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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30th 2010

OK, been some time. Been crazy busy. Well lets get right to the good news. Weight today was 199.6lbs. When was the last time my weight began with the number one? Probably ten years. I feel really good about where I am at. Weight is not dropping like it used to, but that's because obviously at this lower weight, it doesn't come off so fast. But bodyfat is dropping and that's what counts. Still having trouble with the front of my stomach and the inner part of my legs. But sumo squats have been helping with the leg part.

I had planned to address and issue, an issue I talked with Danny about today. But I decided I will leave it as is. No need to bring it up and throw anyone under the bus. So instead let's talk about other good news. My awesome good friend Colleen Tanner is now being dieted by Danny J. SO Colleen welcome to team No Excuses LOL. Colleen is amazing and I really am excited for her because I think she can do amazing things with Danny. In November I will be driving a long way to spend some time with Colleen. Really excited about it as long as she doesn't make me look to bad in the gym.

Tomorrow is my last day of this training Danny has me on, and it's my off day, so really that makes it today I guess. Then back to the splits I love so much. I notice I am not only lifting heavier but lifting heavier for more reps, so that's great. And people have commented on my bicep peak, back, shoulders and delts which makes anyone feel good. Some progress photos are included in this post.

Monday Danny leaves for her three week vacation. Really excited for her, but really sad for me. I will miss not having her to text, call, and talk to. But if anyone deserves a vacation it is her.

She told me the other day I make her proud every day, and that is really what it is all about for me. All the guys who tried to tell me I should not be trained by a female, especially one who doesn't compete in bodybuilding and instead has done Figure and Bikini. Give me two years, and this non bodybuilding female trained person is going to get on stage with you, and hell, I just may beat you.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16th 2010 My Good Bye to My Best Friend

Just sitting here bored, so figured I would make a quick post. Very ad today. Yesterday my cat Mickey had to be put down. He had cancer, and it was clearly time. Mickey was originally more or less my sisters cat. However, when she got married he stayed when she moved out. I was very close with him. He followed me pretty much anywhere. Seeing him get so skinny was hard but besides his weight loss there were no noticeable signs of him being in pain. Once those signs came, it was time. It is always a hard decision. Even harder to sit and hold the animal, in this case, cat, as the euthanize him. He went limp immediately of course and took a few seconds but he did pass. Laying there on the table waiting forever for the vet to come in, he just layed their peacefully. Reminded me of when you hear elderly people when they are at piece with themselves and know it is time for them. He layed there and did his thing where he rubs the side of his face against my index finger. I know my face was the last thing he ever saw.

Everyone says their pets are part of the family or their pets are their best friend. And, I believe that when they say it. It's how I was raised, to count a pet as family. I love animals. I even get mad when someone kills a spider. I have always been a "dog person". SO it is stranger that my best friend was a cat. As noted before, I don't have many real friends, mostly cause I don't want them. Don't have friends, don't get screwed over by friends. Here is is 12:30am, 31 hours afterwards and I find tears running down my face. Probably isn't the last time. I walk by the coffee table, and see the spot he used to lay on, and it is so strange not to see him there. When I walked down stairs the last two nights when it was only me and him awake, it is weird he isn't there. In fact last night I still said "good night Mick" as I always said when I went upstairs for the last time.

Mickey, as I said before, you were not a cat, or a pet, you were my best friend. I am so sad without you but it was the best thing for you to let you go. I don't know who I will share my chicken with now, who will sit on my bed with me all night when I cant sleep and just watch tv? I will miss you, but never ever will I forget you. I will remember the times you scratched at the door to my bedroom to get in. Came in and within two minutes scratched to be let out. I will remember you almost taking my finger off just for a piece of my chicken. I will remember you following me up and down the stairs over and over. Most of all, I will remember YOU. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. Love you buddy.

Good Night Mick

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept. 11th 2010

First, it being 9-11, I hope everyone is keeping the those who lost loved ones or their own lives in their prayers and thoughts.

I have not psoted in over a week. Quite frankly, I have been busy. Poor excuse, but it is the truth. Let's start with the basics...... the training. It is going good. Started this new 4 week workout Danny J has me on. As I said I was resistant to it, because it isn't the normal bodybuilding split. And on a couple exercises it requires me to lift lighter. But having said that, I don't mind it. Do I love it? NO. Do I have a problem with it? Again, NO. Danny knows best and what she says I will do. Although I ahve to be honest, these burpees and plank stuff are really hard for me. I am practicing at home, so hopefully that will improve. One thing I notice is my shoulders, especially traps seem to be getting much better. My main problem is the front of teh stomach. It is being stubborn. Consdiering my weight is down under 206lbs, it should be smaller, but it will happen. Speaking of weight, had a lull there. What some may call a "plateau", however I agree with Danny, there is no such thing. But sometimes it just needs to be cahnged. Danny added an extra carb day and the last few days it has been dropping again.

So why have I been busy? First, I am trying to make my interviews blog into a website, just need a designer. Also I want to get this radio show going. And I have been blessed to be hired as the manager to Carreen Berry and Sheena Hunter. My goal is to help them with photo shoots, booth work, sponsors, whatever else I can do. I am honored they trust me, and hope I can repay that trust by doing good things for them. Having two special women as "clients" makes it easier because they are capable of huge things. So please say a little prayer, for them, that I am good at this.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sept. 2nd 2010 Why Not Win?

Wow, what a crazy few days. Lost some friends and regained some. However those lost are not going to make me upset because they didn't deserve to be in my life. I have learned that there are some mean people out there who are very good at making you feel they are there for you, but really are there for you as long as it benefits them. I feel throwing out names is unnecessary so I will leave it at that. Just know that you can bend me but you wont break me.

Training is going good. I know my weaknesses and am working on them. Mainly chest is my weak point. So working extra hard with JT the last couple times with him to correct that, or I guess fix it is a better term. But it will get done. I asked Danny to take a bigger role in designing my training. I have always resisted anyone designing my training. I have always been of the thought process that I can and will do what I want how I want. Kind of an I know whats best for me attitude. But you know what? Danny knows whats best for me also. So she is putting together a training routine for four weeks, as she called it, kind of an athlete training not a bodybuilder one. Then in four weeks back to normal bodybuilding training. I am not overly excited about these four weeks. I know they will be good for me, but I just like doing it with bodypart splits. But In the long run, her idea will be best for me because to borrow from the old TV show, Danny Knows Best. (OK that was weak LOL).

So Danny also a couple days ago told me to try the stepmill. I admit, it scared me. Only because I worried about my hip holding up. She said try ten minutes. Well I figured what the hell and did sixty minutes. People seemed impressed for my first time. Then a trainer at my gym said he would be impressed if I could do it the next day. Well I figured I can do better. I will do it again that night. I only did 45 minutes because I had to puke and by the time I was done, the gym was closing. But you bet your ass I was back the next day and did sixty, and again today. I am addicted to the thing.

So you remember the competing goal? Emerald Cup 2012 being the main goal. Well plans have changed. Don't misunderstand!! I am still doing it. But my goal was to just compete and hear Danny say " I am proud of you". Screw that!!!!! I mean still the main goal is making her proud. But also the goal is to show the world how amazing she is. So how can I do that? How can I make her proud and show the world she is the best? I think it would be pretty amazing if some nobody comes from nowhere to a big show like that and wins the damn thing. So I am no longer training to compete at the 2012 Emerald Cup. I am training to WIN the 2012 Emerald Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!