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Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22nd 2010. My Email of "Encouragement"

Thought I would use this opprtunity to share a very "Encouraging" email I recieved just today.

I have to do this by email because you do in fact know me, and actualyl well enough, that I know that one last thing you are trying to learn that no one will teach you. You know what I am talking about. I know if I share my name with you, you will unleash the hounds and I will be attacked for my thoughts. However I do have thoughts that you need to hear.
I commend you wanting to get in shape. However you have lofty dreams of competing in bodybuilding. All signs point to it not happening. First off, if you could do it, you would never have gotten so fat to begin with would you have? It shows your lack of will power and desire. This is a sport that takes will power and desire, clearly you lack that. That is not meant to be insulting, just stating fact. What we do is not a hobby nor is it a game. It is a lifestyle, a lifestyle you are not equipped to handle. You do this I believe to have something in common with your friends, but I believe they all see through it and humor you, for their own benefit. To compete in this sport you haev to give it everything you ahve, and most people can not do it, so if they cant do it, how can you? Also there is this Danny girl. Seriously? What can a female who does not compete in bodybuilding do to get a male on a bodybuilding stage. I am a woman, and would never allow a woman who has not done my sport to help me prepare for it. That shows me that serious competitors do not have faith in you or you would not go to someone else.
I am aware this may seem hurtful, and really there is nothing I can do about that. I just want you to know, based on your progress photos (in which you are afraid to show anything but arms), your attitude, your past history, and your lack of respect you get from real competitors, there is no logical reason to believe you can succeed. I suggest sticking to what you are good at. Interviewing women and talking about teh sport. That is what you can do, and leave the real work to us.

OK. Very nice isnt it. First, I ahve a male trainer named JT Wood. I also ahve Danny J. I have no shame in having a female who does not do bodybuilding helping me. There is no human being I trust more than her. I call her my Hero for a reason. I do not care if people think I cant do it. Sure it hurt before, but now I laugh it off. What bothers me, is that there are people who are willing to take the time to stop me and say hurtful things. I do not know what people think of me. I think most take me serious, and most do encourage me. I get plenty of things sent to me like this. But this one bothers me, because it is someone who does know the one last thing I want to learn and no one will teach me. Because very few people know what that is.

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