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Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19th 2010

OK, sorry about the short oen the other day. But was in a rush. You ever just have that moment where out of nowhere, something just becomes clear? Where you just know exactly what, why, how, and when you are going to do something. I had that moment. I had it Sunday night. I was talking with Danny J, my trainer, and the woman who has completed the puzzle of what I need to hit the stage one day. I was talking about the weight loss, and other things about what she wants me to do, and it just hit me. I AM GOING TO DO THIS. The kid who when he was real little used to walk around pretending he was a bodybuilder, is going to become one. I am going to train my ass off, listen to Danny and JT and I am going to do this. Will it take 2 years, or 3 or even 5? WHo knows, but bet your ass it is going to happen. I was talking to one of the other trainers at the gym today and telling him about this, then I had that moment again when he said "You are going to be a bodybuilder? What do you think you are doing ever day up here. YOu come in every day, sweat your ass off, lift weights do cardio. You are not going to become a bodybuilder, you are a bodybuilder. You got weight to lose, and you will lsoe it. BUt you don't become one when you have the look you want, you became one when you started training for the look you want." Hmmmmm, is that true? I suppose that is a matter of opinion, but I kind of think it is true.
I took Sunday off. Had a terrible headache, and better safe then sorry. But today I went and hit it...... hard. Did chest. Did some incline press, to start, and then did a lot of machine work. Any time I train after a day off, I like to use machines more, not sure why, but I do. However, I am chaning my routine a little. FOur days on and one off, hitting all parts in those four days. So it will always be back and bi's every fifth day after that day off, so I will need to chagne that. However with back I like to do a lot of machines and cables because I think back is the easiest part to cheat on, and machines and cables are harder to cheat with. WHy is it, that someone is always on the machines you need to end the workout. I always end chest by doing some work on the free range of movement machines and the pec deck, and when they were the last two I needed to do, someone was on them. Makes you cool off, and I hate that. Finally they got off.
Tueday will be legs, mainly quads. I do one day of quads and one of hammies. That way I am in effect doing two elg days but each one focuses on a different part. So I guess Tuesday is walking funny day.

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