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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16th 2010 The Macey Leigh post

OK OK, I suck at this. I want to update it more often but I am just so damn busy. This post will not be much about training, but in a sense, it is about training. I will explain shortly.

First I had some nice things said today. JT said he was amazed at how much stronger I have gotten. That means a lot. I did shoulders with him today and I am soooooorrrrreeee. But as we know, sore is good. Also IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Zoa Linsey commented on a Facebook post I made. She said "Welcome to being a bodybuilder, you can do it". So if the woman I think is the next Ms Olympia says welcome to being a bodybuilder, does that mean I officially am a Bodybuilder? I like to think so. Danny J said it was a huge compliment, and I kind of agree.

Cardio!!!!! People have told me my two 60 minute sessions are two much. Well guess what? Doing two ninety minute sessions now. Why? Again, I will explain shortly.

Now, you know my trainers, you know my supporters, I don't think I have to name them again. I have someone new and very special in my life. Macey Leigh. Macey and me are soon starting a business. A big big thing, that I cant say yet, but believe me it is big, and believe me, we are taking over, along with some for now two unnamed people. But Macey used to be just a girl on Facebook I talked to. Recently we have become very good friends. We text all day and talk often. Macey has helped me learn to ignore my haters. To believe in myself and to realize I can do this. Others have helped me with this as well. So earlier I said it isn't about training, but it is about training. See, Macey, in just a short time has helped me believe more in myself, and it has helped my workouts. I am more confident. Macey will be competing on November 20th. That allowed me to set a goal. I am down to 242lbs as of last weigh in. Down 50lbs. I do weigh in tomorrow so we will see. Anyway, my goal is to be at the show and weigh 190lbs. So that's 52lbs, and if reached it will be 102lbs in eleven months. I am going to reach that goal, because I have the best trainers, the best supporters, and now Macey. We are meeting in mid July to talk business and she said she would train with me. I hope so, it would be an honor. This is why two ninety minute sessions. Just for a little while. May sacrifice some muscle, but muscle does no good under fat. Lose the weight then focus entirely on adding as much muscle as I possibly can.

Who is Macey Leigh? One of the most beautiful women you will ever see, but even more beautiful on the inside. She is smart, she is funny, she is confident, she is encouraging,g and she is supportive. I felt comfortable even last night to when having a bad moment, I cried talking to her. But she cheered me up. Macey has been talking to me about some things in her life lately to. Macey, I want you to know, like I said, you are better. People can be jealous, hurtful, spiteful, insulting, and other things. But you will always come out on top. YOu talekd about fairytales not always having happy endings. Excuse my language, but bull shit. YOu are not a fairy tale. YOu are a living breathing person. You make your ending whatever you want it to be. To some this is insulting for me to say. And if people in the fitness industry read this, I may gain some new haters, but I really dont care. I have met a lot of awesome people in the industry, but I also ahve met or talekd to some of the most stuck up, egotistical, arrogant people I ever met, in the fitness industry. I can tell you things some competitors have told me about other competitors that meant one of two things. Either the one they talked about is an ass, or the one telling me the story is lying and therfor they are an ass. Luckily there are far more good than bad. BUt there are some who are simply amazing. Macey, you my dear, are amazing. So you write your own book, and it isnt a fairy tale. It is a biography. And the final chapter is going to be about Macey Leigh being on top of the world.



  1. I'm not trying to "hate" but I do question what you think will happen to your body when you reach your goal after doing 3 hours of cardio a day. You are going to destroy your metabolism in the process. You are playing a very dangerous game :(

  2. I have always thought that more muscle burns more fat - naturally/at rest.

    Good luck with all your goals!