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Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12th 2010

An important lesson for everyone out there. When you have gout in your foot and are training bi's be careful not to drop dumbells on the foot. I was doing bicep curls, finished my set, and dropped the weights and....bang..... a fifty pound dumbell right on the foot. Didn't hurt anywhere except the big toe area where I have the gout. So as you can guess was doing bi's today. Didnt get much in cause of the pain. But Tuesday is my day with J.T.. I have him at 8pm. So I will go during the day ad do bi's....again LOL, then do quads with J.T. at night.

Things are going good for the most part. Definite improvements. Some doubt creeping in though. I will be 34 in less than two months and am ashamed to say still at 269.6lbs. Am I starting to late with to far to go to be able to compete one day. My goal was five years. My trainer and others say if I do the natural shows I can do it in 2-3. But that is all things I am unsure of. Don't know what I want to do yet. I guess for now the main thing is keep improving. But am I starting too late? I want this, and I want it bad. To prove to a lot of people that they were wrong, and prove to even more people that they are right. I will continue to train and try my best. Several asked, and I am very shy so hate to do it, but I did take some are progress photos. Here are two.

Busy competing week coming. Friends doing the Europe in Florida and the Emerald Cup. And some others to. Time to single out some that are really important to me.

Emerald Cup

Vanessa Prebyl: Vanessa is a Bikini competitor. Vanessa writes a weekly column for my blog www.promotingwomen.blogspot.com. Vanessa is such an amazing person. A genuinely good person who likes to help. She is a lock to be a Pro one day. She has given me advice, but is one of those people who I really learn from her example.

Jenny Phantharath: A Bikini competitor. What can I say about Jenny. A true friend and such a beauty. One of the nicest people I know and is always there for advice. If there were more Jenny Phantharath's in the world our world would be better. I want the best for her.

Diane Rudholm: Another Bikini competitor Another amazing woman. If you love the sport, you have to be a fan of Diane. I have the deepest respect for Diana the competitor and Diane the person. Diane is someone who I can honestly say, I hope I can become half the person she is. A real role model for people new to the sport.

Ann Titone: First, IFBB Figure Pro says it all doesn't it? I know many Pros now, but Ann was the first one to really help me. For someone new, to be getting advice and diet from a Pro, is something you can not explain. Such an amazing feeling. She did it because she is nice and generally wanted to help. When I do good, she is happy. I owe Ann so much, and when I am on stage, it will be because Ann took the time to get me off on the right foot. Ann will be on the Olympia Stage one day, and no one deserves it more.

Shirley Madera: Shirley competes in bodybuilding. Shirley always motivates me. Always encourages me. Always tells me what I can do. Strange that for someone who wants to compete on bodybuilding, that most of my main supporters are from women in other parts of fitness, but Shirley is in bodybuilding. Every day I wake up to a text from Shirley with a motivating quote, and it always gets me ready to train. Shirley deserves success and will achieve success. I owe Shirley a ton.

Belinda Ann Hope: Last but for sure not least, Figure competitor Belinda Ann Hope. I can type all day about Belinda, but I will save you a long detailed story. But I must thank Belinda. Lots have supported me, but I don't know that anyone has supported me as much as Belinda. Belinda says things to me that bring tears to my eyes. When I have doubt, I go to Belinda, and sure enough the doubt is gone.

All six of these ladies are special in there own way, and all six are reasons why I do my blog on female competitors. All six are women who deserve credit, respect, admiration,and success, and all six will achieve that success.

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