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Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22nd 2010

Well Wednesday was weigh in day again. 265.6lbs. Not happy. It is 1.2lbs from Sunday. Wanted more. BUt it means 4lbs in a week, and I am happy with that.

Wednesday was back with J.T., biceps, and cardio. Man did he work my back. Later that night I was so sore. But as we know by now, I am mad if I am not sore. I relly went to town on bi's. Some could say over train, but I don't care. It was working for me, and thats that. Bi's are my favorite to train, and when I am in that zone, I keep going.

Thrusday was hammies. Should have been hammies and shoulders, but I got up late, and simply did not have time. SO I will get them done Friday. I like to do quads and hammies seperate. Again, it works for me. Many fo you know about my hip, and for me, seperating them is best, plus allows me to train them both heavier.

Time for Jason the speech giver. I am frustrated with some people. I read recently someone say something about how they are blessed or lucky to do the training they do because most cant do it. That is wrong on so many levels. Everyone can do it. Everyone can train. But most just dont. And that is totally fine. But that same person is often derogatory to people and almost belittles them thinking she is something special. At the same time, while she actually discourgaes others, she makes posts and comments almsot beggin them for their support. We all can do it. When there is someone asking your help or trying to learn, then take a minute and help them. SOmeone helped you once didnt they? Don't take it as some insult if someone can do what you can do or wants to try, take it as a good thing that they want to get in shape. Don't tell them to be a "backstage helper", tell them to work for it and be on stage.


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