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Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3rd 2010

First and foremost, happy Easter to you all.

Today was back and bi's. Sadly my gym closes at 7pm on Saturdays. So since I had to watch the Penguins game till about 4pm didn't have time for cardio......oh well. Maybe if I had cut my back workout shorter I would have. I have a tendency to just keep going. I can think I am done and then say, "why not do three sets of this exercise". My back is sore, but the good sore. Did both close and wide grip lat pulldowns, close and wide grip rows on the rowing machine, and some others. As I have previously mentioned back is the part I find myself accidentally cheating on, so I prefer cables for back, so I don't cheat. Then I did bi's and really enjoyed it. By the time I was done I had veins popping out all over the place on my arms.LOL. Hey, still newer at this, so let me enjoy it.LOL.

As you have seen before, I often will take a minute to thank someone on here. Today I thank two people.

Tiffany Nance. Tiffany will be competing in Figure soon. If you have not seen her, Tiffany has just an insane physique. Incredible. Anyway, you all know about my problems with Hope. Tiffany sent me a message that at first angered me. She said I was choosing to be depressed and needed to choose to be happy. Well it upset me. Hope was and is very important to me. Hope knows things about me that no one else in this world knows. You don't just get over it like that. But the more I thought about it, she wasn't telling me I cant feel bad about it. She was telling me, at least I think, to let the positives in my life take precedent. Be happy about what I do have. Was I choosing to be sad? I don't know. But I do know I can choose to be happy. Hope will forever have a big place in my heart, and I hope we can get back in touch, but I cant dwell on it. I am doing so good with my training and have a lot to be happy and proud of. Who would have thought it? Me being proud of myself. Next thing you know, Bigfoot will walk by my front door. Thank you Tiffany.

Kala Moak. Now Kala I doubt you know, but wait a couple years, I think you will. Because she is going to be on stage one day and doing great. I met her the weirdest way. She and I have one mutual Facebook friend. We both commented on the friends status. Oddly enough it was because of something she said after misunderstanding something where she made a comment that can be interpreted as an insult, but she didn't mean it like that. But through that, we began talking. She wants to get in better shape. She is so eager to learn, I help where I can and send her to my teachers for better advice. She is very sweet. Anyway we have been talking on Facebook quite a bit, and she actually has helped me keep my mind off Hope. Also, it takes a lot for me to trust people. Been screwed over so many times. She easily gained my trust and is a real friend. Kala, I thank you as well.


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