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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st 2010

Before I say anything else, I want to thank everyone for their kind words about my last post. Nothing has changed. Still miss her, still feel like crap, and feel a piece of me is gone. I don't feel any better, and am not sure if I want to.

Also I have some exciting news. Exciting to me anyway. My trainer J.T. had to miss the Ohio Naturals due to injury this year. He has decided he will compete this year though after all. I am excited about this and cant wait to see him on stage.

Training is going good. Still sore from Wednesdays leg workout, especially my glutes, which is so hard to explain to people.LOL Yesterday was shoulder's and tri's. Today was my day where I hit the things like abs and calves. Got to be honest, it has been hard to get motivated the last few days because of the emotional stuff. However I fight through it and do train and train just as hard as always.

I really feel like I belong more and more each day. Now even the other trainers at the gym check on me and see how things are going and other people working out do. I have one guy there who competes who always says things like "I couldn't even keep up with how hard you work". I do not believe him, but it is nice to hear. I am not naive, I have a long way to go, but I will get there.

Something else on my mind. I know of a competitor who constantly talks about how special she is and how people cant do what she does. Even went so far as to tell me I should set other goals. Almost insulted when people do what I or others try and do because she feels less special the more who do it. Even puts herself in the same category as some of the people who have achieved many things and talks about how "blessed" she is to do what she does and acts as if others should be jealous of her. Wrong attitude. You know why some people are so successful? They are humble. They instead of bragging about how great they are and trying to tell people they can't do things, they encourage others to do it. You do good at what you do and should be commended for it, but don't try and stop others from doing it. You started at some point and surely someone helped and encouraged you. Even people who don't want to compete, just want to get in shape, should be commended for trying. One day you will want to learn something and will need someone to teach you. You act like you are so special, but there are many who are better than you, how would you feel if they belittled you? I at first thought I was just unhappy with her for what she said to me, but have had a few other people tell me they corssed paths with her on forums and feel the same. Everyone has feelings, and they can be hurt. YOu try and act like people cant achieve then you will stop them from trying and that would be a terrible thing.

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