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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11th 2010 I Want My One Moment

Well I have haters. Don't know what I ever did to anyone, but I have them. They bother me at times, but now I love them. I want them. I need them. It is just going to make me work that much harder. Let me share my new one. Received an email, and sorry do not remember it word for word. But it went on to tell me how I should be embarrassed by my progress photos. That in the time I ahve been training my arms should be bigger. That she (I assume she because of soem words she used) and others do it because they love it, and I only do it to fit in because all teh women I try and promote are more muscular than me and I should be ashamed of that. I tried to reply to teh email but it said it could not be sent. Hmmm. Well fact is I do this for no one but me. I am doing this to prove if I can do it, than anyone can do it. I am doing it to prove the overweight guy whose hip is so bad walking often hurts, can get on stage. All I want is my one moment. That one moment to get on stage and say "I did this". I am busting my ass for that moment, and I think I deserve that moment. That moment were I can be proud of myself, feel that for once I accomplished something.

So where does that lead me. It leads me to a decision I made. As you know I have hired Danny J Johnson to do my diet, and it is working. I feel I need to be with her. I need to have her support as much as I can. I trust her more than anyone in my life. So here is teh goal. I plan to save every penny for one year, and then Vegas is my new home. I will move to Las Vegas, and ahve her take control of everything. I have all the faith in the world, Danny will get me on stage, and as shameful as this is, to quote Whitney Houston, I will have my "one moment in time, when I'm more than I thought I could be".


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