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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6th 2010

Well, exciting news, for me at least. I ahve Hope back. She emailed me on Easter. There was some miscommunication, and now it is all taken care of. Now I can focus on my training, kicking ass, and achieving my goals.

Let's start with Sunday. Did Quads. Decided to split quads and hammies up. Works better for me. Really wrecked them, and could ahve stayed even longer. It being Easter, the gym was empty, and I loved it. Actually got it to rwenty plates on my elg press. Happy with that, but dont plan to try and beat that for a long time.

Monday was shoulders and tri's. Normally it would ahve been chest, but this week I ahve J.T. (my trainer) on Wednesday, and with chest being my weakspot I wanted to do chest with him. A few months ago I psoted some photos on Facebook and got comments that I dont train my tri's enough. That was B.S. to begin with because I do. BUt they took longer to start showing, but now they are showing. Shoulders are the part I tend to over do it sometimes, so I ahve to start being careful. I just love the training and can keep going and going.

Today was hammies and glutes. Gonna be walking funny tomorrow. Did a lot of the same stuff I did for quads, just adjusted my footing so they would hit more of the hammies. Plus my lying leg curls which I really lvoe doing. Plus my favorite, THe Guy Who Does Cardio In A Business Suit was there. It always amazes me. He comes in in a nice suit, dress shoes, everything, and does the treadmill for like 45 minutes.

I want to address sweat. Several people ask me why I sweat so much at the gym. Last I knew, sweat was a GOOD THING. Means I am working. I ahve always been a big sweater. Sweat a lot and easy. But especially training. When I am done I can literally ring the sweat of my shirt. But why ask a stupid question about why I sweat so much. My stock answer is always "why aren't you sweating as much as I am"


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