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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14th 2010

Man, things have been crazy. I added a fan page for my other blog on facebook, and so much work now. But worth it to promote some amazing women.

Decided to chagne my routine a little. Now doing 3 days on and one off. Still come out to 6 days a week. On Tuesday I did quads with J.T. and still feel it. BUt love it because legs are my favorite to train. Did your usual stuff. Leg extensions, elg press, hack squat, squats, , etc. etc..

Today was chest, and did really good. Only problem is, I could not get on the pec deck, which I like to use. People were constantly on it, because one is being repaired, so there was only the one. Usually I end chest with it, but since their is only the one, I was willing to use it whenever I could, but I never could. To make matters worse, my stalker was back. This dude follows me everywhere there. I jsut dont get it.

OK, some of you know how my diet was. You also know I ahve let doubt creep into my mind. Wondering at almost 34 and still at 269.6lbs, if I am starting to late, and ahve to far to go to ever compete. I realize though, I ahve the most amazing support system. So many who follow and support me. I would make a list, but I know I would forget someone and leave them out (must be what it feels liek to give an Academy Award speech). The first person to really support and help me was Danny J Johnson. I remember when I first got to know Danny. She was in a contest and psoted on facebook about it. She was my friend on there but we never talked. I figured why not offer to help. SO I messaged her and asked if she wanted me to repost it and try and help. OK< let's call it what it is, I am a guy, and if you know Danny, you know she is beautiful. So I was trying to look like Mr. Nice Guy. Since then I ahve gotten to know Danny and met her at the Arnold's. Danny is the most amazing person I know, ther is no one close. Whenever I have a question she answers, even though she is very busy. Even once, some lady lied about me on Facebook and began to tell women that were in the Industry these leis about em and make me look bad to them. Danny asked, I explained, and she believed me and in me, and I am so glad she did, or I wouldnt know the woman I know now. I don't even look at her as the beautiful woman I first looked at her as. I look at her as a friend, a role model, and an inspiration. Danny has had some things happen in her life and came back stronger. The thing I will never forget her for, is a few months ago, I was loaded with doubt. About ever competing and my life in general. She shared some things with me that meant the world to me that she was willing to trust me enough to tell me. In turn I ahve told her some things that not many know about me. It hit me the other day. If she is the person who always supports me, and I am having doubts, why am I not making sure she gets me where I need to be. So I have now "hired" Danny. She is now my nutritionist. What is great is her and J.T. always tell me so much of the same stuff. So it is like they are my "team". THey are alike in their opinions, so I ahve J.T. for teh training and Danny for the nutrition. She can monitor me and adjust what needs adjusted, and I trust her 100%. What I paid for was her fee and then for three months. But I will be paying for much longer than that. I will keep using her until the day I am on stage. I know she will get me there to.

Danny, this is for you. You have been a friend, mentor, role model, and every other positive word I can think of. You trusted me when the girl lied, and have helped me be a better me. Not jsut with training, but a better person. I promise you that from here on out, I will follow every word you say and do whatever you tell me. I want to be your biggest success story. I want one day for you to be able to tell clients "look what I did for him". Most of all I want you to be there. I will be on stage, and I will pay to fly you here for it. I want to be on stage and see you watching. No matter how good I do on stage, my one mission is to be up there, look out, and see you are proud of me. Thank you for everything you have done, are doing, and will do, and most of all, thank you for being Danny Johnson.

Everyone who wants to get that little help, please visit www.dannjfitness.com


"Work hard and win easy"- Denis Masino

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