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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19th 2010 Allison Moyer, Victoria Larvie, Laura Kline, LeslieRae Newton and Jill Crean (Role Models)

Since today was my off day, really I have nothing to talk about as far as the gym. So instead I thought I would use this time to mention some people who are important parts of my journey. Yes there are names I mention a lot, Danny J, JT, Belinda, Ann, Sarah, etc. But I wanted to mention some others who I don't give enough credit to.

1. Allison Moyer.
Allison Moyer is among the most beautiful women I have ever seen, so like a lot of guys, that's how I initially became a fan. We were friends on Facebook, but that was early in me being on Facebook and while I had friends on there in the fitness industry, I never commented on their posts or anything. Didn't know them, and quite honestly, was scared I would be laughed at. These beautiful women with amazing physiques, and me just learning about how to train before I thought my dream could come true. Allison made a post and I commented. Somehow it turned into us sharing messages that night with her trying to cheer me up because I was having some depression issues. See, I consider myself very unattractive and destined to be single forever. Allison, takes her time to cheer up this nobody she doesn't even know. Became an even bigger fan. Finally got to meet her at the Arnold's, and became an even BIGGER fan. Allison at a time I was low cheered me up, and made me feel good about myself. She has expressed belief in me, and I am forever grateful. I still see her as a beautiful woman, but I am not the fan who is a fan because of that. I don't look at her as "the hot fitness girl", I look at her as someone I respect and admire, and WHEN she earns her Pro card, I will be the first one standing and applauding.

2. Victoria Larvie
Victoria is an IFBB Fitness Pro. Until recently, the youngest one ever. That on its own demands respect. Victoria is the first person I ever asked for advice, and she gave it to me. I thanked her and she said she "likes helping people with fitness tips". She not only answered, but answered more. TO some it may be strange for a 33 year old male to ask a girl not yet 20 for advice on working out, but I believe to learn something right, learn from the best, and Victoria is among the best. Again, I don't care about the age or male and female thing. Victoria is one of my role models. Victoria is an amazing woman and I owe her so much. Because if she didn't answer my questions, I may have been too scared to ever ask again and my progress would be minimal. So thank you Victoria. You have played a bigger part in my journey than you even know.

3. Laura Kline
Laura is someone I truly admire. I call her the advanced me. Sh did what I am trying to do. I read her story about how she was upset due to the shape she was in and some other things in her life. Then I saw how she looked and my jaw dropped. The work she had put in to go from where she was to where she is was incredible. I really admired her and that work and it was the first thing that truly inspired me and really made me want this. I said to myself "If she can do this, then I can do this". Well I was right and I was wrong. I was right that I can do it, but if you have seen how amazing Laura looks now, I can't do that. I can't look that good. That isn't a knock on myself, it is a compliment to her. Laura is prepping for her first show, and Laura, you have family and you have friends, but believe me, no one is cheering for you as much as I am. I have trainers, I have friends, I have people who help and encourage me, and I have people who inspire me. But Laura, you will always be the first person to ever truly inspire me to better myself. Thank you.

4. LeslieRae Newton
Like Victoria, LeslieRae is an IFBB Fitness Pro. Right there it tells you she is good at what she does. LeslieRae is someone I really look up to. She too has helped and encouraged me. She also helps with my blogs fan page. That is the biggest thrill for me. Someone of her calibre helping little ol' me. I always respected LeslieRae the competitor, but now I even more respect LeslieRae the person. Yes she is insanely beautiful. Yes she has an amazing physique, yes to so many other things, but most of all, LeslieRae is an amazing person. I wish I had known her sooner because I truly believe I would have been doing what I am doing sooner. She just being herself is such an inspiration. She suffered a pretty serious injury while competing and is now rehabbing and getting back in shape. Her determination to do that has really inspired me in ways she doesn't know. Many of you know my hip problem. It is a degenerative condition and pretty much my whole life has been pain. When I train legs or do cardio, it hurts bad. But the determination and work ethic she is displaying has motivated me to push through the pain. LeslieRae, I hope we are always in contact.

5. Jill Crean
What can I say about Jill. Two time cancer survivor in itself says "fighter". But Jill has become a friend and another huge source of inspiration. Jill encourages me more than just about anybody. Always quick with a "You can do it" or "I believe in you", and never a negative word. When I am down, I go to Jill, because I know I will instantly feel more positive. At first Jill was just an interview, but somehow we started talking and I call her a friend now. It is probably her friendliness that allowed us to talk more. Jill had competed before and looked great. She recently was on stage again. I don't mind saying I almost had tears coming down when I saw how she looked. I was soooo proud of her. She looked incredible. The best way I can think of to tell Jill what I think of her is, if and when I grow up, I want to be like Jill Crean.

There are so many others too, but these five are of great importance to me, and I don't say it enough.

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