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Friday, July 9, 2010

July 8th 2010 My Day With Sara Schumann

OK, I admit it. I suck. I say every time I am gonna get more active on this, and I do not do it. So again, I am going to try to.

Well Saturday was my cheat meal, and I cheated. Gained three stinking pounds from it. That is fine, I expected. Some think I am not bright and don't realize how it works, but I do. As of the other day I was around 236lbs, which means still 1 pound had yet to come off. Again, people seemed to think I was mad because I added the weight. Not at all. I was mad because I am used to dropping 4lbs a week at least, and it didn't happen so fast. Saturday is a new weigh in day, and it will come off.

On that subject, I want to address something. I get so many comments from people, many just trying to be helpful, but really it at times is insulting. On purpose? Usually not. But they try and tell em the importance of this or that, and really it is stuff I don't know. I have had the two best trainers in the world, and now, as you will read shortly, have the three best trainers in the world. If there is something I don't know I can go to them. I am told things as if it is my first day in the gym. I don't mean for this to sound mean, but I guess it could. It at times comes off as demeaning and like I am being talked to like a five year old. I love the encouragement I get from everyone, but sometimes the "you need to cheat sometimes" for this or that or "and make sure you drink enough water" or "you should see what it is like for us" comes across demeaning. Sixty pounds people. I have lost. Why? Danny J and JT!!!!! I couldn't lose that if I was unaware of things. Really I know how to drink water, I know an occasional cheat may be needed, and the "what it is like for us" thing really bothers me. Just because I am yet to compete doesn't mean I am not a bodybuilder. Know why? Cause Zoa Linsey said I am one. She is my favorite Pro, and if she says it then I am. I train my ass off every day. I am one, I am just a work in progress. So please keep encouraging me, and the people, who know who they are, who are my good friends, you know I listen to your advice. Sometimes I am getting "tips" from people who I know more than.

Now this trainer thing. I spent Wednesday training with a beautiful woman named Sara Schumann. I drove four hours to train with her. We trained shoulders and did cardio. She even taught me can openers. Then we went with her awesome son Samuel to the aquarium. Some think four hours is crazy just to train with someone. Well you are wrong. Sara is not just "someone". She is an amazing woman and a great friend, who I am blessed to have in my life. Look at the picture, she looks amazing. Like the Arnold's I left that day more inspired and more determined. Sara had a huge impact on me. She also brought me the charm in the picture. It says Bodybuilder. I cherish it. Sara said, and I agree, although just becoming friends, I feel I have known her forever. How impressed am I with Sara? I asked her to become one of my trainers. To let me drive there every three weeks or so and have her train me, and she said yes, and at a great price. Let me make this clear. This is not some replacement for Danny J Johnson. Danny is, and will ALWAYS be my trainer. My main person. I am still moving to Vegas next year, and letting Danny take over everything. Danny is the light at the end of the dark tunnel that is my life. Danny is everything to me, and I want to make her proud. But now I have extra help, and I hope to make Sara proud. I am adding Sara because she is good at what she does, and she believes in me. I know I can learn from her. I do not address JT Wood quite as much, and maybe I should. I don't because most of you are people I have met through Facebook, and he isn't there so I just don't address him cause you don't know him. What he does is push me and teach me. I wouldn't have added the muscle and strength I have added without him. So basically I feel I have the three best trainers in the world, and that my friends is why I WILL BE ON STAGE ONE DAY AND I WILL SHOCK A LOT OF PEOPLE. so Danny J is and always will be my leader, but I felt it was good to add Sara and add her help because you can never learn to much. Sara just accepted me no questions asked. So has shown faith in belief in me that means so much. Sara if you read this, you are going to be in my life forever. You are like Danny and JT so important to me, and I feel honored to be able to have you in my life. And after the photo shoot, lunch is on me.

Danny said the other day I seem more confident, and I am, and that is because of her. That being said, I will ahve a down day here or there, so when I have them, bare with me, I will be back. I am confident, I know I can do this, I will be on stage, and win or lose, if Danny is proud thats all I care about.

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