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Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14th 2010 Can't Wait For Sunday

How can someone without a job be so busy? Feel like I never have any free time to just relax. Oh, and I really want a job.LOL. Between the blog and the gym twice a day, and now the clothing thing, www.cafepress.com/fitwomen, I feel I have no time.

I am going to skip whats been going on with my training, and talk about two things. The first, actually is about training but training to come, not in the past. Sunday I have the honor of training legs with Erika Shingary. Erika is someone I truly admire and respect and since she lives close, she is going to come to my gym and do legs. I just hope I can hang with her.LOL. I take it as a chance to learn from someone better than me. So wish me luck that I can hang with her.

Now for the clothing thing. OK, lets be honest, these are not going to be super quality shirts. But they are going to be godo quality. I am not going to profit from these. See, let's say Cafe Press charges $15. I mark it up to $17 and that is a $2 profit. All the profits go into my goal of eventually sponsoring some female competitors in this expensive sport. My way of giving back. Yes my trainer here is male. But everyone else who has hlped meis female. I don't want to name everyone for fear of forgetting someone. But so many women who compete have helped, advised, guided, inspired, and encouraged me, and this is my way to try and give back. SO I hope it works.

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