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Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9th 2010

Not much to report really. Thursday was my off day. Today was supposed to be back and bi's. Did what I could for back, which wasn't much since my back is still hurting. However best bicep workout EVER. As you know, I love veins.LOL. They were crazy all over my arm. One of the trainers said "dude, you arm is green." But then I got home and it was back to normal. People can find motivation to push harder in many different ways. For me, when I am working out, seeing veins really pushes me harder.
I want to wish Megan Melone, Antonina Whapples, Lisa Zisa, and Tracy Dawn Winters good luck this weekend as they all compete. All special women. I will be their with you in spirit rooting each of you on.
Saturday should be quads, but let's see how my back feels. If it is o.k., then after the UFC PPV I will go, if not, better safe than sorry and I will take a day or two off.


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