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Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11th 2010

Well birthday came and gone. Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes on facebook. Maybe it is the diet, maybe it is the haters, but I really was about to quit. I wonder if at 34 I am too old to be good. Because dont forget I am a couple years at least from the stage. At first I just wanted to make Danny J proud, and I still do, but now I think I actually want to do good at this. So many talekd to me and set me straight, and I will forget someone so instead I say thanks to all of you. I talked with Danny J and she told me I can do this. If I am about to compete and dont like right, we just push it back.

See, I am used to failing at things, for once I want to not fail, I want to be good. What it all comes down to, is what I ahve said before, I am working hard for this moment, I deserve this moment, I am demanding that moment. I know I wont win, and hell even if I looked good enough, the politics wouldnt let me. But one thing is for sure, I can do good, and I will have the biggest damn cherring section ever.LOL

So please stay with me, because I am giving this my all. I am going full steam ahead ( I hate that saying and I went and used it anyway). THis is going to be my life, and I will do it.

No training today. Took a needed day off. Havent had one in awhile. BUt did weigh in and it was 245.0lbs. Which is down 47.8lbs overall and 27.2lbs in five or six weeks with Danny.


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