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Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7th 2010 Big Things Happening

OK, so it has been awhile. Sorry. Big things happening. I mean huge. As in a career doing what I love doing. Macey Leigh and me have a business plan and will be partnering with two other amazing women. I am so excited but for now details must wait. BUt trust me, it is huge and with the four of us, I believe we can be the best at it.

As far as me. Weighed in today and am at 248.0lbs. For those counting, that is down 44.8 overall and 24 since DAnny J took over 5 weeks ago. Training has been good. Started doing Hany Rambod's FST-& at the suggestion of Vanessa Prebyl and am loving that. Great pump at the end of the workout. Changed my routien around a little and am now doing five days on and one day off instead of four and one. Works better for me. Lifting heaveir than ever and the other day set three records. 1,100lb leg press, 600lb hack squat, and 300lb leg extensions. My legs are my definite strong part Noticing, finally, some definition in my shoulders as well, which is great.

Been getting lots of requests for help with diet lately. Sorry, but if I knew enough I wouldnt have Danny J doing it for me. My suggestion is find someone you trust to work with, but really it isnt me. It is flattering to be asked, but I do not have that knowledge and am not qualified.

I set high goals and standards for myself. I do that because the higher they are set the harder to achieve. I do not want to reach some easy goal and be satisfied. That breeds content, and I never want to be content. SO if I sem upset a goal wasnt reached it does not mean I am unhappy, as people seem to think.

It was said by Danny J that when I compete I am going to have a huge cheering section. Yeah, I probably will. That isnt cocky, it is just fact. Because I have so many people supporting me. I want each person to know I am humbled by that support. It means everything to me, and make me work that much harder. When I get on stage, it will be just as much for all of you as it is for me. I feel I owe it to you all to do this and do it right. So thank you all, and I hope you all will be there. I can't do this without you



  1. can't wait to be in that crowd cheering!! :)

  2. Thanks. I would lvoe to have you there