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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May25th 2010 Lost 20 pounds in 30 Days

Yeah, you read the title right. 20lbs lost in one month. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not resting on that. Still have a long way to go. Still around 250lbs. But remember where I started from? 292lbs. But Sunday when I weighed in and some my weight I was ecstatic. Monday, I talked with Danny J and she said "you are doing awesome", then the same day JT said he was "amazed at how much stronger you are getting". Doesn't get better than that. In the same day, the two people I am trusting to get me to the stage one day both paid me huge compliments. At the end I will explain more how Danny got me down so fast.

How has the training been going? Really good actually. I am lifting heavier than ever, obviously a good thing. I think the diet plays a huge role in that. Eating so much cleaner and having more energy. Also, I used to get embarrassed when I was lifting lighter than some people. I am not embarrassed anymore, because while I might be lifting less, my form is better, and my less is helping me more than they are helping themselves. I know my limitations, I accept them, and I know I can and will improve them.

Part of my problem, is I can be very impatient. I want it all and I want it now. As you see in the picture above, I am getting veins finally in my arms..... well I want more. I want them in other places. I know it is something that will come when the time is right, but I just want it now.

I am going to address my last post, and then am done talking about it. Understand, it never will make em think I can't do it because I can do it. FACT!!!!! Just bothersome that someone would take the time to do that. Now, if you want to hate, then hate, I will no longer even waste my breath talking about it.

Now, back to the 20lbs in thirty days. How did it happen. Well, first I know that the more weight you have to lose the easier it comes off. I don't expect months like this to be common. However I will continue to have success. I am learning and have learned just how important the diet is. So much more important then the gym. I say it like this. You might have the fastest car in the world, but how fast can it go with no gas. It happened because Danny J takes the time to check in with me and see where my weight is, and quickly makes any adjustments needed. She leads, I follow. It will stay that way till I compete. Yeah, I have cravings, I want to cheat, but I know what my goals are, and they will NEVER be accomplished by cheating. You might not have my goals, but if you are on a diet, and thinking about cheating, as bad as that craving is, understand, after you eat that pizza or hot dog, you will feel bad about yourself, and that feeling is worse than any craving. I am no expert. I know very little. So I got someone to help. That's what you need to do. Don't starve yourself, I will tell you that. Eat, eat a lot, but eat clean. Danny J has put together a diet that suits ME. There are all these so called great diets out there for you, but just because it works for one person, doesn't mean it will work for you. Our bodies are different. She sees if something isn't working for me, and changes it. Don't get some person who is jsut looking to pay their rent. Get someone who wants you to achieve your goals. Danny wants me to achieve her goals. YOu can go to www.dannyjfitness.com to find more about her, or try someone else. There are other great people out there. Danny works for me, and I would trust her with my life. People, I am going to go from 292lbs to competing in bodybuilding. If my broken down body can, then you can.

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