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Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6th 2010 Big things I hope

Well, I will first say, I need to update this more. If for no other reason, it seems to make me feel better about myself.

First lets start with the me portion. Workouts have been really good. Since Danny J gave me the go ahead to start doing double cardio for now, I seem to have more energy, which in turn seems to be helping the workouts. As with anything in life, there will be some downs at times. But I am bouncing back from the downs a lot quicker. Used to be anything negative would crush me, but it really doesn't crush me anymore. I bounce back.

Tuesday was an off day so.............. let's skip it

Wednesday was bi's and back. Now before I go on, understand, I am sick of people telling me I should not do two a days. Maybe YOU shouldn't but that doesn't mean I shouldn't. Everybody has things that work better for them. Now using this day as an example. I like that I went early and did about 25 total sets for back and my cardio and then went back later for about 20 sets of bi's and cardio. For me I like it because I do a lot of sets sometimes and when in this case I do a lot for back and move on to bi's right away I don't have the strength to lift as heavy for bi's, and since bi's are my favortie thing to train, I like to lift as heavy as I can. So it let's me regroup. I was able to do a full set of 50lbs dumbell curls. A 12 rep set. So was excited about that since I ahve not done that heavy yet..... I am new, be patient. THen I sent a couple pics of my arm after to Sarah Kinney, one of my mentors, and she said she could see some good improvement. Her opinion matters to me, so for her to see and say she see's improvement, meant a lot. I probably dont talk about Sarah enough, or give her enough credit for how I am doing. Sarah after my interview with her was kind enough to offer for free to handle my diet and workouts. THis was before I had a trainer. THings happened, and that isnt going on anymore, but Sarah is still a big source of encouragemnt and inspiration, and always has my back. When I am low, she brings me up. She is one of those people that when I compete, you can bet I am flying her in. She is a big reason I really wish I could have a job in California. I do not ahve a workout partner and dont know that I want one, but I would for sure love to have her as a partner. Sarah if you ever read this, not in a creepy way, in a good friend way, for all you have done for me, I love you to death.

Today was one of those one workout days. I woke up late and then had the Penguins game tonight. It was Shoulders and supposed to be hammies, but those will be added to tomorrow. Shoulders are somethign where I see the most improvement, except for my form just keeps sucking ass on front and side raises. I am working on it and will get there though. It isnt that I cant do them, it is because of my leg length differnce, after a couple my form just gets shot.

So I have my new top ten list.
This is the top ten people I credit with making my Promoting women interview blog a success.

1. Allison Moyer
2. Victoria Larvie
3. Vanessa Prebyl
4. Jason at www.siouxcountry.com
5. C-Ray at Fitgems Nation
6. LeslieRae Newton
7. Tonia Moore
8. Tara Ballard
9. Me..... is that shallow
10. Most of all, every single female that has done an interview, written a contest prep journal or weekly column, and every single person that reads the interviews. Thank you all


  1. Jason, that is so sweet of you to mention me. You are so sweet, and so supportive of the industry. Victoria

  2. Thanks Victoria. You gave me credibility early on by doing it and I owe you a huge thanks