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Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th 2010 Danny J is My Hero

Weighed in today. 262.0lbs. Down 2.6bls from Sunday. I have to assume it is due to the changes Danny made, but I am happy regardless of what the reason. She has added sprints to my cardio, and man are those rough on leg days. It may seem to some that I kiss Danny's ass a bit. And maybe I do. BUt people need to realize how important she is to me.
Here is the evolution so to speak of how I met and know Danny. When I first joined Facebook I was just looking for people involved in Fitness. I found this profile of this stunningly beautiful woman named Danny J Johnson and sent a friend request. She accepted but we never talekd or anything other than a thanks for accepting my request kind of thing. Later she was in the Bodyspace Spokesmodel COntest and posted about it. Me, trying to look like the nice guy offered to repost it and help get her votes. She said to go for it, and even at that point answered a few training and diet type questions for me. I decided to try and know a little more about her at that point and found out she is simply amazing. At one point this crazy lady tried to bash me and even sent many people messages lying about me. One was to Danny. I was worried because Danny had become someone I really was starting to admire. BUt she believed me and in me and didn't listen to the lies. Over time we got to talk online a lot, and even some phone calls and texts. She encouraged me to attend the Arnold, and finally I got to meet her. Danny has been through a lot of things in her life, some of whcih she shared with em and I was honored she did. Also when i was low she took the time to bring me back up. Things she ah been through, I will not disucss here, because I don't know what she does and doesn't want known, but she proved she is a fighter, and a special person. Recently I decided what I needed was a real full time person to go along with J.T., my other trainer, and hired Danny. I fully believe in any goal you set, it helps to ahve someone to not only help guide you, but someone who can inspire you. Danny inspires me. I have told her before and will say it again. Danny is not just a fitness role model, she is a life role model. There is no person in this world I have as much faith and trust in as Danny. I believe she will get me on stage one day. SHe is stuck with me. If it takes 2,3, or even 5 years I am staying with her till the day I am on stage.

Danny, your faith, trust, and belief in me means everything to me. People laugh if you want, but as I type this I almost am in tears. That is how much that belief in my and guidance means to me. My goal has always been to be on stage one day. My second goal is to be on that stage, have you there, and no matter how I do, to have you be able to say "I am proud of you", that is what I am shooting for. Like I ahve said, Danny J Johnson, you are my HERO.

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