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Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17th 2010 Guys Quit Staring At Women and My Workout With Erika

Going to go in reverse today. Going to disucss today and then discuss yesterday.

Today was back day. I always start my back with Lat Pulldowns. So today I decided to end my back workout with lat pulldowns, and guess what? Nothing. But just figured I would change it up. Used to do back and bi's on same day, but thats when I was going 4 days on and 1 off. Now since bi's are my favortie, I give them their own day. Did 6 exercises all at 4 sets of 12,10,10,8. Then my cardio. Went back tonight for more cardio.
Today was also a talk with Danny J. Not happy with my last weigh in and wanted to talk with her. She amde a few small changes to the diet, and I am positive I will be back to dropping pounds.

Sunday as mentioend was a workout with Erika Shingary. Big honor for me, and can you believe it was my first workout with a partner. I am a big loser.LOL. Honestly it was very short. Just a couple elg exercises and some cardio. It was her off day. Hope she wil do a full workout with me. I hope so. She was very sweet and more beautiful in person.

Which brgns me to this. There was a guy there who apparently he has done this to her at her gym. On the tack, everytime we walked by, he stopped what he was doig and just stared. Almost stared right through her. I almost felt dirty. THis applies to all women who train, but in this case, let's talk about Erika. Yes, she is very beautiful. However women, in this case, Erika are there to train. Yes, it is human nature to look at a beautiful woman. BUt is it human nature to stare so obsessivley each time around the track. ALl you are doing is making the woman uncomfortable. She is at the gym for the same reason as you, so respect her as she respects you. There is an invisable little private space I believe while training. Dont invade that space. Let them be comfortable while training and not ahve to worry about who is checking them out each time they bend or twist.

Just my opinions.

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