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Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25th 2010 AKA The I Suck Post

Well. I work my ass off. I have the two best people in the world training me, and what happens? From Thursday to today I lose............... one pound. I tried to make excuses for myself, but really, why bother, all they are are excuses to try and make myself feel better. Why deal in excuses? Deal in reality, I am failing. No excuses, no one to blame but me. Did I get in over my head? Did I set my goals to high? I promised no more negativity, and I think I ahve lived up to that promise, but I cant be positive about letting people down. Cant spin that in to any kind of upbeat quote or feeling or story, or blog, or anything.

No, I am not quitting. Not even considering quitting. But maybe a re-evaluation of my goals is in order. My goal was to compete in five years. People said I could do it in two or three. I guess maybe I mistook eencouragement for fact, and started to believe it was possible. I train sometimes twice a day. I follow the diet, I take the supplements, I do it all, yet I must be doing something wrong.


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