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Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17th 2010

Well today was interesting. I do some supersetting. For those who don't know a super set is were you go from one exercise right into the other with no rest in between. I do not do a lot of it, because it makes me feel I am rushing through my workout. But today was a hurry up day so basically my entire workout was supersets for back and bi's. For example, lat pulldowns with bicep curls. Row machine with hammer curls. And so on. I must say, I kind of liked it. Sweat like crazy but I enjoyed it. Could really feel the pump in both my bi's and back. For those who train, you know the significance of the "pump", for those who don't, the pump is the greatest feeling in the world, and makes you know you hit it hard. Even had the coveted bicep vein popping out.
I notice lately I am really lifting heavier for back exercises. I used to, for example, do a set at a really heavy weight, and then have to lower it a bit. Now I can do all three or four sets at that heavy weight. Progress can be a beautiful thing.
As I mentioned previously, I decided to pay for an actual dietitian/nutritionist. Ann was so great for me, and I owe her so much, and am indebted to her, and hope I can call upon her for advice. But it wasn't her job, and I felt like I annoyed her at times. I know I didn't, and she never said I did, and in fact when I felt I did, she made a point to tell me I didn't. She offered to help me, and never asked for a penny. But I felt guilty. I felt the best thing to do was to hire someone and have them monitor my diet and make the adjustments that were needed when needed and someone I can call or text when I need quick advice. So I have hired Danny Johnson. Danny is my dietitian, and I have J.T. as my trainer, but I consider Danny more than just a dietitian. I consider her a trainer because she has helped me with so much advice for my training. When others tried to discourage me, Danny encouraged me. So my weigh ins will be Sunday morning. I was anxious and weighed in tonight. The result?........... Wait till tomorrow because I will weigh in again tomorrow morning as scheduled, as your weight will usally be a little lower in the mornings when you wake up. BUt I am excited because in jsut five days with Danny, awesome progress. So each Sunday I will share the newest reulsts with you all.
Thanks everyone for teh constant support. You make me a better me.

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