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Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27th 2010 Something To Look Forward To

OK, every time I say I will start doing this more often and then it seems to take even longer between posts. Just been so busy of late.

Where do I start? Well how about with myself LOL. Training has been great. Been noticing some real improvements, especially in my legs. I am taking an off day tomorrow. First one in almost three weeks. And please no one tell me I need to rest. I will scream. I know rest days are important. BUt been lifting heaveir and heavier. Wegiht is dissapointing. Last Monday I was 239lbs. Friday I was 241lbs. Now I am eating right and training right. So I know it is water or something but I am just a take everything negative type person. I did weight today and I will not share the results because tomorrow is a weigh in day for Danny J, and I dont want to say anything till then.

Also from June20th untill July 1st Danny has me cycling off most of my supplements. One thing I notice is a lack of energy when not having my Superpump. But I know the importance of cycling off so it is not a problem.

I just tonight found out that next Wednesday I get to go train with Sara Schumann. Real excited about that. It is in Cincinatti so a five hour drive, but well worth it. Sara is incredible. This is an honor for me. Outside of JT I ahve never trained with anyone excpet one occassion with Erika Shingary, which was also an honor. So I am very anxious for that.

I want to talk to the people who think they are giving me advice. Too many people try to. Some are trying to be nice I realize, but listening to too many people is harmful. Also it is at times condescending. I say that because it is advice you give to someone on their first day. I know more than some may think I do. Remember, I ahve two awesome trainers. Now tehre are some I listen to but for teh first part my main advice has to be Danny and JT. So while most of it is an attempt to help, it really doesn't. I do appreciate the help, but really it has a negative affect. Remember I once almost quit because too many people were telling me different things and it messed with my mind.

Will ahve weigh in results tomorrow.


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