was supposed to be back and bi's. Did what I could for back, which wasn't much since my back is still hurting. However best bicep workout EVER. As you know, I love veins.LOL. They were crazy all over my arm. One of the trainers said "dude, you arm is green." But then I got home and it was back to normal. People can find motivation to push harder in many different ways. For me, when I am working out, seeing veins really pushes me harder.
I want to wish Megan Melone, Antonina Whapples, Lisa Zisa, and Tracy Dawn Winters good luck this weekend as they all compete. All special women. I will be their with you in spirit rooting each of you on.
Saturday should be quads, but let's see how my back feels. If it is o.k., then after the UFC PPV I will go, if not, better safe than sorry and I will take a day or two off.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6th 2010

Well, exciting news, for me at least. I ahve Hope back. She emailed me on Easter. There was some miscommunication, and now it is all taken care of. Now I can focus on my training, kicking ass, and achieving my goals.

Let's start with Sunday. Did Quads. Decided to split quads and hammies up. Works better for me. Really wrecked them, and could ahve stayed even longer. It being Easter, the gym was empty, and I loved it. Actually got it to rwenty plates on my elg press. Happy with that, but dont plan to try and beat that for a long time.

Monday was shoulders and tri's. Normally it would ahve been chest, but this week I ahve J.T. (my trainer) on Wednesday, and with chest being my weakspot I wanted to do chest with him. A few months ago I psoted some photos on Facebook and got comments that I dont train my tri's enough. That was B.S. to begin with because I do. BUt they took longer to start showing, but now they are showing. Shoulders are the part I tend to over do it sometimes, so I ahve to start being careful. I just love the training and can keep going and going.

Today was hammies and glutes. Gonna be walking funny tomorrow. Did a lot of the same stuff I did for quads, just adjusted my footing so they would hit more of the hammies. Plus my lying leg curls which I really lvoe doing. Plus my favorite, THe Guy Who Does Cardio In A Business Suit was there. It always amazes me. He comes in in a nice suit, dress shoes, everything, and does the treadmill for like 45 minutes.

I want to address sweat. Several people ask me why I sweat so much at the gym. Last I knew, sweat was a GOOD THING. Means I am working. I ahve always been a big sweater. Sweat a lot and easy. But especially training. When I am done I can literally ring the sweat of my shirt. But why ask a stupid question about why I sweat so much. My stock answer is always "why aren't you sweating as much as I am"


Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3rd 2010

First and foremost, happy Easter to you all.

Today was back and bi's. Sadly my gym closes at 7pm on Saturdays. So since I had to watch the Penguins game till about 4pm didn't have time for cardio......oh well. Maybe if I had cut my back workout shorter I would have. I have a tendency to just keep going. I can think I am done and then say, "why not do three sets of this exercise". My back is sore, but the good sore. Did both close and wide grip lat pulldowns, close and wide grip rows on the rowing machine, and some others. As I have previously mentioned back is the part I find myself accidentally cheating on, so I prefer cables for back, so I don't cheat. Then I did bi's and really enjoyed it. By the time I was done I had veins popping out all over the place on my arms.LOL. Hey, still newer at this, so let me enjoy it.LOL.

As you have seen before, I often will take a minute to thank someone on here. Today I thank two people.

Tiffany Nance. Tiffany will be competing in Figure soon. If you have not seen her, Tiffany has just an insane physique. Incredible. Anyway, you all know about my problems with Hope. Tiffany sent me a message that at first angered me. She said I was choosing to be depressed and needed to choose to be happy. Well it upset me. Hope was and is very important to me. Hope knows things about me that no one else in this world knows. You don't just get over it like that. But the more I thought about it, she wasn't telling me I cant feel bad about it. She was telling me, at least I think, to let the positives in my life take precedent. Be happy about what I do have. Was I choosing to be sad? I don't know. But I do know I can choose to be happy. Hope will forever have a big place in my heart, and I hope we can get back in touch, but I cant dwell on it. I am doing so good with my training and have a lot to be happy and proud of. Who would have thought it? Me being proud of myself. Next thing you know, Bigfoot will walk by my front door. Thank you Tiffany.

Kala Moak. Now Kala I doubt you know, but wait a couple years, I think you will. Because she is going to be on stage one day and doing great. I met her the weirdest way. She and I have one mutual Facebook friend. We both commented on the friends status. Oddly enough it was because of something she said after misunderstanding something where she made a comment that can be interpreted as an insult, but she didn't mean it like that. But through that, we began talking. She wants to get in better shape. She is so eager to learn, I help where I can and send her to my teachers for better advice. She is very sweet. Anyway we have been talking on Facebook quite a bit, and she actually has helped me keep my mind off Hope. Also, it takes a lot for me to trust people. Been screwed over so many times. She easily gained my trust and is a real friend. Kala, I thank you as well.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st 2010

Before I say anything else, I want to thank everyone for their kind words about my last post. Nothing has changed. Still miss her, still feel like crap, and feel a piece of me is gone. I don't feel any better, and am not sure if I want to.

Also I have some exciting news. Exciting to me anyway. My trainer J.T. had to miss the Ohio Naturals due to injury this year. He has decided he will compete this year though after all. I am excited about this and cant wait to see him on stage.

Training is going good. Still sore from Wednesdays leg workout, especially my glutes, which is so hard to explain to people.LOL Yesterday was shoulder's and tri's. Today was my day where I hit the things like abs and calves. Got to be honest, it has been hard to get motivated the last few days because of the emotional stuff. However I fight through it and do train and train just as hard as always.

I really feel like I belong more and more each day. Now even the other trainers at the gym check on me and see how things are going and other people working out do. I have one guy there who competes who always says things like "I couldn't even keep up with how hard you work". I do not believe him, but it is nice to hear. I am not naive, I have a long way to go, but I will get there.

Something else on my mind. I know of a competitor who constantly talks about how special she is and how people cant do what she does. Even went so far as to tell me I should set other goals. Almost insulted when people do what I or others try and do because she feels less special the more who do it. Even puts herself in the same category as some of the people who have achieved many things and talks about how "blessed" she is to do what she does and acts as if others should be jealous of her. Wrong attitude. You know why some people are so successful? They are humble. They instead of bragging about how great they are and trying to tell people they can't do things, they encourage others to do it. You do good at what you do and should be commended for it, but don't try and stop others from doing it. You started at some point and surely someone helped and encouraged you. Even people who don't want to compete, just want to get in shape, should be commended for trying. One day you will want to learn something and will need someone to teach you. You act like you are so special, but there are many who are better than you, how would you feel if they belittled you? I at first thought I was just unhappy with her for what she said to me, but have had a few other people tell me they corssed paths with her on forums and feel the same. Everyone has feelings, and they can be hurt. YOu try and act like people cant achieve then you will stop them from trying and that would be a terrible thing.