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Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26th 2010

OK, so my pouting is out of the way. It was a bad day and I was not happy. However I talked with Danny J today we made a couple little adjustments, and I am feeling good. I know I can do this. Sometimes there will be speed bumps in a journey, the key is to not let those speed bumps stop you. If I stop and I think, which I did do, I realize I have two amazing trainers in JT and Danny. I am lucky in that respect, and I am not going to be denied.

Today I did a lot of quads. Then cardio. Added sprints in for the first time. Always avoided that because of the fear of what the pain would be like for my hip. But I did them and........... pain. But mostly because of doing cardio after doing so much legs. Tuesday is a day with JT, so will do tri's in the morning, then go back and do shoulders with him.

Before I go, for those who do not know Danny J, here is a video she did. It is about ten minutes. I implore you to watch and you will see why she is such a help and an even bigger inspiration for me.

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